Planning Applications: 19 August 2015

15/01181/FUL (19/09/2015) (Art8)
Demolish existing cowshed and erect new artisan flour mill, with associated canopy, silos, access,
paring and landscaping at Chase Farm Dusthill Road Brigstock NN14 3NG
15/01538/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Flat roofed single garage at 29 Main Road Collyweston PE9 3PF
Great Addington
15/01446/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Demolition of existing bus depot and barn and construction of a detached four bedroom dwelling
with detached garage at Rectory Farm Cranford Road Great Addington
15/01534/FUL (19/09/2015)
Refurbishment of existing outbuildings currently in ancillary residential use to form a home office at The Limes Farm House Wakerley Road Harringworth NN17 3AH
Higham Ferrers
15/01463/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
First floor side extension at 22 Dryden Way Higham Ferrers NN10 8DH
15/01512/VAR (19/09/2015)(Art8)
Variation of condition 7 – Japanese Knotweed – pursuant to application 14/01537/REM – Reserved
matters: Details of access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale pursuant to outline planning permission 14/00121/VAR – ‘Residential development of 166 dwellings (all matters reserved)’ dated 30.05.2014 at Land at Wharf Road Allotment Site Wharf Road Higham Ferrers
15/01493/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Conversion of existing ancillary building to form annexe complete with new pitched roof, widening of existing vehicular access and alterations to roof over existing kitchen at 2 Wellingborough Road
Irthlingborough NN9 5RF
King’s Cliffe
15/01367/LBC (19/09/2015)
To install a 4kw (16 panel) solar PV system to the rear / south facing roof pitch at 1 West Street
King’s Cliffe PE8 6XB
Lowick and Slipton
15/01397/FUL (19/09/2015)
Erection of double garage and storage area to rear of property and turning area to front at 15 Main Street Lowick NN14 3BH
15/01468/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Extension to the front of the property at 9 Cotterstock Road Oundle PE8 4PN
15/01549/LBC (19/09/2015)
New internal studwork walls to an existing outbuilding at 47 West Street Oundle PE8 4EJ
15/01267/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Erection of pair of semi detached houses at Land Adjacent to 2 Midland Road Raunds NN9 6JF
15/01472/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Erection of two detached dwellings at Former RPC Site Grove Street Raunds
15/01496/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Erection of first floor extension over existing porch at 1 Andrews Way Raunds
15/01504/VAR (12/09/2015) (Info)
Variation of Condition 6, 9, 12 – to relocate the proposed parking spaces and replace proposed
window to west elevation pursuant to planning permission 13/00268/FUL dated 10.4.13 Change of use of existing building from storage (B8) to residential (C3). Alterations to existing building to form a two storey dwelling at 12D Rotton Row Raunds NN9
15/01305/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Single storey rear and side extension at 36 Manor Road Rushden NN10 9EY
15/01448/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Proposed two storey rear/side extension and replacement garage/store at 40 Melloway Road
Rushden NN10 6XX
15/01449/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Single storey front extension at 2A Swallow Drive Rushden NN10 6EG
15/01464/ADV (12/09/2015) (Info)
Fascia sign, vinyl window signage and freestanding sign at Helix Lighting Factory Wellingborough
Road Rushden
15/01479/FUL (12/09/2015) (Info)
Formation of hardstanding area at rear of existing building erection of a 3 metre high boundary fence and associated works at DIY Store Crown Way Rushden NN10 6AX
15/01503/ADV (19/09/2015)
Projecting illuminated signage boxes above the store entrance and two free standing totems with
illuminated signage at Former Recycling Centre Car Park and Council Depot Newton Road
15/01410/LBC (19/09/2015)
Internal plaster repair works to first floor ceiling including additional ceiling joists, mechanically
fixed next to existing, to provide additional strength and support at The Shuckburgh Arms Main
Street Southwick PE8 5BL
15/01462/FUL (19/09/2015)
The construction of two off street car parking areas for use by residents of the adjacent cottages and the provision of an improved vehicle access to one of the car parks at 1 The Green Wadenhoe
15/01551/FUL (19/09/2015)
Demolition of working mens club and proposed residential development of nine dwellings at 18 – 20 Chapel Street Warmington PE8 6TR
15/01477/FUL (19/09/2015)
Conversion of former stable building to single dwelling at 10 Addington Road Woodford
15/01485/FUL (19/09/2015)
Construction of two dwellings on a disused car park (re-design of 15/00371/FUL) at Land to rear
of 33 High Street Newtown Street Woodford
15/01490/LBC (19/09/2015)
Alterations to layout and replacement of bathroom fittings at first floor level, removal of brick fire
surround and hearth and replace with new oak lintel, surround and stone hearth with wood burning
stove and flue liner, replace post to spine and cross beam and remover sleeper walls between posts in living room at 57 Main Street Yarwell PE8 6PR

The reason for applications being advertised is as follows:
Part3 – Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 2015.
Part16 – Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 2015.
Info – Non-statutory – included for information only.
LB/CA – Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990.
LBRegs – Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Regulations 1990.

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