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Thrapston Gravel Pits – an update

Sue’s News says: Although January can be very wet, grey and muddy, our wildlife can provide many beautiful splashes of colour. Be on the look out for: the electric blue flash of a kingfisher darting by; the bold red breasts of robins and bullfinches; and the bright yellow of a mixed flock of feeding siskins and goldfinches.


(All seen at Thrapston GP on Saturday 25th January) follow Sue at SuesNews

Thrapston has such amazing wildlife, in particular – birds

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Northants Community radio station set to hit the airwaves

A new online community radio station for Northamptonshire is set to hit the airwaves, giving young people with learning difficulties the chance to experience life as a DJ.


Radio Northants is due to launch on February 15th, broadcasting live from Rushden. The not-for-profit station will initially only be available online but hopes to have an FM licence within two years.

Programme controller Jay Shears, who has previously worked in a number of commercial stations and in hospital radio, has assembled a team of 20 volunteers and is confident the mix of local content and music will prove a hit with listeners.

He said: “We want to provide listeners with local features that are relevant to them. We are keen to give people who wouldn’t normally get a chance to work in radio a platform on which to showcase their talents.

“We’re hoping to get some young people with learning difficulties involved. A lot of mainstream companies are reluctant to give them the opportunity but we want to prove that they’re perfectly capable of working in radio.”

The station is also looking into the possibility of staging a regular business segment – an on-air version of Twitter’s successful hashtagged networking sessions such as #NorthantsHour.

A number of Northamptonshire companies have already signed up to sponsor sections of the station’s programming, including clothing manufacturers Hashrag,  The Old Bank bar and Badgers Garden Machines.

Radio Northants will go live on February 15, with a launch party at Rushden railway station. The ‘family fun day’ event will be held from noon to 4pm, featuring live music, a bouncy castle and the chance to meet Mickey Mouse.


Council tells dog foulers to scoop the poop!

Two Rushden residents who didn’t pick up after their dog now have to pay up after being caught by the East Northamptonshire Council dog warden.

On 9th December 2013, one dog walker was spotted by the dog warden not picking up after their dog in Manor Park, Rushden and was issued with a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice. 

The same warden caught another dog walker on 16th January 2014 in Rushden Hall Park walking away without clearing up after their dog and also received a fine of £75.

Councillor Steven North, leader of East Northamptonshire Council, commented: “Dog mess left anywhere can be a serious health risk. The council is determined to clean up East Northamptonshire for both residents and visitors and we will not hesitate to fine anyone not cleaning up after their dog.”

Council urges - pick up after your dog

Council urges – pick up after your dog

To report dog fouling, visit or call 01832 742000.

Jolly’s goes to London

Yesterday Jolly’s toys went to London Toy Fair 2014, where you can see all that’ll be on offer in the whole of the toy industry for the year ahead.

Nene Local decided to pop along too, and see what the excitement was all about.

We found licensed characters

We found licensed characters

Everyone loves Hama Beads!

Everyone loves Hama Beads!


We found electronic toys

We found electronic toys

Look at all the famous faces we saw!

Look at all the famous faces we saw!

The Toy Fair is an annual London affair (the industry also has fairs in Hong Kong, the USA and Germany to name a few major ones).  Most retailers and agents throughout the land all descend on Olympia over this week to choose their hot new toys for the year ahead.

One of the biggest suppliers

One of the biggest suppliers

With a plethora of toys and gifts available its really difficult for the average retailer to know what to select, but select they do and thousands of pounds worth of orders will be placed over this three-day period.

There were some award winners, Triqo won Best Speciality Toy - we liked it!

There were some award winners, Triqo won Best Speciality Toy – we liked it!

Most toys are now made overseas, rather than in the UK and so early ordering is imperative.  The factories need to know what to make and how many.  You know when you see on the news in the run up to Christmas “Hot new toy runs out!” and you see parents clammering ‘Arnie style‘ in stores to get the last toy on the shelf…. well this is all down to timing, the orders by the stores will be being placed this week for Christmas 2014, so if a toy really takes off in October/November and stores run out – well there is not much that can be done. If they place new orders, the ships won’t get to the docks in time for Christmas.

The first and possibly the best Wooden Balance bikes are from Kiddimoto

The first and possibly the best Wooden Balance bikes are from Kiddimoto

Let’s hope all our local toy shops, Jolly’s included placed some lovely orders for all the things we’re likely to want.  We’re sure they will have done!

Welcome to Sues News

We’ve begun working with a lovely lady called Sue – who write her own blog at, we made contact with Sue as she produces such fabulous imagery of Thrapston wildlife we knew you’d want to see!  Check back on the Walks & Wildlife tab on the right hand side of the page, as we’ll show you some stunning photographs and  invite you on some excellent walks as the weather improves. Click on the images to see more of Sue and her fabulous photos!

Thrapston Town Council Community Youth Event

Laser Maze comes to Thrapston

About the Games

The event is for young people aged between 13 and 17 and will consist of a Laser Maze and art and craft workshops.

For further information


Friday 7th March 2014
18:00 – 22:00


Thrapston Plaza

Cosy Nook

Thrapston NN14 4PSlasrerCall 01832 734673 for more details


Parking Dilemma in Thrapston – What can we do to help?

On our Welcome to Thrapston Facebook page we asked what shops you used on the High Street and got some great (and useful) replies.

We then ran a little poster showing how a little money spent in the town makes a whole world of difference…


One comment to keep coming up though is…..parking.  When customers or potential customers drive to Thrapston they are frustrated when they have no where to park.  I know myself, I drive through thinking ‘If there is a space I will pop into XX shop’ and then when there is no space I continue my journey and that money is spent outside Thrapston.

If people think they can never find a space if they come to Thrapston, they will stop coming to Thrapston – simple as that.

The High Street retailers are trying out all sorts of new and exciting projects during 2014 to ensure the High Street remains viable and become a bustling and need the co-operation of other High Street users when it comes to parking.

Here is what they had to say:


Thrapston retailers are working hard to increase footfall in various ways .However, one of the biggest restrictions we currently face in Thrapston is the lack of available parking in the town centre. We are regularly told by both shops and customers that if a parking spot is too hard to find, customers carry on driving and do not use the shops in Thrapston. This impacts not only that individual visit, but can also reduce subsequent visits if shoppers associate our town with difficulty in parking.DSC08682

The most convenient spaces for customers to park in are along High Street and the High Street end of Chancery Lane. Currently, a number of these prime parking locations are taken up by cars belonging to businesses for all or most of the day.

This restricts trade for all of us and prevents Thrapston town centre from flourishing and growing. If these spaces were kept free and available for customers, we believe there would be an immediate and significant benefit to all town centre businesses.DSC08683

There are a number of alternative, unrestricted parking locations within Thrapston which will not have the same impact on the town centre. We kindly ask that all businesses and their staffuse these other locations and do not park in High Street spaces. They should instead be kept available at all times for all of our customers.

Other places to park which are not restricted include:

·         upper level of the CoOp car park

·         end of Chancery Lane towards the Health Clinic

·         De Vere Road

·         Cozy Nook

Using these other car parking areas means a slightly longer walk for each of us, but will have a significant benefit to each of our businesses. Customers will be able to come and go throughout the day, use our businesses and spend money in Thrapston.

Even if your business doesn’t rely on regular walk-in custom it would improve business for you too. The more customers who can park and shop in Thrapston, the more successful our shops and cafes will be and so the more utilised Thrapston will be.DSC08684

The more attractive our town will be to live in, to buy/rent property in, and to do business in – win:win! 

Can everyone who parks for a whole day, help us make a positive difference for the town by not using the prime town centre parking places? This simple change is free and will make such a difference to our town.

Businesses in Northamptonshire given chance to help keep pensioners safe and warm this winter

A newly-established social enterprise has teamed up with Northamptonshire County Council to give businesses the chance to join a campaign to keep elderly people safe and warm this winter.

Businesses can help sponsor a state-of-the-art digital thermometer, called Tom, to be delivered to 1,000 people’s homes as part of the wider ‘Wrapped Up’ campaign, backed by Age UK and Northamptonshire County Council.


The gadget’s easy to read screen alerts the user when the temperature has dropped to harmful levels, reminding pensioners to turn up the heating or put on an extra layer of clothing.


Between 16C and 18C it will flash every six seconds with the word ‘COOL’ displayed. If the temperature drops below 16C, which can cause serious risk to health, Tom will flash blue every three seconds and display the word ‘COLD’.


The display will read ‘OK’ or ‘GOOD’ if the room is at, or higher than, the optimal 21C

Simon Parslow, director of Daventry-based Target Holdings which produces Tom, said: “With the cold snap approaching, all of us need to take greater responsibility for looking out for our loved ones, ensuring their homes are warm and they are protected against the winter chill.


“We have teamed up with the ‘Wrapped Up’ campaign to offer our digital thermometers as part of the package people receive. Businesses are already coming on board to be sponsors, helping protect the most vulnerable people in our community this winter.”


A £200 sponsorship package allows local businesses to help 10 families receive support and assistance with cold weather planning, including access to Age UK’s helpline, and they would be supplied with their very own ‘Tom’ free of charge.


Mr Parslow added: “We have been delighted with the tremendous support we have received so far, with a number of businesses already signing up. It’s a perfect way for firms to give something back to local people and make a real difference this winter.”

Research from charity Age UK and the Office of National Statistics shows that approximately 27,000 extra deaths are reported each winter, 90 per cent of which are older people.


Tom has been developed to encourage discussion and stimulate awareness of the problems caused when cold weather bites, particularly with pensioners reluctant to turn up their heating due to concerns about rising energy bills.


For more information about getting involved with the ‘Wrapped Up’ campaign call Simon Parslow on 01327 301950 or visit


FREE entry to Lyveden New Bield

Intriguing Elizabethan lodge and moated garden

Set in the heart of rural Northamptonshire, Lyveden is a remarkable survivor of the Elizabethan age.

Begun by Sir Thomas Tresham to symbolise his Catholic faith, Lyveden remains incomplete and virtually unaltered since work stopped on his death in 1605.

Discover the mysterious garden lodge and explore the Elizabethan garden with its spiral mounts, terracing and canals.

Wander through the new orchard, containing many old varieties of apples and pears, or explore the Lyveden Way, a circular path through beautiful meadows, wooodland and villages.

Lyveden is open every weekend from 4th January 11am until 4pm including the new cosy Cottage tea room

In February – Enjoy free entry to Lyveden on 15 and 16 February as part of love Lyveden weekend.  Plus – Lovers’ cream tea for 2 for only £7.

lyvedon A good way to get romantic!

Today’s Update from Anglian Water

Market Road, Thrapston Thursday, January 16, 2014

Burst Main

We’re really sorry but some of you in Thrapston may have very low water pressure or no water at all.

We’ve got a burst main in your area that we’re working hard to get fixed. We’ll get your supply back to normal as soon as possible

This should be by 1.30pm today but we’ll update this message if anything changes

When the water is back it may look a little cloudy or discoloured, just run your tap for a couple of minutes and it should clear – if it doesn’t give us a call so that we can check it out – 08457 145 145.


Can we just say, this is an image we’ve used of an impressive main burst and NOT Thrapston today!