Hotels in Thrapston…

As you know, we’re doing The Great Thrapston Wedding Challenge, where we book and use everything from our lovely town for our wedding.  The big day is getting closer so a few updates will be required on here.

The Bridge Hotel

The Bridge Hotel

We’ve booked The Bridge Hotel for the night for us and some of our guests, sadly we couldn’t fit in everyone as some rooms were already booked.  So our other guests are in The Woolpack Inn just over the bridge.


The Woolpack Inn

Our wet weather plan for the afternoon, includes a quick drink in The Kings Arms to enable Tasty Bite to change from a ceremony room to a tea party room!


The Kings Arms

So we’re managing to use three of our lovely local hostelries.

The story today is of excellent customer service.  When booking The Woolpack Inn, we paid for the rooms in advance.  Due to work commitments, two of our guests now sadly cannot stay overnight, and so we had a room extra…

The Woolpack Inn

The Woolpack Inn

We phoned The Woolpack Inn and spoke to Darren Harding, explaining our predicament, we knew their no cancellation policy so thought we may just have to put up with it.  Darren and the staff at The Woolpack Inn were so helpful, telling us it was no problem at all to cancel, we had a full refund for the one room and they have just proved what a great team they are!

The manager didn’t know we were The Great Thrapston Wedding Challenge team at that point, so we know great customer service is on offer there for everyone!

When the wedding is getting closer, the stress levels do rise a little, and great customer service really helps.

If you click on any of the links in this piece it takes you to their Facebook pages and all the details you need to book!




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