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The ‘Banksy’ of Poetry Hits Northampton


Romantic poems signed ‘M Jones’ or ‘composer Mark Jones’ are being sent to hairdressers but nobody knows why.

A total of three hair salons in Northampton Muse, Beauty Within and Kingsley Health and Beauty Solarium have now received the poems by the mysterious man who has been hitting headlines since at least 2016 .

They all appear to be love and happines stories. They all include the phrase ‘Keep your chin up, keep smiling”.  All are hand written and displayed with silver ink on black.  They all arrive in a hand written envelope and all posted from Lancashire.

All three local salons have received a number of these poems and are delighted but intrigued by the mysterious sender and all three believe they are the lucky three that have received them in Northampton.

The Muse salon located in Sol Central, Northapton, The owner Erica  commented:

“A couple of weeks ago I received the first poem which I read and ashamed to say threw away as I wasn’t sure about why I had received it.  Another came in the post which I kept and put to the side and then today another one!

I was so intrigued about who this composer Mark Jones was that I googled his name and came across various articles from around the UK. Surprisingly they were all Hairdressers or Beauticians.  With that I took to Instagram and Facebook to find out who else had received any in the area or knew about him.

Why he has chosen our profession and in particularly our salon to send these beautiful poems to, is a great mystery but the “Banksy Poet” has really got my attention, and I look forward to seeing what comes next!”

Natalie Faulkner from Beauty Withinn located in Harlestone Road, Northampton has also received these mysterious poems and is delighted that her salon has been one of the chosen few and commented

“at first they were spooked out and then they googled him and felt very privileged. They are putting them in a frame for the wall and reading them to customers. She said that she finds the words inspiring”

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