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FTRE Recruitment asks Have you Applied for a Job and Never Hear Back?

FTRE Recruitment are here to help with this tricky problem.  You apply for jobs, send letters and CVs and sometimes never hear back.  Let’s look at making a few changes in what you do to guarantee a few more interviews….

There is a lot of bad press about applicants saying they never hear back after applying for jobs.  The market is extremely busy with many more applicants applying for jobs than ever before.  FTRE’s top tips are – when you apply for a job ensure:


  • Do my skills match the job I am applying for
  • Have I the qualifications they are asking for
  • Does my CV have spelling errors
  • What makes me stand out
  • Tailor your CV to the post – sometimes you have to put in extra effort to get the results you want
  • Don’t send your CV to the same company for various roles that have no relevance to your skills
  • Call the company/agency to see if they received your CV this will show tenacity
  • Look at your CV objectively and ask if you would want to interview you on the information in your CV

If you’d like to speak to FTRE Recruitment to see how they can help in your job search call Kate on

07766 404589 or visit her website

Are you the ideal person for the job? Make yourself stand out!

Are you the ideal person for the job? Make yourself stand out!

Painting a Path for Success

When the time came for local charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) to redecorate its city centre offices on Cowgate – home to an enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers – it decided to do things a little differently!

“As a charity, all of the decisions we make are informed by our desire to make a real difference to people’s lives,” explains PECT’s CEO Carly Leonard. “Whether it’s through the work of our projects or through the choices we make and the suppliers we work with, PECT endeavours to improve the local environment and the well-being of its communities whenever it can.”

For the redecoration project, the charity opted to use the services of Community Interest Company TTG Training, which formed in 2015. The company offers support to ex-offenders, young people and those seeking an alternative curriculum within Peterborough and surrounding areas by offering a safe, viable and sustainable route into employment.

Steven Burns and Aaron Cook from the TTG Construction Skills workshop at City College, working in the PECT offices as part of the work experience element

Steven Burns and Aaron Cook from the TTG Construction Skills workshop at City College, working in the PECT offices as part of the work experience element

From its Training Centre, TTG offers bespoke programs of trade, employment and life skills, returning responsibility to the individual as they pick up their lives and establish themselves as meaningful participants in the community. Links to industry are strengthened by a live work-based strand in which participants are able to road test their readiness for employment.

“The opportunity to work with PECT has enabled us to expose individuals to the demands of employment in a safe, challenging and credible environment,” explains Charlie Sharpe, Director of TTG Training CIC. “PECT has embraced this concept as part of its refurbishment requirements and TTG are delighted to be party to a joint venture that brings industry, enterprise and delivery together to provide a vehicle for positive social change.”

For more information about the charity’s work, visit or call 01733 568408. Plus find PECT on Facebook by searching ‘Peterborough Environment City Trust’ or on Twitter @SustainableCity.

For further details about TTG Training take a look at, follow the organisation on Twitter @TTGCIC or follow on Facebook at /ttgtrainingCIC.

Thrapston Farmers Market Donates to Local Causes

Thrapston Farmers Market is once again donating to worthy local causes. Unlike any other farmers’ market in this corner of Northamptonshire, Thrapston is run by members of the community rather than the council, and all the proceeds go back into the town.

This year Thrapston Farmers Market is delighted to be supporting worthy local causes which make a difference in the town – Friends of Thrapston Library will receive a regular monthly donation of £50. The library is a great asset to the town centre and open to all. Due to tight budgets the library is in increasing need of financial support outside its government funding and has a target of thousands of pounds to raise each year in order to offer its wide range of services.


A new seating area is planned for High Street this summer and the market will be helping by funding a new themed bench and community noticeboard. It will provide a much needed place to relax and meet others and also tidy up an unloved public space.

The market will also be supporting Thrapston Dreamers, a youth musical theatre group for 5 years and upwards which offers free places for all members. The market will help by covering the monthly rent for Dreamers’ rehearsal space which will help them all towards achieving their potential.
Thrapston Farmers’ Market runs on the first Saturday of each month (except January) and is held from 9am until 1pm along High Street. A wide variety of stalls come along each month, many of which are not found at nearby markets. From sweet and savoury baked pies, biscuits and cakes to cheeses, fresh meat and produce, as well as cider, beer and locally produced wine, you will find plenty to enjoy and treat yourself to. Every product has been grown, produced and made within a 40-50mile radius of Thrapston, but many within only 10 miles.

The market is run by a group of four Thrapston residents and businesswomen, Zoe Boon, Lindsey Burch, Charlotte Croser and Sarah Whiteside. Visit for more information about visiting or joining the market.


Find out more about having a stall at the market
Charlotte Croser
Chair, Thrapston Farmers’ Market
01832 358915

Helping Thrapston Thrive Project

A group town centre businesses have got together to launch a new campaign to help free up parking spaces for customers on High Street. ‘Helping Thrapston Thrive’ was launched last week to every shop, office, estate agent, eatery and salon in the town centre, asking them all to park vehicles away from the convenient spaces on High Street, and instead to use the car parks or walk to work.
Many businesses already do this, but some use up High Street spaces for much of the day and make it difficult and unappealing for shoppers to easily stop. This campaign aims to change parking habits and welcome shoppers by making a visit to Thrapston easier. Look out for this sign in shop windows so you know that that business is doing its bit to help ease the pressure on parking spaces in Thrapston High Street. Help keep Thrapston thriving!’

Helping Thrapston Thrive

Back to Basics with Shortcrust Pastry

Shortcrust pastry may be one of the first and basic cookery lessons we learn, but even though there are few ingredients in it, it can easily go wrong and you can end up with a frustrating pile of pastry in the bin! The key to good pastry is the balance – not too wet so it shrinks and becomes hard & tough then on the other hand not to have it too dry so it ends up falling apart. Once you have cracked it – you will make it again and again. The most common errors that go wrong are;
– Not using the right flour, which should be plain flour. Self-raising will make it tougher and harder.
– Not using cold butter or other fats. Cold butter, cold water & cold hands!
– Over handling/mixing/kneading the pastry which can stretch the gluten in the flour and make it tough and hard. It’s not bread dough!
– Adding too much water which ends in a sticky wet mess and then more flour is added to compensate. Too much water will make it shrink while cooking.
Pastry works best at cooler temperatures with the minimum amount of handling – especially if you have warm hands. For my shortcrust pastry I use just 3 ingredients and I use this for both sweet and savoury dishes. I use slightly more than half fat to flour so for 200g flour I use 125g butter. Here are some of my tips to make delicious homemade shortcrust pastry every time;

• Use plain flour.
• Fat – I use salted butter, but you could use a mix of butter and lard. Whatever you use, use it straight out of the fridge, at its coldest.
• Use cold water to bring it all together.
• Don’t handle the fat too much with your hands as it will start to melt and you want to keep it cold and firm. Cut it into small chunks.
• If you have a food processor, use it to whizz up the flour and butter until the butter is broken up into the flour – about 10 to 15 seconds. If you don’t have a food processor, use your fingertips to lightly break the fat into the flour – don’t overdo it though!
• Continue using the food processor and pour in a little cold water at a time so the pastry starts coming together. Don’t add too much water – you want just enough for it to start coming away from the sides and start forming into one piece, but still be a bit crumbly. If you haven’t got a food processor use your hands or if you have warm hands use a knife to mix it to prevent the fat melting.
• Tip the mixture onto a work surface and gently use your hands to finish off bringing it all together. Don’t overwork it or be too rough with it! It should just come together into a smooth dough without being too dry and crumbly or too wet and sticky.
• Wrap the pastry in cling film and pop it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before using.
• Roll the pastry out on a lightly floured surface and flour the rolling pin – adding too much flour at this stage will incorporate more flour into the pastry which can make it go dry and tough.
• Only roll out the pastry once or twice – anymore than that will make it tough and cause it to shrink as it has been stretched too much.
That’s it! You could add a tablespoon of icing sugar to the flour mix to make it sweet pastry or grate in an orange or lemon zest for a twist. Add a few herbs as a twist for savoury pastry.


Get in Touch

Mobile; 07581 244810
Facebook; DonnaLulu Cooks
Twitter; @DonnaluluThomas

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Two Dine for Ten Pounds!

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Italy comes to Wellingborough

Italian delicacies including pizza, pasta and olives were on sale in Wellingborough on Friday at a special market aimed at attracting more people into the town centre.

The town unveiled its Italian food market, with dozens of authentic stalls selling cured meats, seasonal biscuits, olive oils and vinegars.

The market was organised by the Wellingborough Business Improvement District (BID) – which is paid for by town centre businesses – through the Discover Wellingborough campaign.

John Cable, BID manager, said: “We welcomed a bit of Italy to Wellingborough on Friday to bring a bit of extra flavour to the centre town.Stalls at the Italian market in Wellingborough 1

“The Italian food market presented people with another excuse to visit our great town centre which boasts free parking, independent shops, green spaces and one of the safest town centres in the region.”

The event took place on Friday, April 15 from 9am to 4pm. Food snacks available on the day included hot pork sausage in a ciabatta panino, risotto balls stuffed with various fillings, as well as pizza calzone.

Visitors had the chance to learn more about all the different speciality pastas that Italy has to offer which may not be available in the supermarkets, such as cavatell, fagiolini rigati and gigli.

A competition to win a traditional Italian hamper with over £100 worth of goodies also took place.

Food events are proving to be very popular in Wellingborough, as the Chilli Fiesta, which launched last year, is to return. The hot and spicy festival will take place on Saturday, May 21.

Stalls at the Italian market in Wellingborough 2

Green accreditation scheme for businesses, Investors in the Environment, expands into London and the South East

The green accreditation scheme for businesses, Investors in the Environment (iiE), is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new franchise, which will enable the scheme to continue expanding further into London and the South East.

The new franchise agreement has been signed with the company Gates Green Solutions to offer businesses in this region the opportunity to become iiE members, with personalised support to create more sustainable and smarter businesses of the future.

“We’re delighted that 2016 marks iiE’s expansion into further regions of the UK,” explains iiE HQ’s David Knight. “It’s great to be able to share our vision of setting a recognisable environmental ‘standard’ for businesses of all sizes.”Martin Slocombe and Humprey Lee from Gates Green Solutions Signing with  Carly Leonard from Peterborough Environment City Trust

Launched in 2010 by the environmental charity PECT, iiE has seen unprecented growth over the last few years. The scheme’s vision is to put sustainability at the heart of business practices in order to help businesses save money, implement good working practices, and reduce their impact on the environment in a realistic way that works for them.

It’s not just about saving money off bills, because over 90% of iiE members believe that green thinking and actions actually helps make more money and wins more tenders too. By ultimately putting together a credible Environmental Management System (EMS), the scheme also allows businesses to keep ahead of emerging environmental legislation, involves staff in securing operational efficiencies, and raises corporate profile.

“Gates Green Solutions is really proud to be partnering with iiE to launch the accreditation process throughout London and the South East,” explains Martin Slocombe, Commercial Director at Gates Green Solutions. “At last there is a viable, achievable, affordable environmental accreditation available for any size company.”

“It is a perfect starter platform for smaller companies, a ISO14001 equivalent for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and adds a great benefit for the larger companies including those with ISO14001 too, because it encourages greater staff engagement. Our goals will be to help as many SMEs achieve Green level accreditation as possible this year and support networking opportunities to promote shared best practice and new business.”

For more information and to discover how to sign up as a member, visit the website at or email To contact the new franchise directly, please email

“Get Connected Week” activities. (18th -24th April) in Thrapston Library

This is a county wide initiative to help combat social isolation. All the libraries in the county will be holding different events and activities. Here at Thrapston we have our Wednesday and Thursday children’s sessions, ie Rhymetime and Play & Learn for under 1’s, in which we are asking the parents to reach out to other families and “bring a Friend”.

Also on Wednesday afternoon (1-2) we Have a lady called Jackie Ackroyd with us. Jackie runs the YIP (young inclusive people) and MAC (multi activity club) clubs at the Pemberton centre, where she holds various activities for different groups. She runs children’s disabled cricket sessions, as well as an over 50’s/disabled Boccia sessions (basically wheelchair/sit down indoor bowls) to name but 2!. She will be giving a taster Boccia session here in the library.

On Friday we have a marketplace day, where assorted different organisations will have stands in the library to pass on to the public what they do, and what you can get involved with, either as a volunteer or participate.

And on the Saturday our children’s session will incorporate activities to commemorate Shakespear’s 400 anniversary.

Open Day at Thrapston Bowls Club

THRAPSTON BOWLS CLUB founded in 1908 is situated in Market Road, NN14 4JU.
The club has excellent facilities; both Members and visitors enjoy the bowling green and the Clubhouse.  The Green is open from the end of April through to October each year, so if you are new to the town or surrounding area and have previously played bowls, or would like to learn, please pop in and see them, you will be made most welcome. bowling
The Bowling Club will be holding two Open Day sessions: An evening session, to be held on Friday, 6th May 2016, from 6.30pm and an afternoon session, on Sunday, 15th May 2015, from 2.00pm.
A little more about the Club:
Thrapston Bowling Club have junior through to senior members playing. The Ladies, Men & the Under 25’s have been very successful, both at County and National Championship levels over the years. However, there is no pressure to enter into serious competitions. Members are welcome to use the facilities for the occasional ‘roll up’, which is the term used for a casual game of bowls, to compete in club friendly matches with neighbouring Bowls Clubs or to enter into the County and National Championships, if your level of play achieves the necessary standard for entrance.
Every Friday evening during the season they are open for casual games, these are followed by a barbecue and informal get together. Head over there and join the fun.
Website address:
Email address: