Simpson and Partners Join Wedding Challenge!

You wouldn’t think that the local estate agent could add much to our Great Thrapston Wedding Challenge, after all, we’re not going to buy a new house to live in.

However, we were delighted to ask them to play a very special part in our day and were glad when they were up for having as much fun as us…

As you will know if you have been following our wedding journey, I will be getting ready at The Bridge Hotel and will need to get from the hotel to Tasty Bite Thrapston – it’s not far, but I needed transport.tom

I’m not a conventional sort of girl, so asked Simpsons if they’d be happy to provide the transport!  Their lovely Fiat 500’s will be decorated with purple ribbons and will drive me, my flower girl (and flower girls mum!) to the venue, we think we might need more than one of their cars!  We’ll have to kit Tom out with his own chauffeurs cap!

What’s more, the lovely Rachel at Simpsons is a trained wedding make up artist, and has kindly offered to come to the Bridge to help me get ready.  (Lizzie can she have time off please?)

….As the day gets nearer, we are in the throws of practice make up trials and wedding rehearsals now, so if you see me in Tasty Bite Thrapston measuring, rehearsing or planning please say hi!


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