Victoria’s Emporium for Great Service and Quality

We are blessed to live in a town with so many wonderful shops and businesses. It has made doing The Great Thrapston Wedding Challenge remarkably easy!

Buying everything from Thrapston has been a lovely thing to do but it didn’t mean we haven’t looked around to see what else is on offer, we’ve bought from Thrapston because it’s been the item or service we wanted not because we felt we had to.

One such instance came along when we decided to choose my ring.  Of course, we began in Victoria’s Emporium on Thrapston High Street.  I told Victoria what I was looking for, what I liked the look of and she in turn looked at my engagement ring and advised on the type of gold I should have and also the styles that would suit.  They have a tray of ‘fake rings’ so you can get them all out, have a ‘try on’ session and really take a good look at all the styles next to each other.  Then she orders in the type and carat gold/platinum you require.  I found this worked so well, no one was worried about who might run in the shop at any time and I could have a really good look.

The catalogue Victoria let me take home to look through

The catalogue Victoria let me take home to look through

The next stage was that Victoria took away my ring measurement and a note of all the ones I liked and got prices for me, she returned in a couple of days will copious notes on all types of ring, in different metals so I had lots of information to chose from. She had asked me my budget and kept within it – offering me all sorts from all price ranges not just the top of my budget.

Victoria's notes with carat and price all laid out

Victoria’s notes with carat and price all laid out

At one point I even tried on her wedding ring as it was a shape I wanted to see against my engagement ring!  I felt special in Victoria’s Emporium when we were trying to decide what to buy. It is a memory of the wedding planning I will treasure, as it was a pleasure to choose and be helped and guided by an export.

……We did however take a look around.  Off we drove to Kettering, and proceeded to try and look at rings in a famous High Street jeweller ( I shall mention no names as this story is awful!).  We looked in the window and then went inside and asked to see wedding rings.

Lots of lovely choice in Victoria's Emporium

Lots of lovely choice in Victoria’s Emporium

‘Do you know what you are looking for?’ we were asked. Not really, we just want to have a look, we quite like white gold and we like ones with diamonds inlaid we replied.  The young girl, donned her gloves, got a velvet board and chose three from the window.  None of which looked right with my engagement ring, as she’d not asked to see that first.

So then she got another three, they are all real rings, so they are only allowed to bring out three at a time (I enjoy shopping, I like jewellery, but even I found this tedious!)  After a number of trips back and forth she exclaimed that she didn’t really know my taste.  I had said pretty much the same things to her as I had said in Victoria’s and she managed to question me in such a way to find out my taste.

She then said that they had lots of rings in yellow gold she cold show me but I wanted white gold.  When I asked if I tried one in yellow gold could they then get it in white gold for me, she said yes, then got me three more in white gold…..

Yellow, white gold, platinum and even precious metals I'd not even heard of in Victoria's Emporium

Yellow, white gold, platinum and even precious metals I’d not even heard of in Victoria’s Emporium

I felt I was not listened to, the quality did not look as nice as in Victoria’s Emporium and when we eventually had to leave as our car park ticket was running out, I felt like crying as the tedium of it had just made us feel in a rush to ‘just choose something’ to make it stop.  I think at one point I said I’d make do with a ring from a packet of Haribo instead!

It is sad that many, many people will only visit a well known jeweller as maybe they think an independent store may be more expensive and out of their reach, my advice would be pop into any jewellery store – multiple, high street or independent and just have a good look. No retailer will shoo you away, you will be welcomed and served – and I know which memory I want to attach to my wedding ring.

I'm not showing you a picture of the one we have ordered, it's a secret!

I’m not showing you a picture of the one we have ordered, it’s a secret!

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