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Planning Applications: 22 June 2017 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website and search for the application number.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


17/01130/VAR (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Variation of condition pursuant to application 14/00366/FUL Condition 10 – plans – parking at The Estate Office The Green Ashton  PE8 5LD


17/01042/LBC (22/07/2017)

(LBRegs) (LB/CA) Alterations and improvements to ground floor to include  creation of a new opening between front and back rooms, relocation of kitchen, creation of bedroom and shower room (previously pantry and kitchen), replacement of pantry windows, replacement of temporary timber wall between hall way and adjacent room, closing up of Secondary staircase at ceiling level, stairs retained within

Cupboard. Alterations to first floor to include creation of new access corridor from landing through

existing bedroom, closing up of old doorway between bedrooms, closing up of secondary staircase

at floor level to facilitate safer access to existing shower room.  Replacement of rear courtyard

window and ancillary works. at 1 Church Street Brigstock NN14 3EX

17/01059/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

First storey extension to the rear of the property on existing footprint. Minor change to the porch at

27 Stanion Rd Brigstock NN14 1DZ

17/01075/FUL (22/07/2017)

(Info) (LB/CA) Single storey rear conservatory at 1 Braybrooks Brigstock  NN14 3HX


17/01073/FUL (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Extensions and alterations to existing dwelling, including rear extension, side extension, one and a half storey cart-lodge outbuilding and extended parking area at 34 Deenethorpe NN17 3EP

17/01074/LBC (22/07/2017)

(LBRegs) Remove partition wall and downstairs WC. Blocking forward doorway to the staircase from the hall. Partial opening of staircase partition wall. Block the side window to the kitchen area. Remove existing bathroom and partition wall. Install new bathroom within what is currently 2nd bedroom with upstairs WC. Block side access door to the boiler room, and create new door opening on the rear elevation of the boiler room. Remove oil fired central heating boiler and replace with sustainable multi-fuel boiler. at 34 Deenethorpe NN17 3EP


17/01205/VAR (15/07/2017) (Info)

Variation of condition 13 amended drawings for plot 1  pursuant to planning permission

16/00759/FUL at Hill House Chapel Lane Denford  NN14 4EA


17/01178/FUL and 17/01179/LBC (22/07/2017)(LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Alterations, renovation and extensions to the main house (listed asset). Renovation, extension and conversion of 2 existing barns. Sub division of existing large plot into 3 smaller plots by means of park rail fencing and stone walls at 37 West St Easton On The Hill


17/01067/FUL and 17/01068/LBC (22/07/2017) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Replace windows standardising on a single type of cottage window, 3 lights per casement created by 2 horizontal bars.  They are in keeping with the traditional / original style of the cottage.

Replace patio doors in rear extension from 4 doors to 3 doors making them more wheelchair

accessible. Also changing the style to match that of the windows.  i.e 3 lights per door at Melton

Cottage Main St Glapthorn  PE8 5BE


17/01086/REM (15/07/2017) (Info)

Reserved matters:

Access – New vehicular/pedestrian access from Southwick Rd, including visibility splays, footpath.

Appearance – External appearance of each of the 4 houses including garages and surroundings.

Landscaping – Boundary treatments, garden areas.

Layout – Position of each dwelling, space between dwellings and movement of cars within site. Scale – Amount of development, size of buildings in relation to their surroundings pursuant to planning permission 16/01734/OUT dated 21.12.16 at land rear of 3 Main St Glapthorn


17/01180/REM (15/07/2017) (Info)

Reserved Matters:  access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale pursuant to planning

permission 15/00472/OUT – Outline: Erection of a single detached residential dwelling (all matters reserved) at land between The Gables and Church Rd Hargrave


17/01032/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

First floor extension to rear of property at Welland House 7 Shotley Harringworth NN17 3AG

Higham Ferrers

17/01025/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

New 1.5m high wall to front of dwelling with timber sections at 44A North End Higham Ferrers

NN10 8JB

17/01181/FUL (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Proposed offices and associated parking including demolition part remaining building at The Carriage House 13 Market Square Higham Ferrers NN10 8DJ

17/01242/VAR (15/07/2017) (Info)

Variation of condition to allow single storey rear projections and alteration of siting within the plots

pursuant to 15/01045/FUL – Demolition of commercial buildings and erection of two semi

detached residential houses at 24 Saffron Rd Higham Ferrers  NN10 8ED


17/00969/OUT (22/07/2017)

(Art8) Residential development with public open space and associated infrastructure. Means of access from Nicholas Rd with other matters (relating to appearance, landscaping, scale and layout) reserved at land rear of Nicholas Rd Irthlingborough

17/01102/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

To erect a replacement  conservatory to the rear of the property at 49 Drayton Rd Irthlingborough NN9 5TA

17/01188/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Erection of a single storey side and rear extension at 18 William Trigg Close Irthlingborough



17/00653/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Change of use from agricultural land to permanent residential boat moor, river access and domestic  land use (retrospective) at OP0617 TL0796 Fotheringhay Rd Nassington

17/01118/VAR (15/07/2017)

(Info) Variation of condition 3, Parking 6, Access  and 7 Plans  pursuant to planning permission

16/00966/FUL dated 15.7.16 – Single storey tourism lodge. Proposal to retain vehicle access post construction and addition of solar panels to roof.  Allow access post-construction by vehicles,

including emergency vehicles, along the existing trackway beyond the existing builders’ yard. at agricultural building rear of Lilypad Northfield Lane Nassington


17/00848/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Convert garage to habitable room

at 112 Creed Rd Oundle  PE8

17/00987/FUL (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Replacement of windows to the front elevation on first and second floors at 21 – 23 West St

Oundle PE8 4EJ

17/01070/FUL (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) New detached two bedroom dwelling with off road parking and garden amenity at land between The Ship Inn and 90 South Rd Oundle

17/01079/LBC (22/07/2017)

(LBRegs) Internal alterations to Admissions department of Oundle School. Ground floor of north wing of the Great Hall at The Great Hall New St Oundle  PE8 4EA

17/01117/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Single story extension to enlarge kitchen and to add a changing room adjacent to the dance

studio at Fletton House Glapthorn Rd Oundle  PE8 4JA

17/01175/LBC (22/07/2017)

(LBRegs) Internal alterations to increase two existing wall openings, install steelwork support and reinstate finishes at 32 Market Place Oundle  PE8 4BE

17/01203/FUL (15/07/2017)

(Info) Part single storey, part two storey extensions to rear of property at 58 Benefield Road Oundle PE8 4EZ


17/01080/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Erection of a two storey side extension at 20A Rotton Row Raunds NN9 6HU


17/01021/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Erection of agricultural workers dwelling at Tithe Farm 5 Ham Lane Ringstead


17/00350/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Single storey extension to the rear of property at 134 Hall Avenue Rushden

17/00985/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

To build a 6ft fenced area on driveway at 12 Regency Court Rushden

17/01018/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Change of use from public house (Class A4) to convenience store (Class A1), with associated works

to facilitate parking and delivery area. New shopfront entrance and formation of rear plant compound at The Viking Public House Grangeway Rushden NN10 9JE

17/01089/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

To replace the existing cladding with new Gull Grey cladding and replace the existing guttering

and roof trim with new Sapphire Blue guttering and roof trim at Plot 17 Sanders Lodge Industrial

Estate Rushden  NN10 6BQ

17/01107/ADV (15/07/2017) (Info)

Face illuminated signage at Unit 12 South Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden

17/01114/ADV (15/07/2017) (Info)

2no. Illuminated Fascia Sign at Unit 16 South Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FS

17/01115/ADV (15/07/2017) (Info)

New main shopfront sign and rear high level sign at Unit 13 South Terrace Rushden Lakes

Rushden  NN10 6FS

17/01133/ADV (15/07/2017) (Info)

Store front fascia incl projecting sign Boots lozenge to rear at Unit 5 Southwalk Rushden Lakes

Rushden  NN10 6FH

17/01148/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Demolition of garage and erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension at

99 Spencer Road Rushden  NN10 6AD

17/01193/ADV (15/07/2017) (Info)

2no. illuminated fascia signs at Unit 2B South Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FS

17/01217/ADV (15/07/2017) (Info)

2 (no) Fascia signage to front and rear of building. Sign to be internally illuminated 50mm acrylic

‘FATFACE’ letters to be fitted to a steel bar at Unit 1 Southwalk Rushden Lakes Rushden

17/01218/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

New Driveway including access at 105 Wellingborough Rd Rushden  NN10


17/01055/FUL (22/07/2017)

(Art8) Construction of a two storey detached dwelling house and garage at Lornel Main St Tansor PE8 5HS

Thorpe Achurch

17/01077/FUL (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Erection of single dwelling and carport at land opposite Thorpe Cottage Aldwincle Rd Thorpe



17/01069/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Erection of a single storey dwelling, parking and new access at 13 Highfield Rd Thrapston

NN14 4NL

17/01116/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Erection of a single storey modular building for storage use at Plot 3 Haldens Parkway Thrapston


17/01119/FUL (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Change of use from 2 vacant retail shops (A1) and an office (B1), to a mixed use coffee shop (A1/A3 use) at 71 – 75 High Street Thrapston

17/01120/LBC (22/07/2017)

(LBRegs) Internal alterations to include new partition walls.  Creation of food and beverage preparation and serving area. Installation of new disabled access ramp and changes to existing fenestration with associated works at 71 – 75 High Street Thrapston

17/01121/ADV (15/07/2017) (Info)

2No. external illuminated fascia

1No. externally illuminated projecting sign at 71 – 75 High St Thrapston


17/01146/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Erection of single storey rear extension (Resubmission of 17/00117/FUL) at 4 Wakerley Court Wakerley LE15 8NZ


17/01142/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Two-storey side extension and single-storey rear extension at 12 School Lane Warmington PE8 6TA


17/00984/FUL (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Construction of detached two storey dwelling and detached garage, construction of footpath to

Club Lane and reconstruction of stone wall behind footpath. Renewal submission of 15/00988/VAR and 08/01228/FUL at 3A De Capel Close Woodford NN14 4HR

17/00994/FUL (15/07/2017) (Info)

Proposed rear extension at 21 Paddock Rd Woodford  NN14 4FL

17/01026/REM (22/07/2017)

(LB/CA) Reserved matters Landscaping, Scale, Siting, External Appearance, condition numbers  7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 pursuant to planning application 15/01776/OUT dated 13.11.15 at 7 High St

Woodford  NN14 4HE


Thrapston to have New Costa Coffee – Planning Application here…

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website and search for the application number.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received…






Planning Applications: 08 June 2017 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website and search for the application number.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


17/00796/LBC (08/07/2017)


Provision of bathroom to first floor at Honeybee Cottage 8 The Green Ashton PE8 5LD


17/01016/FUL (01/07/2017)


Single storey extensions to side and rear of house at 2 Denford Ash Denford NN14 4EW


17/01033/FUL (08/07/2017)


Removal of existing bay window, flat roof porch and conservatory and addition of new roof with

raised  eaves and ridge, new front gables and side extension at The Sperrins New Road Easton On The Hill  PE9 3NN


17/00889/FUL (08/07/2017)


To replace an existing UPVC door with a traditional door in keeping with the dwelling and to fit a

skylight in the single storey part of the dwelling at the front of the house at The Hayloft 6 Lower

Farm Main Street Glapthorn



17/00890/LBC (08/07/2017)


To remove and brick up a doorway

To replace a UPVC door with a traditional wooden door in

keeping with the dwelling

To remove two internal walls to increase the size of the kitchen and fit a new kitchen

To fit a skylight in the single storey part of the dwelling

To install a new external

boiler and relocate the airing cupboard from the first to the second floor

To replace the existing

ground floor radiators with underfloor heating

To create a new shower room on the second floor at

The Hayloft 6 Lower Farm Main Street Glapthorn  PE8 5BE



17/01024/FUL (01/07/2017)


New storage warehouse at Fairline Nene Valley Business Park Oundle PE8 4HN


17/01023/FUL (08/07/2017)


Single storey front extension (Resubmission of 17/00468/FUL) at The Old Coachhouse Main Street  Polebrook PE8 5LN


17/01038/FUL (08/07/2017)


Conversion of garaging to ancillary use at 17 High Street Ringstead  NN14 4DA


17/00569/FUL (08/07/2017)


Change of use from A1 to C3 and the addition of a third storey to create six residential units at 119

High Street Rushden  NN10 0NZ


17/00888/ADV (01/07/2017)


one internally illuminated sign to the front of the unit and one non-illuminated sign to the rear of

the unit at Unit 10 South Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden

NN10 6FS


17/00898/FUL (01/07/2017)


Single story front extension at 95 Allen Road Rushden  NN10 0DY


17/00997/ADV (01/07/2017)


One internally illuminated sign to shop front and individual illuminated lettering to shop canopy at Unit 1 Northwalk Rushden Lakes Rushden

NN10 6FG


17/01019/ADV (01/07/2017)


Thirteen advertising signs at Land Adjacent Skew Bridge Ski Slope Rushden Lakes Rushden


17/01030/FUL (01/07/2017)


Garage extension and conversion to annex at 47 Hayden Road Rushden NN10 0JH


17/01047/ADV (01/07/2017)


Brand signage for new retail, made of aluminium case and acrylic front panels at Unit 2 Northwalk Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FG


17/01048/FUL (01/07/2017)


Installation of a Plant at roof level (see Plan 413 for specifications), within a pressed metal louver

look-alike panel enclosed area, serving the indoor units located on the shop floor for air

heating/cooling comfort purposes. at Unit 2 Northwalk Rushden Lakes Rushden


17/01049/VAR (01/07/2017)


Variation of condition 4 – operation of the fixed plant shall be restricted to between hours of

7.00am and 23.00 and not be operational overnight pursuant to planning permission

17/00472/FUL dated 27.4.17

at Unit 4 Southwalk Rushden Lakes Rushden


17/01072/FUL (08/07/2017)


Update of the existing A45(T) Ditchford Road interchange including new slip roads, widening works and replacement of existing roundabouts with signal controlled junctions (as previously granted

under planning permission 12/01733/RWL). at Ditchford Lane Rushden


17/01076/ADV (01/07/2017)


Front and rear LED fascia signage at Unit 11 South Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FS


17/01013/FUL (01/07/2017)


Single storey, pitched roof extension to side of property. at 10 West Street Stanwick



17/01046/FUL (01/07/2017)


Change of Use of part of a stables and associated operational works to provide a manager’s flat for

the equestrian operation at SP9681 OP2819 Slipton Lane Sudborough

Thorpe Achurch

17/01050/FUL (01/07/2017)


Two storey rear extension to provide larger kitchen at ground floor level and addition of bedroom

and en-suite bathroom at first floor (resubmission of 17/00518/FUL) at 1 Aldwincle Road Thorpe

Waterville NN14 3ED


17/00982/FUL (08/07/2017)


17/00983/LBC (08/07/2017)


Change of use of part of site from C1 to C3. Form new vehicle access with timber gate and posts

from Pilton Road. Form access drive and parking spaces for existing dwelling. Remove gates and posts and block up existing vehicle access from Pilton Road. at Land Rear Of 24 Pilton Road



17/01044/FUL (01/07/2017)


Single-storey side and rear extensions at 20 Thrapston Road Woodford NN14 4HY