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Say YES! to Free Books

Everybody says that encouraging an early love of reading in children gets their learning off to a great start.


Well, what I do is help parents, and schools, put free books into the hands of children across the Nene Valley, so they never have to worry about their children having access to the very best books that encourage them to explore the world around them. They’re so busy having fun they don’t even realise they’re learning.

usborne books

There are two types of parents those who enjoy the benefits of free and hugely discounted gorgeous books for their family whenever they want, and those who waste valuable time they’d prefer to spend with their children searching for ‘cheap’ books online.

usborne books for all ages

For parents it’s easy to say yes to free books by joining Usborne as an Organizer which gets them maximum benefits. Or simply by gathering a few friends together for a coffee and books morning, or wine and nibbles evening they can pick up lovely free gift books.


Most Head Teachers are having to make school budgets stretch much further. What I do is help schools get more for their money by giving them upto a massive 60% discount in free books when they update their library or classroom books, and with free easy in-school activities managed for them by Independent Usborne Organizer, Tracey Walton, it doesn’t even have to cost the school anytime or budget.


Parents or Schools who would like to Say YES to Free Books can contact Tracey Walton, Bookskidslove – Independent Organizer for Usborne Books. Tel: 07950 682 701 tracey@bookskidslove.co.uk


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