A Foray of Flowers to Choose from for my Wedding

Myself and my fiance are getting married in June and using Thrapston businesses for each and every part of the wedding.

We are big fans of Thrapston and try to shop local wherever we can, but we do know of people who say “There’s not much in Thrapston is there?”  We hope our wedding story will prove to them that Thrapston has loads to offer and show everyone some businesses they may not have seen….

This week I have been to see Becky at Florae Foray, Becky is a freelance florist based on Huntingdon Road in Thrapston.  She can be found on Facebook and she also does many of the window displays at our very own Frocks from the High Street.

This was the Frocks WINNING Christmas window by Florae Foray - but this isn't my wedding dress!!

This was the Frocks WINNING Christmas window by Florae Foray – but this isn’t my wedding dress!!

When I went to see Becky I took a few small photos of what I was looking for, I was impressed that from a 5cm image she could tell me the actual name of the rose, how many the minimum order was from the supplier and approximately how much – there’s a lot of flowery information stored in that lady’s head!bouquet

I had to tell Florae Foray what I was looking for, bouquet, button holes, flower arrangements etc.Plus of course colour scheme.  I have left her with a swatch of fabric to show the colour that Gowns & Garters gave to me when I ordered.bouquet2

After a few days, I have received an email from Florae Foray.  It had a link to a secret Pinterest board that only Becky and I can see, where she has shown me examples of the rose on the picture, plus some cheaper alternatives, and pictures of the other flowers and berries that will be in the bouquet as we discussed.  All so I can see each one and comment if I wish.

Next she attached the actual quote, all laid out for me to view so I know a breakdown of each part, plus she has added three levels, I guess ‘dream wedding’, ‘tight budget’ and ‘oh my goodness my spending is running away with me’   – Joking apart, none of the pricing was silly, the quote all looks great, I now just need to choose which roses, and what sort of table decorations.buttonholes

My jobs this week include, give Gowns & Garters a little call to see if all is well, as they said end of March for my dress but of course I am impatient to see it!  Plus I will need to get to Katz Dancewear to look for shoes, I did go last week but they were shut for stocktaking.

Plus….. we are on the look out for a pink, cream or claret bridesmaids dress, age 7-8 years – can anyone help?

(Images courtesy of Wedding & Events Floral Design)

Get in touch with Florae Foray via Facebook HERE I promise you will enjoy looking through all their images and have fun choosing your bridal bouquet!


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