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Would you Love a Job in Fashion and would like Extra Cash?

Working with fashion company Captain Tortue is a fantastic way or earning anything from ‘a little extra holiday cash’ to a full time income.  Want to find out more?10419540_1073421572724485_4570610666668031628_n

We all know how chic and fashionable French ladies look, and Captain Tortue is from France, described as a French Boden on social media sites, it lives up to its reputation of good quality, innovative fashion for women and girls.

Captain Tortue launched in the UK a number of years ago but presently few people know the name.  It’s a fabulous time to join the company, as the market isn’t saturated with Captain Tortue consultants so you can grow your business within your area as quickly as you would like.

Captain Tortue launch two seasons of clothes per year, in their four collections (aimed at women and girls, with coordinating clothing for mum and daughter) – their consultants take them into peoples homes to sell from the rail and take orders from the catalogue or attend fetes and suchlike to grow their business.   13307346_1115308118535830_7740866395549658847_n

Can you imagine a job where you can go to friends houses, show them fashionable clothes and earn money from having a great time?

It’s a wonderful opportunity for any woman – maybe mums who want to fit in work around school hours, perhaps retirees who want to earn a little holiday cash, or perhaps you want to leave your job and work for yourself full-time?

In the month of June there is a special ‘sign up deal’ which costs £150.  13094195_1098720623527913_6148448445133689340_n

For this you will get a branded bag to store and transport your collection, catalogues, order forms, access to the Facebook group, full training plus 5 items of clothing to start you off….. but there is more…. in August, when the new season begins, you will receive a further 18 NEW items at no added cost!!  All these clothes will have a value of around £1200!  We love the fact you can wear them so you are marketing your business everywhere you go!

If that was not enough, if you want even more clothes for your rail (or to wear yourself) you can buy them at 50% staff discount.12987049_1087340281332614_313643507109372033_n

You’ll get full training in how to start selling and when you do you can earn from 20% – 35% in commission.11811313_956581367741840_6925934634831891557_n

There are no targets to hit, no pressure just great fun to be had selling beautiful clothes and using your 50% staff discount too.  Plus there are the usual incentives along the way – prizes, holidays to win etc if you are motivated that way.

Typically showing clothes to family and friends and spending around 3-5 hours per week could earn you around £150-£400 per month, but if you want to spend more time on your business, and we’re sure you will. Spend more than 12 hours a week on your business and you could earn over £1000 a month – we’re sure you’ll want to spend time doing what you love.

If you want to know more about Captain Tortue, earn money from fashion and join my team you can email or call me on 07799 627789 for a no obligation chat.




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