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Planning Applications: 23 June 2016 WEEKLY LIST

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16/01011/FUL (23/07/2016)


Construction of 4 space single storey garage, and creation of opening in curtilage listed garden

wall. at Honeybee Cottage 8 The Green Ashton PE8 5LD


16/01012/LBC (23/07/2016)


Construction of 4 space single storey garage , rebuilding of northwest section of curtilage listed garden wall and creation of opening in it for access. at Honeybee Cottage 8 The Green Ashton PE8 5LD


16/01055/PDU (16/07/2016) (Info)

Change of use of an Agricultural storage building  to provide a dwellinghouse (C3) (prior

notification under Class Q) at Hovells Barn Ashton Wold Ashton


16/01147/LBC (23/07/2016)


Reinstate ground floor bathroom with new doorway; replace side storeroom door with false door;

open up fireplace in sitting room and install woodburner/open fire; open up chimney breast in

kitchen; replace front and rear doors; remove first floor bathroom; creation of new toilet within third

bedroom via new doorway at Hawthorn Cottage 30 The Green Ashton


15/00119/VAR (23/07/2016)


Variation of condition 4 to substitute approved Development Framework Plan (ref. BBD001/DFD/01 Rev C) with drawing ref. BBD036-005 Rev T pursuant to application 04/01326/OUT: ‘Mixed use:

Urban extension to Corby, including residential (up to 5,100 units), Employment (up to 14ha, 1

District Centre, 2 neighbourhood centres, Schools (1 Secondary, 3 Primary), Hotel, Formal and

Informal Open Space, together with changes to the operating regime at Rockingham Motor

Speedway, at Priors Hall Site, Kirkby Lane, Deene, Corby, ‘ dated 10.02.2012 – Amended plan and Environmental Statement received at Priors Hall Site Kirby Lane Deene Corby


16/01144/FUL (23/07/2016)


Erection of den in rear garden at Melton Cottage Main Street Glapthorn PE8 5BE

Higham Ferrers

16/01171/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

Two storey side dormer extension. at 1A Roland Way Higham Ferrers

NN10 8EQ


16/01130/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

Creation of new back door to north elevation at 31 Gulliver Road Irthlingborough NN9 5GR


16/01220/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

To install external wall insulation to all external elevations. at 36 – 38 Welford Avenue Irthlingborough


16/00662/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

External wall insulation at 94 Allen Road Irthlingborough  NN9


16/01015/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

Change of use to garden land; removal of hedge and erection of 1.8m close boarded fence at 79

Gulliver Road Irthlingborough  NN9 5GR


16/01131/FUL (23/07/2016)


To replace lead stolen from the south aisle roof with stainless steel. at All Saints Church Bulwick

Road Laxton NN17 3AX


16/01008/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

Widening of existing garage door opening at 2 Prebendal Close Nassington PE8


16/01080/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

Conversion of existing double garage to teenage/family room with toilet. Double garage doors will be replaced with oak framed half height windows and a door. at 10 Church Street Nassington PE8 6QG



16/01090/FUL (23/07/2016)


Construction of new athletics track and pavilion on existing playing fields and rough grassland at

Playing Field Pavilion Drive Oundle


16/01101/FUL (23/07/2016)


Alterations to existing boundary railings, removal of existing post and chain link rail to be replaced

with new low random stone wall constructed from locally sourced stone to match adjacent walls

with oak timber post and chain link railing over at 98 West Street Oundle


16/01105/FUL (23/07/2016)


Single storey side extension – ridge height from ground level 4.95m at 31 Spurlings Oundle



16/01139/FUL (23/07/2016)


Single storey side extension to create television filming studios. at 4 The Old Quarry Nene Valley

Business Park Oundle PE8 4HN


16/01163/FUL (16/07/2016)


First floor extension over the existing garage at 10 Creed Road Oundle PE8


16/01184/FUL (23/07/2016)


Addition of windows and roof lights into existing residential annex at 81 West Street Oundle PE8 4EJ



16/00864/VAR (23/07/2016)


Variation of Condition 1:To increase number of dwellings by one plot, revised layout and

elevations with revised house type to Plots 223 and 224 following Application 14/00871 VAR.(

pursuant to planning consent 07/02238/OUT and 13/01604/REM: Residential development for up to 460 dwellings ). at Darsdale Farm Site Chelveston Road Raunds NN9 6DA


16/00955/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

Change of use of building from pet grooming parlour to tattoo studio at The Snooks West Street

Raunds NN9 6HR


16/01132/FUL (16/07/2016) (Info)

Erection of two storey side extension, front porch, removal of leylandii hedging and erection of

1.8metre high fencing to part of front and side 53 Fairoaks Drive Raunds NN9 6HJ


16/01149/VAR %

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