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Northants Police say – Stay Safe near Water

NORTHANTS POLICE are reminding children about the dangers of swimming and bathing in water during the hot summer weather.

The reminder comes on the eve of the school summer holidays and at a time when the thermometer has reached 30C.

Rural locations around the county, especially in Wellingborough and east Northamptonshire, have many lakes, reservoirs and rivers – all a magnet for adventurous youngsters.

And the reminder is doubly timely in light of the tragedy at Denford Lock on the River Nene, in which a 15-year-old boy died, almost one year ago.DSC07461

PCSO Paul Hurst, of Wellingborough Rural’s Safer Community Team, said: “Only a short while ago, two more young people got into difficult at the same location where the teenage boy died last year.

“Fortunately, the youngsters were rescued but the incident underlines the fact that open water is very dangerous and the risk of drowning is great.

“The school holidays and warm weather will almost certainly see a rise in these types of incidents and we are working with the fire service, the councils and the Environment Agency to get the water safety message out to the community and to local schools.

“We will be patrolling the risk locations during the summer holidays to make sure young people stay safe around water.DSC01658

“We also want to ensure that those who visit these locations are behaving responsibly and not creating a nuisance for others.”

Please appreciate the danger of swimming in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and canals and consider:-

• Very cold temperatures
• Hidden currents
• It is difficult to estimate depth
• There may be hidden rubbish like shopping trolleys or broken glass
• It can be difficult to get out (steep slimy banks)
• No lifeguards
• Water pollution may make you ill

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