What’s New in Tasty Bite this Week?

Today we have been sampling a delicious lunch.

Three of us went to Tasty Bite on a rainy Thursday afternoon and had a panini each, then puddings, plus a lemonade each, then an extra milk shake too – all for £24.  What lovely food it was!cakes

I dislike cheese so I struggle to order a nice panini elsewhere, but in Tasty Bite I have just eaten a chicken with mango, lime and spinach – I think a Danny special.  If it’s on the specials board again tomorrow I can highly recommend it.aprio t n orange

Then, with diet well and truly thrown right out of the window I inquired about DonnaLulu Cooks Wealthy Brownies – sort of a cross between a brownie and a millionaires shortbread, with salted caramel.  wealty brownies

They did not disappoint.

Check back soon to see What’s New in Tasty Bite this week….


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