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Category: Thrapston Market Stories

Perky Plants on Thrapston Market

Today’s market story is from Chris and Alun Perkins from Perky Plants. (We love their business name!!).  Interviewed by Rachel at Bygone Days.

What is your best seller? Our bestselling lines are normally what’s in season at that time.  At the moment we sell plants bulbs and wreaths.

Do you sell anything unusual? People are surprised that we still sell loose pea and bean seeds.

When asked about the best and worst part of the job Alun and Chris agreed with the other traders, the best part of the job is meeting people and the worst part can be the weather!plant lady

Any Funny stories? Many of our customers are entertaining and interesting – that’s all we’ll say.

Where do you obtain your stock?  Many of our plants are lovingly grown by ourselves in our nursery at Mears Ashby.  I [Alun] have been in the horticulture industry for over 20 years.  We sell lots of our large plants at Thrapston because we can load it straight in their car behind the stall.

What do you like best about working in Thrapston? Thrapston people are so laid back old fashioned and really polite, that’s what we like best.


Perky Plants are offering a fabulous 10% OFF on next market day [Tuesday 18th November] if you mention NENE LOCAL and say you have read the article! 

Thrapston Market Stories – ‘Del the Household Stall Man’

This week’s interview is with Derek or ‘Del’ as he likes to be called Del sells all sorts of household and cleaning items. del2

What is your most unusual item? My customers are very surprised when they discover I still stock moth balls.

What is the most popular thing you sell? My most popular lines are the £1.00 items which fly of the stall.

What do you love about selling on Thrapston Market? Del says he loves all aspects of the job especially the banter with regular customers.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a market trader?   I’ve been trading for 24 years and can’t imagine doing anything else!

My father started the business in 1962 and when I took it over 24 years ago I found a 10 shilling note hidden under the stall!del1

Del stands at lots of local markets and Rushden car boot as he only lives 9 miles away.

Our interviewer is Rachel at Bygone Days

Thrapston Market Stories

 by Rachel Thomson of Bygone Days

This week she speaks to Lloyd the Sweet Man


Rachel: What’s the best thing about Thrapston Market?

Lloyd: The best thing for me is meeting all the people.

Rachel: Many of our traders say that Lloyd, why do you enjoy Thrapston in particular?

Lloyd: I like Thrapston because it is close to travel to from Raunds and the rent is only £1.20

Rachel: What’s the worst thing about your job?

At this point Lloyd ummed and ahhed for a while. Lloyd loves the job so much he couldn’t find an answer for the worst part of the job – we like his attitude!

Rachel: Where else do you sell?

Lloyd: I also stand at Raunds on Fridays

Rachel: How did you start in your career?

Lloyd: My Father started this sweet stall ad I continue the tradition.

You could say selling sweets in in my blood my father started it.  The year I was born 40 years ago. I helped him from when I was 14 and took it over 15 years ago.

Rachel: What’s the most popular thing you sell?

Lloyd: I sell sweets, cakes and biscuits the pick’n’mix is popular. I thing our Lollies are great and we do lots of flavours plus you can get 7 for just £1.00!!

sweet manThrapston Market is open every Tuesday.

Thrapston Market Stories – The Baker

Today’s interview is with Dave from Wesses Bakery in Market Harborough brought to you by Rachel of Bygone Days.

Dave, what do you hate most about being a trader?  The worst thing about being a market trader is bad weather.baker2

And the best? The best thing is the friends I have made other traders who I see regularly.

What do you love the most? My favourite thing about Thrapston is the warmth and friendliness of the customers.

What do you sell on your stall?  I sell fresh baked bread, cakes and savouries.baker

Which of your products do you most recommend? My favourites are the speciality breads, especially sundried tomato and olive

How long have you been a market trader?  I’ve been selling bread on the market for about 10 years and I also have a stall at Raunds