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Council Supports Community Clean Ups

Communities across the district are sprucing up where they live, work and play with a little help from East Northamptonshire Council (ENC).1762_180x300

This year 22 groups of friends, neighbours, litter clean-up groups, local businesses and schools got together to help tidy up East Northants’ high streets, residential and business areas, villages and parks.

ENC provides groups with everything they need for a clean up, including litter pickers, gloves, and hi-vis vests and also pick up and dispose of the rubbish collected and advise on what to do if any dangerous or harmful materials are found.1763_680x510

Most recently, Councillor Richard Lewis organised a community litter pick in Rushden. This was a shared effort between ENC, Rushden Town Council, Spire Homes and Rockingham Forest Housing Association (RFHA).

Councillor Richard Lewis, Treasurer of Hayden Flag, said: “On behalf of Hayden Flag I would like to thank ENC for their support and generous supply of pickers and other equipment on 24 October.

“We managed to fully clear up the main problem areas and litter picked the whole of the Birch Road area. Thanks to Spire Homes and RFHA who supplied the skips, which were filled in just two hours! I was pleased to see such a good turnout of residents who gave up their Saturday morning to tidy up their neighbourhood. One kind resident even made a mountain of bacon sandwiches and coffee for the volunteers! Community spirit at its best!”1764_680x366

Leader of the Council, Steven North, added: “We value the likes of Hayden Flag who give up their own free time to help make sure our public spaces are kept litter free. It’s great that so many communities signed up to borrow our litter picking equipment this year and I hope many more make use of this opportunity in 2016.”

To book equipment for a clean up, please call 01832 742026.

Planning Applications: 11 November 2015

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website and search for the application number.

15/01914/LBC (12/12/2015)
Creation of new entrance to rear of property, minor relocation of existing windows to accommodate new door and portico, minor alterations to existing fabric to provide entrance lobby space, internal door from entrance lobby to side room, and relocation of cloakroom enclosed with new wall at The Lodge Lodge Farm Lane Apethore PE8 5DE
15/01960/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Two storey rear extension at 26 Main Street Barnwell PE8 5PZ
15/01715/FUL (12/12/2015)
Erection of two storey detached garage building with storage area on first floor and incorporating plant room for ground source heat pump: removing existing retaining walls, regarding of land and erection of new retaining walls and French drain: creation of new vehicular access: and installation of ground source heat pump at 15 Main Street Lower Benefield

15/01716/LBC (12/12/2015)
Removal of concrete pathway abutting property and installation of French drain at 15 Main Street
Lower Benefield PE8 5AF
15/01940/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Erection of a booster pumping station kiosk, a metering kiosk and telemetry mast – within a post and rail fence compound at Pumping Station SP 99404 67123 Upper Higham Lane

15/01992/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Proposed menage and change of use to equestrian at Manor Farm Buildings Bidwell Lane Caldecott Chelveston NN9 6AR
15/01969/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
New access to highway at 48 Main Road Collyweston PE9 3PQ
15/01964/FUL (12/12/2015)
Installation of two velux windows to roof on rear elevation at Debdale Cottage Church Lane
Denford NN14 4ED

15/01965/LBC (12/12/2015)
(LB/CA) (LBRegs)
Internal remodelling of first floor bedroom, bathroom and hobby room and installation of new velux windows to roof on rear elevation at Debdale Cottage Church Lane Denford
15/01961/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Proposed pair of semi detached houses at 17 Westfields Easton On The Hill PE9 3LY
15/01980/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Two storey side extension at 118 Addington Road Irthlingborough NN9 5UP

15/02011/VAR (12/12/2015)
Variation of Condition 3 to increase opening hours pursuant to Application 09/01749/FUL:
Change of use to class A5 hot food takeaway and new shop front at ground floor level with first floor flat dated 12.03.10 at 33 High Street Irthlingborough NN9 5TE
15/01973/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Additional housing for the high voltage (HV) metering unit and a smaller housing for electrical switchgear as joining the existing electricity substation as necessary to be able to control and switch the 10% renewables electricity generation from the distribution centre roof mounted photo voltaic panels back into the national grid at Vehicle Depot And Adjacent Land Kettering Road Islip
15/01975/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Refurbishment of existing garage and new adjoining oak framed car port with external staircase to storage room. Bin store to come off existing garage at The Old Threshing Barn Main Street Laxton NN17 3AT
Little Addington
15/01963/LBC (12/12/2015)
(LBRegs) (LB/CA)
Location of gas cylinders to rear of property and internal alterations at Surrenden House The Green Little Addington NN14 4BB
Lowick And Slipton
15/01997/FUL (12/12/2015)
Single and two storey rear extensions at 16B Main Street Lowick NN14 3BH
15/02033/PDU (05/12/2015) (Info)
Change of use from agricultural barn to children’s play barn and associated cafe at Woodbine
Farm Oundle Road Lutton PE8 5ND
15/01987/VAR (12/12/2015)
Variation of condition 2 and 3 – to raise height of proposed outbuilding pursuant to planning permission 15/00968/FUL dated 17.7.15 – Demolition of existing garage and erection of two storey rear extension and detached outbuilding at 47 Church Street Nassington
15/01880/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Proposed construction of 3 dwellings, detached garages and associated access / landscaping at
24B East Road Oundle PE8 4BX
15/01951/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Conservatory to rear of property at 29 Langham Road Raunds

15/01971/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Change of use of agriculture building to B1 use at Mere Farm Shelton Road Hargrave NN9 6BB

15/01983/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Two storey side extension and internal remodelling at 51 Langham Road Raunds NN9 6LB
15/01996/OUT (05/12/2015) (Info)
Outline: Construction of a community centre with associated parking (all matters reserved) at
Former 18 High Street Ringstead
15/01976/VAR (12/12/2015)
(LB/CA) (LBRegs)
Variation of condition 19 – windows in the retained facades to be replaced with window details to be agreed pursuant to planning permission 14/00683/FUL dated 21.10.15 – Erection of forty seven
dwellings with associated access road including demolition of extensions and sheds to the rear of listed building at Grenson Shoes Ltd Queen Street Rushden NN10 0AB

15/02000/ADV (05/12/2015) (Info)
2no. internally illuminated built logos and letters 1 No. non illuminated post sign
2 No. fret cut perspex telephone numbers 9 No. frosted digital printed window graphics at 163 – 165A Wellingborough Road Rushden

15/02024/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Proposed front single storey extension and second floor dormer at 3 Fuchsia Way Rushden
NN10 0XF

15/01920/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Proposed erection of 4 No. detached dwellings (3 No. with integrated garages and 1 No. with
detached garage) and associated access works at Land Adjacent Chestnut Close Rushden
15/01952/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Cheesery to process milk from 100 head goat herd at Redlands Farm West Street Stanwick NN9 6QZ
15/01959/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Two storey side extension and increase in garage roof height at Jasmine Cottage Main Street
Tansor PE8 5HS
15/00939/FUL (12/12/2015)
Demolition of car port of 15a Chancery Lane and part of wall, and erection of five dwellings with garages, parking, access and landscaping at The Corner House 15 Chancery Lane Thrapston NN14 4JL

15/01933/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Single storey side extension to provide a bedroom and wet room for disabled person at Jonwyn
Winding Way Thrapston NN14 4NW

15/01972/VAR (05/12/2015) (Info)
Variation of condition 2 – plans, pursuant to application 14/01506/FUL – Demolition of 15 No. flats and replacement with 3 No. 2 bed bungalows and 4 No. 2 bed flats, associated parking, access and landscaping at Home Court Sackville Street Thrapston NN14 4NZ
15/01970/FUL (12/12/2015)
Conversion of three barns into four dwellings at Dovecote Pilton Road Wadenhoe

15/01998/LBC (12/12/2015)
(LB/CA) (LBRegs)
Convert outbuilding into one residential unit at Dovecote Pilton Road Wadenhoe
15/01927/FUL (05/12/2015) (Info)
Refurbishment of property including the erection of a two storey rear extension, insertion of windows to side elevations, loft conversion with dormer windows to front, canopy/porch to front and extension and new pitched roof to existing garage at 27 Big Green Warmington

Call out for Peterborough residents to feed-in to development of new travel app!

The independent charity Peterborough Environment City Trust has teamed up with Meniscus, Anglia Ruskin University, and Loughborough University to launch a brand new app-development project in Peterborough called Hyperlocal Rainfall, funded by Innovate UK.

The project is looking to deliver a brand new phone app that will help people to make informed decisions about travel around Peterborough, by providing up-to-the-minute and hyper-localised weather forecasts, enabling users to walk and cycle more by taking the weather into account and hence improve their health and wellbeing.biking

“By delivering very accurate rainfall forecasts specific to a location or planned journey, this project looks to help the residents of Peterborough when they are walking and cycling around the city,” explains Project Officer Freya Herman. “We also intend for there to be incentives for app-users, such as vouchers for local shops.”

The project will use a combination of real time radar-based rainfall data with real time wind speed and direction data, in addition to historic rainfall information to deliver these predictions, which will be made available to residents via a free mobile phone app.

Now the search is on for members of the public to get involved with the development of the app, by participating in idea-generating and feedback sessions! If you are interested in walking or cycling more but are a bit put off by wet weather, please do get in touch to see how you can be involved in the project focus groups that will be held between November and January 2016.

To get involved, call Freya Herman on 01733 882545 or email For more information visit

Choo Choo – The Santa Special is Coming

Although it has become a Christmas tradition for many families it’s always worth a reminder that Santa is back at the Nene Valley Railway.  Just off the A1 at Stibbington near Peterborough from the 28th November until Christmas Eve.

The jolly gentleman will be hosting the festivities with a little help from the Railway staff and a great big steam train!

He’ll be around every weekend and Wednesday plus the Monday Wednesday and Thursday (Christmas eve) of Christmas week.

It can get busy so booking is essential…
Tickets will be available both on-line and via the Santa telephone hotline… 01780 784444.

xmas 029

Get in Touch

Nene Valley Railway
Wansford Station

T: 01780 784444
F: 01780 784440

Have you started to think about Christmas present shopping yet?

This week’s news from Lesley Clarke:lesley

I have bought my first Christmas present and boy do I feel good!…but I’ve still a long way to go and the hardest part is often deciding what to buy, not getting it!

So, if you’re heading for the high street, what should you be thinking of?

• Most retailers are just starting to extend their ‘returns date’ to after Christmas, so check before you buy.

• Get a ‘gift receipt’. I was talking to my husband about this yesterday and I made the glib comment that everyone these days knows about ‘gift receipts’. He replied “I don’t”, thus making a very valid point, never assume what may seem obvious to you! So ladies make sure you inform your husbands that when buying your Christmas present they ask for a ‘gift receipt’ (a receiGift voucherspt that doesn’t show the price but means that if the garment needs to be returned after Christmas you have proof of purchase and the original price paid (in code) so that if necessary, you get a refund or exchange for the original purchase price).

• Think about colouring – buy the colour that will suit the person you are buying for, not one you like! And if you don’t know avoid buying a scarf – how many do you have in the draw that were bought as a present but aren’t quite right?

So ladies and gents, happy shopping!

If you need some help, inspiration or advice, get in touch because this time of year in particular is when my extensive retail experience can come to the fore.

Perhaps this is the perfect time to mention that I offer Gift Vouchers for any denomination – what a perfect present for him or her!

Contact Lesley Clarke

t: 01604 696040
m: 07969516390
twitter: @LesleyStyle

DO YOU WANT TO MEET A SNOWMAN? …at Nene Court in Wellingborough

Nene Courts gets Frozen fever – read on to find out more….

Nene Court Retail Park in Wellingborough is based at the former Victorian Gas Light factory site, dating back to 1833, which has been renovated and restored to house bespoke boutiques.
Northamptonshire’s Marcel Binley and his family took over ownership of the site in 1991 and Nene Court has evolved and expanded during the past 15 years as renovation of the original buildings progressed.

Independent, local retailers are encouraged at Nene Court as it adds to the unique offering of the site. It currently houses 17 different businesses ranging from coffee suppliers to camping equipment, and antiques to the latest footwear.

Nene Court is located on The Embankment just off the A45 and is open seven days a week with free parking. For more information visit

For this festive season, Frozen Fever will be taking over Nene Court, as characters from the hit film Frozen will make magical appearances.

Frozen fans and families are being invited to meet Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf, who will all be having a snow…ball at the retail shopping park in Wellingborough in the run up to Christmas.

Children can meet their favourite Frozen characters, with the opportunity to have their photograph taken with them at the end of November and throughout December to help get them in the Christmas spirit.Elsa

The Frozen characters will be on flying visits so families are being urged to get their skates on and head to Nene Court on the following dates this festive season!
Sunday 29th November at 1pm – 1.45pm
• Sunday 6th December at 3.15pm – 4pm
• Sunday 13th December at 11.15am – 12pm
• Saturday 19th December at 12pm – 12.45pm

Furthermore, there are £750 worth of prizes to be won simply by taking part in Nene Court’s FREE Christmas activities! You could take home some of this year’s must-have Christmas gifts including: A Star Wars BB-8 Droid worth £129.99 or a Frozen Dollhouse worth £129.99 by taking part in a Christmas Treasure Hunt from 28th November – 20th December. Runners up prizes include a Lightsaber and Olaf toy, plus each child who takes part successfully will win a chocolate Santa.

Grown ups could win a unique Nene Court Christmas Hamper full of wine, beer, candles, chutneys, cheese, Christmas pudding, oils, teas, and coffees worth over £250! Just look out for our Elf on the Shelf, who will be keeping his eye out for deserving parents. If you take his picture before he moves and pop it on the Nene Court Facebook page stating his location, your name will be put into a prize draw to win this fabulous prize.

Nene Court will also be hosting a Christmas Extravaganza on Friday 27th November at 6pm. Come and enjoy the beautiful Christmas light display, see Santa scaling the Nene Court 80 foot chimney, check out his sleigh and real-life reindeer and enjoy mince pies and warm mulled wine. You can even win your very own life sized Santa if you pre-register for the night on the Nene Court website.


Even more events at Nene Court include:

*Saturday 28th November – Festive Food Market

*Saturday 5th December 11am-8pm – Victorian Market & Hart Brewery Beer festival (with live music)

*Thursday 10th December and Thursday 17th December – Late night shopping until 8.30pm
10th December – Hart brewery’s “Beer and Carols,” fundraiser for the Air Ambulance.

And finally, if you’ve got a wish you want to come true this Christmas, visit Bestbuys from 28th November – 20th December you can pick up a gift tag and create your special Christmas wish to hang on the beautiful Christmas tree for all to see!

All donations will go to the Riding for the Disabled Association.

For more information on Christmas at Nene Court please go to

Do you know a charity who would benefit from this?

Gateway HR has recently won the local Corby Business Award for “Best Services” and every year they invite local charities to apply to be their “Chosen Charity” for the forthcoming year. The winning charity can then choose how they use this support from a range of options including contract and policy work, training courses and mentoring programmes for their staff throughout the whole 12 months.winner

Gateway HR opens their doors and welcomes any local Northamptonshire charity to apply.
The winning charity can then choose how they use the support offered from a range of options. This includes contract and policy work, training courses and mentoring programmes for their staff throughout the whole 12 months.

If you feel your charity could benefit from this free support, then visit click on the Charity Partner page and complete the online application. The successful charity will be notified and then the team at Gateway HR will organise with them visits /audits etc and start to then plan a way to help and maximise their potential throughout the following
Lou Crossman from Gateway HR said: “As you can imagine this can be a real help to charities who employ staff but do not have the resource internally for HR management and / or training, and we want to highlight this so that local charities are aware that this help is potentially available to them.
As a company we work hard to support the local economy and help out as much as we can offering free careers advice to schools & mentoring for undergraduates. We are also proud sponsors of Corby Amateur Swimming Club who this year celebrate their 50th anniversary.”
For further details, contact Gateway HR on 01536 215240, email or visit the website

DonnaLulu Cooks Apple & Ginger Mincemeat

This homemade mincemeat recipe is so easy, tasty and you can add the flavours you like! This recipe is for apple & ginger, but I have found that as long as you have the basics of the suet, sugar, mixed fruit and spices you can pretty much add what you want. It needs to have some liquid so it’s not too dry – such as the grated apple, orange juice and port. Chopped chocolate or chopped mixed nuts also go well in this recipe.

You will need:

250g vegetable suet
175g soft brown sugar
500g mixed fruits – sultanas, raisins & currants
125g crystalised ginger, chopped
125g dried cranberries or cherries
1tsp ground ginger
1tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp all spice
Zest & juice of 2 oranges
100ml port, brandy, whisky or rum
250g apples – cooking or eating


This will make 4 x 1lb jars. Sterilise the clean dry jars in the oven at 120C/ Gas mark ½ for 15 minutes or this can also be done in the dishwasher on the hottest setting.

Place the suet, sugar, mixed fruits, ginger and spices in a large bowl and mix until it is all combined. Add the orange zest, juice and port. Peel and core the cooking apples then grate them into the bowl. If using eating apples, there is no need to peel them first, just grate and discard the core. Mix well (using your hands works best) until it is all combined and you should end up with a spicy juicy mix. If it appears too dry you can add more apple, orange juice or port. It wants to be moist without being too wet. The liquid will get soaked up by the dried fruits as its maturing.

Spoon the mixture into the sterilised jars pushing down slightly as you fill them. Make sure the lid is on tightly and then store in a cool dry place until you’re ready to use! The mincemeat will last for a few months if stored correctly, but it probably won’t last until Christmas!12226497_435335803321727_1684853874_n

Recipe by Donna Thomas
Facebook: DonnaLulu Cooks
Twitter: @DonnaLuluThomas