Are your Tree Stumps a Pain in the Grass?

Aside from being something of an eyesore, tree stumps can be inconveniently located too. Whether a complicated root system is developing dangerously near buildings or simply preventing effective grass cutting. Tree stumps really can be a `Pain in the Grass’. Tree stumps can also be responsible for a number of other problems in gardens and public areas. Left alone they can play host to a number of root diseases, which will spread to neighbouring shrubs and trees.

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ANYONE that has tried to remove an established tree stump will know how arduous it can be. Even small stumps can involve hours of digging, chopping and pulling, resulting in muscle strain or injury. The Tree Stump Removal Company takes all the hard work out of removing stumps, by using advanced machinery to grind stumps and surface roots to below ground level. The resulting grindings can be easily removed, or can be used as mulch for borders.12096075_882235831862700_3371231998323204226_n

Unlike other stump grinding companies, The Tree Stump Removal Company use machines with pneumatic tyres, which are far more surface friendly than those on tracks. This ensures minimal disturbance to lawns and surrounding gardens.12047163_880855938667356_3796041115596276334_n

Stump grinding services will appeal to keen gardeners, as well as landowners, local authorities, tree surgeons, fencing contractors, land management companies, builders and golf courses.

Company owner, Kevin Foskett comments: “Removal of unsightly tree stumps will make mowing easier, create more space in a garden and allow greater flexibility in garden design. Many tree surgeons recommend stump removal to prevent regrowth and to prevent and manage the spread of tree diseases, such as honey fungus”.11949509_868999803186303_7471421201472754651_n
For more information, contact The Tree Stump Removal Company on
01763 448095 or 07599 549363

Free quotes can be given over the telephone and are based on the size and volume of the stump. The company is based in Cambridgeshire and covers the whole of the UK.


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