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Planning Applications: 16 June 2016 WEEKLY LIST

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16/01076/LBC (09/07/2016)

(LBRegs) Internal and external alterations, as detailed under the heading “Current Proposals” in the Heritage/Design/Access/Impact and Justification Statement at The Manor House Main Street Apethorpe  PE8 5DL


16/00960/FUL and 16/00961/LBC (09/07/2016) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Renovation and extension of redundant coach house to provide a three bedroomed detached

house with two bay garage at Berkeley House Main Street Lower Benefield


16/00897/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

To create a drop down kerb and crossover to existing hardstanding in front garden at 27 Grafton

Road Brigstock NN14 3EY

16/00967/FUL (09/07/2016)

(LB/CA) New detached dwelling with off road parking at 42 High Street Brigstock NN14 3HA


16/00931/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Two storey side and single storey rear extension at 19 Duchy Close Chelveston NN9 6AW

16/01114/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Proposed new car port and front elevation.  Treatments to main house and dormer cheeks at

Meadowcroft Raunds Road Chelveston NN9 6AB


16/01050/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Single storey extension for 24hr care and associated domestic alterations at 40 Main Road

Collyweston PE9 3PQ

16/01091/FUL and 16/01092/LBC (09/07/2016) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

To replace outside front door with custom built Accoya wood planked cottage door with black iron-

work furniture with midline horizontal letter box at 5 High Street Collyweston


16/01029/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Proposed rear and side kitchen extension at 3 Westfields Easton On The Hill  PE9 3LY

16/01060/VAR (02/07/2016) (Info)

Variation of Conditions 4 and 5 (dropped kerb and crossover) pursuant to Application

13/01784/FUL Three bedroom two storey house in the garden at 52 Westfields dated 23.01.14 at

land adjacent 52 Westfields Easton On The Hill

Higham Ferrers

16/01066/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Single storey dwelling with access at 108 Wharf Road Higham Ferrers  NN10 8BH


15/02198/OUT (09/07/2016)

(Art8) Outline: Demolition of existing football stadium and associated infrastructure and erection of new retail and leisure development including retail (A1), cinema (D2), hotel (C1), restaurants (A3/A5) and new community football facility along with access and parking (All matters reserved except access) (Re-submission of 14/02310/OUT) (see also 15/02199/OUT) (application accompanied by amended Environmental Statement – EIA) at Nene Park Station Road Irthlingborough


16/01073/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Installation of two sprinkler tanks and pump house, two generators, lorry wash, 120,000 fuel tank

and external access stairs in accordance with planning permission 15/01506/AMD and reserved matters at vehicle depot and adjacent land Kettering Road Islip

Kings Cliffe

16/00838/FUL (09/07/2016)

(Art8) Change of use of land and buildings from agriculture to use for the keeping of horses and

construction of canter track at land south of Hall Farm Hall Yard Kings Cliffe

Little Addington

16/01104/FUL (09/07/2016)

(LB/CA) To erect a 3.0 x 3.0m summerhouse situated at the bottom of the garden on a concrete base 150m stone with 100m of concrete at 1 Rose Cottages Chapel Hill Little Addington NN14 4BG


16/01004/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Change of use of existing agricultural barn to children’s play centre and cafe with associated

parking area at Woodbine Farm Oundle Road Lutton  PE8 5ND


16/00966/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Single storey tourism lodge at agricultural building rear of Lilypad Northfield Lane Nassington



16/01018/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Construction of a detached single storey garage and store at Lamorna Glapthorn Road Oundle


16/01025/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Two storey rear and side extension at 98 Glapthorn Road Oundle  PE8 4PS

16/01047/LBC (09/07/2016)


Replacement of previous removed canopy, replacement cellar doors, construction of boundary wall

to West Street, ventilation and repairs to basement at 98 West Street Oundle PE8 4EF

16/01074/FUL and 16/01075/LBC (09/07/2016) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Demolish existing  flat roofed single storey side extension and outhouse, construct two storey side extension (with ground floor kitchen accessed as existing and first floor bathroom accessed through gable from master bedroom at first floor level extension) at 4 Mill Road Oundle

16/01098/LBC (09/07/2016)

(LBRegs) Internal refurbishment works including the removal of a staircase and creation of new flooring, removal and erection of internal walls and glazed partitions, exposing previously covered over fire places, additional acoustic wall linings and renewing female and male WCs. Upgrade of lighting internally and structural repair work to be carried out to an external lintel at The Gascoigne

Building 3 North Street Oundle  PE8 4AL


16/01119/REM (09/07/2016)

(Art8) Construction of accessible parking spaces for visitors to the open space area pursuant to planning permission 15/01051/VAR dated 13.8.15  -Variation of condition 13 – to increase floorspace limits –  pursuant to planning permission 11/00700/OUT Outline: Demolition of existing buildings, development of employment park including A3/4/5, B1b and c, B8, C1, D1 and D2 uses together with access, parking areas and open space (all matters reserved except for access) at Phase 2 Warth Park Way Raunds


16/00701/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Single storey side extension at 43 St Margarets Avenue Rushden  NN10 9YQ

16/00968/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Residential Development – Five  two-bedroom dwellings and  one one -bedroom dwelling

including change of use from commercial to residential at 206 Wellingborough Road Rushden

16/01034/VAR (02/07/2016) (Info)

Variation of condition 2  to allow  increase of footprint and height, and alterations to appearance

and siting of building pursuant to planning permission13/01468/FUL dated 27.8.13 New garage

with MOT facility including remodelling redundant parking area at Plot 16 and car park Sanders Lodge Industrial Estate Rushden

16/01045/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Extend the rear of the property for a new kitchen/diner on the ground floor, replacing existing conservatory.  Overall dimensions 6.8m x 4m. Extension of bedrooms on first floor. To build attached garage to replace existing car port with the addition of 1m forward of the house to replace existing porch at 322 Newton Road Rushden  NN10 0SY


16/01046/VAR (09/07/2016) (LB/CA) Variation of condition 12 – plans – pursuant to application 15/01801/FUL – Demolition and redevelopment of site to form residential scheme with 9 no. two bedroom units and car parking at former garage High Street South Rushden

16/01048/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Two storey side extension at 10 Lavender Way Rushden  NN10 0NQ

16/01049/VAR (09/07/2016)

(LB/CA) Variation of condition 3 to allow Saturday and Sunday opening pursuant to application

15/01216/FUL – Change of use from meeting room (D1) to cafe (A3) at 15 – 21 Church Street

Rushden  NN10 9YU

16/01051/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Construction of crazy golf facility for temporary period of two years from occupation together with

cafe extension and additional toilet facilities at Rushden Golf Range 135 Bedford Road Rushden

NN10 0SA

16/01068/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Garage conversion at 59 Clover Drive Rushden  NN10 0UE

16/01072/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Retrospective planning for detached garage at 193 St Margarets Avenue Rushden

16/01086/VAR (02/07/2016) (Info)

Variation of Condition 2 to allow for the installation of a mezzanine to the rear of the unit pursuant

to application 16/00452/FUL: Change of use from B8 warehouse to A1 retail dated 06.05.16 at

Unit 6 Brindley Close Rushden  NN10 6EN

16/01087/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Proposed conversion of ground floor commercial space into six flats at 216 Wellingborough Road

Rushden  NN10 9SX

16/01094/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Proposed rear extension including extension to existing conservatory, conversion of existing garage and raised decking area at 12 St Marys Avenue Rushden  NN10 9EP



16/00944/FUL (02/07/2016)

(Info) Erection of detached garage with playroom/study over at 6 Marks Close Stanwick NN9 6UB

16/01023/OUT (02/07/2016) (Info)

One bedroom dwelling at 2 Needham Road Stanwick NN9 6QU

16/01100/FUL (02/07/2016) (Info)

Single storey extension to rear of property to extend kitchen along full width of the house. Two new

doors will be added to the house at 4 High Street Stanwick  NN9 6QA


16/00863/LBC (09/07/2016)

(LBRegs) Installation of new wood burner and flue at Brewery Cottage Main Street Sudborough NN14 3BX


16/01096/OUT (09/07/2016)

(Art8) Construction of a two storey detached dwelling house at Lornel Main Street Tansor  PE8 5HS


16/00865/FUL (09/07/2016)

(LB/CA) Single and two storey rear extension and loft conversion to main house with single storey extension to rear of garage at The Brambles Main Street Thurning  PE8 5RB


16/00917/FUL (09/07/2016)


Conversion of outbuilding to form artist’s studio and store at 6 High Street Titchmarsh NN14 3DF


16/00964/FUL (09/07/2016)

(LB/CA) Demolition of existing front and rear extensions. Replacement of existing roof including replacement of existing cement asbestos roof tiles with new slate. Installation of two rear roof lights. Demolition of existing side attached stone sheds and erection of singe storey side extension at Oakdene, Twywell, . at Oakdene Lower Street Twywell



16/01063/FUL (09/07/2016)

(LB/CA) Partial raising of main roof, raising of side wing roof, moving of front door and construction of oak framed porch to rear at Willowbrook Barn Pound Lane Woodnewton

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