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Train Your Brain for Success – An instruction manual for your mind!

CallieEvery month local hypnotherapist Caroline Prout will help us to get the very best out of our amazing brains!

Have you ever bought a gadget and not read the instruction manual, fumbling about trying to make it work and knowing you aren’t really getting the best out of it? That’s how we’re using our brains! We use as little as 10% of it’s full capacity and it’s my mission to improve that.  Over the next 12 months I’ll be taking you through your own instruction manual for your brain so that you can be less stressed and anxious and be more motivated and productive – the very best version of you!”


Can We Really Re-train Our Brains?


“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” This old proverb must have been said millions of times over the years but is it really true?  Is the notion that we can’t change our ways or learn new skills out dated?


Less than 50 years ago scientists thought that by the time we hit our late teens our brains had become hard wired. But modern science and technology has given us new insight which puts a whole new light on the subject.  With the wonders of modern medical scanners we have discovered that our brains are constantly re-wiring themselves, something scientists refer to as neuroplasticity – our brain’s ability to change and reorganize itself by forming new connections between brain cells. So not so hard wired after all!


Fascinating stuff for the scientists to discover but what does that mean for us on a daily basis?  Are we able to influence how that re-wiring happens? Can we start to train our brain just like we train our bodies?


Absolutely!  Think of our amazing brains as being like a computer.  We can constantly update them to be better and faster, we can create new programmes to make tasks more efficient and accurate and we can delete old data and progammes that are no longer relevant.


That’s exactly what goes on in our brains, that’s what scientists mean by neuroplasticity.  But, just like a computer, this stuff doesn’t happen all by itself. Someone needs to be giving the instructions!  And that someone is you!


You see, our brains are designed to act on what we predict will happen next.


So, lets say we head off to a meeting at work expecting it to be a nightmare; we don’t think our boss likes us; we’re not entirely sure we’re good enough to be doing this job anyway and we’re dreading being found out.  Based on this information our brain goes in to it’s threat response. It starts scanning all the millions of pieces of information thrown at it every second to back up our assessment of this threatening situation ignoring all the other bits of information that might tell us otherwise.  It also starts looking back through all our past experiences to see what we have done in the past that could help keep us safe.  We know if we’re in a threatening situation it’s probably best not to make eye contact and to stay as quiet and as small as we can so that we aren’t drawing attention to ourselves – a strategy that’s likely to keep us safe.  It’s also a strategy that will come across to other people in the room as unfriendly and lacking in confidence.  So they start treating us accordingly and our prediction of a nightmare meeting comes true!


So let’s start that meeting again shall we? Only this time we’re looking forward to the meeting as it’s our opportunity to prove our abilities and get noticed as we’re hoping for a pay rise.  Our brain will look back through our past experiences and see what we have done in the past that could help us here.  We might remember a programme we watched about body language and subconsciously start to hold ourselves more upright so we look more confident; we remember those confident friends we so wish we could be like and identify what they do differently, so we might make eye contact and smile at everyone as we enter the room; we might make an effort to make small talk to build relationships so people remember us. Your brain will also start scanning looking for opportunities, so when someone mentions a bit of work they are struggling with you might step in and offer to help so that you can showcase your skills.


It’s the same meeting but a completely different outcome.  Our brain re-wires itself to help us achieve what we are expecting.  So changing our expectations is one way we can influence the wiring in our brain. That is neuroplasticity in action!  And if we want to fix that wiring in place the key is in repetition. The more we repeat an action the stronger that wiring will get.


So yes, we can teach old dogs new tricks! Yes we can re-train our brain.  But the key lies in giving the right instructions to your brain, taking charge of setting the expectations of what we want to happen helps your brain to filter out the relevant information and re-wire itself accordingly.


But it takes practice to master any new skill, particularly re-training your brain, and this is where hypnotherapy comes in, helping you understand how to work with your brain to achieve the results you want and fast forwarding the re-wiring process so you get their quicker.

advert inspired

Caroline is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing from her therapy room in rural Northamptonshire near Thrapston within easy reach of Kettering, Huntingdon, Northampton and Bedford. She works using a Solution Focused approach which eliminates stress and anxiety creating positive outcomes without any need to dwell in the past.


To find out more about how hypnotherapy could help you achieve your goals contact Caroline on 07729 801 247 and book in for a FREE initial consultation.


Government Urged to rethink Tresham College Closure

Wellingborough’s business community is calling on the Government to reverse the “catastrophic decision” not to invest in the town’s further education.


The president of Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce Rob Hart has penned a hard-hitting letter to the Secretary of State for Education urging her to overturn the decision to abandon the redevelopment of the town’s Tresham College campus.


Writing to Justine Greening, MP, Mr Hart said: “At a time when Wellingborough is to embark upon one of its most ambitious expansion proposals for decades the Chamber of Commerce regards this a catastrophic decision for the town and for the future skills and development of the young people of Wellingborough.”


This comes on the back of an announcement made at the beginning of February that confirmed Bedford College would take over the running of Tresham College, which includes the Wellingborough Campus that was earmarked for demolition in December.


If the decision cannot be reversed Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce is calling on the government to consider three ways to secure the future of education in the town:


  1. To consider ways to invest the £4.9m Local Growth Fund to enable the location of a satellite hub of a Further Education College or an Institute of Technology in the town.
  2. How the capacity and choice of vocational education across the town’s existing secondary schools could be enhanced with the possibility of providing a shared 6th form to offer a vocational curriculum.
  3. As a last resort, investigate the provision of a dedicated travel arrangement or subsidised public transport to allow young people to continue their education in other nearby towns.


The Chamber of Commerce is seeking to work with Wellingborough Council, Peter Bone MP for Wellingborough and Rushden, and the interim administration team at Tresham College and now Bedford College to find solutions to these issues.

Rob Hart

Rob Hart

Mr Hart added: “Should this go ahead, and by all indications it seems the decision has already been made, the Chamber believes this will be a non-reversible loss to the town. The likelihood of tertiary education being brought back to Wellingborough in the short to medium term (or even long term), in our opinion, is very low.


“We are also very concerned with problems that Wrenn School has within the town requiring another Academy to take over this failing school and whether this and the situation at Tresham will act as a contagion in education within Wellingborough.”


The Chamber fear that unless something is done young people will be disadvantaged due to the fact they will have to pay for transport to other towns and this may dissuade a significant portion of young people from continuing their education.


They are concerned that the educational links to local businesses and the ability of them to work with Tresham to develop tailored courses for their needs and future requirements, along with developing apprenticeship schemes, will be lost.


Members also believe that the lack of a Further Education College in the town will reduce the attractiveness of Wellingborough as a place for investment.


Mr Hart added: “It is the case that towns or cities of a certain size looking to expand and appeal to a range of different investments for town centre uses normally have a college or university.


“Without Tresham Wellingborough will struggle to create the type of investment opportunity that will be attractive to businesses and facilities which could benefit the whole community.


“Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce is therefore very concerned that Tresham’s decision and ultimately the Department of Education’s not to invest in a new campus for Wellingborough will be an irreversible position.”




Northants VA through to Shortlist of National Awards

Northamptonshire-based virtual assistant (VA) Ruth Dyer has been shortlisted for a national award, despite only having been in business since June last year.


Ruth’s business, RDVA Virtual Assistant, has been announced in the shortlist for the ‘UK Best Newcomer VA 2017’ category of the UK VA Awards 2017. She is one of only six shortlisted for the award from across the UK.


Those shortlisted will go through to the next stage, which will see the ‘UK Best Newcomer VA 2017’ finalists announced by Thursday 23rd February. Finalists will go through to a grand final which forms part of the UK VA Conference. This takes place on Thursday 2nd March at Olympia London.

Ruth said: “Initially I was unsure whether or not to even enter these awards as my business is still less than a year old. However, after being encouraged by others, I decided to take the jump and am so glad I did!


“Being selected as one of only six other VAs across the whole UK makes me enormously proud and I have already started to receive new enquiries as a result of being shortlisted for these awards. Right now I couldn’t be happier!”

RDVA VA Awards 2017_Ruth Dyer_r

To find out more about the UK VA Awards 2017, go to For further information on RDVA Virtual Assistant, call 01933 754412, email or visit

‘Outsourcing for Business Growth’ Drop-in Session comes to Corby

Corby business owners are being invited to a free ‘drop-in’ session which explores the ways outsourcing key office services can grow a business.

Lucy Walsh (left) and Debi Noone (right)

Lucy Walsh (left) and Debi Noone (right)

The session, which takes place at Corby Enterprise Centre on Thursday 9th March between 11am and 2pm, will show how outsourcing essential functions such as administration, health and safety, bookkeeping, policy writing and HR can give a company time back to re-invest into the business and make it grow.


During the drop-in session, Debi Noone of Outsourced Virtual Office and Lucy Walsh of Crystal Clear Compliance will be on hand to answer any questions put to them.


Debi said of the event: “Most owners of micro and small to medium businesses are doing everything on their own because they think that is just what happens when you run your own business.

“The purpose of this session is to let them know that it doesn’t have to be that way. We have a team of specialists who are experts across a wide range of business disciplines and would be more than happy to pick up your bookkeeping, administration, training, HR, health and safety and much more and provide a superior service. During this session, we can answer any questions and put to bed any reservations business owners may have about outsourcing, pointing them in the right direction to get that support.”

Lucy adds: “As well as giving businesses the knowledge and the power to operate as time efficiently as they can, we can also help companies to create a safe working environment and ensure they are complying with current legislation through the outsourcing of health and safety duties, audits and policy writing. Often these can be viewed as a headache or there is a fear attached to this side of business as owners don’t want to leave themselves open to legal action or workplace accidents by not fully understanding what they need to do and how they should do it. Our drop-in session could really help with this.”

For more information on the ‘Outsourcing for business growth’ drop-in session, call Debi on 01536 428528 or Lucy on 07748 860076 or email /


East Northants Funding Fair News

East Northamptonshire Council is holding a FREE information day about the sorts of funding streams available to community groups,  at East Northamptonshire House in Thrapston on Thursday April 27th, 2017.


The Day will be run in two halves. Entrance to both is entirely free:

  • 10am – 12 noon: presentations from Funders, giving “hints and tips” as to how best to apply for their grants. This is a sit down event, so places are limited and will need to be booked. Please try to send only one or two representatives, to make space for all.
  • 1pm – 3pm: a Funders’ Fair, where community groups can drop in any time to talk to funders and find out who could help with their projects. No booking needed. No limitation on numbers.

Both sessions will run entirely independently, so come for as much, or as little, as you like.


Please note that lunch will not be provided, but there are cafes in Thrapston centre, which is a 10 minute walk away, or just across the car park at the Nene Centre.


A wide range of funders will be attending the event, including The Northamptonshire Community Foundation; The Mick George Community Fund; Northamptonshire Sport; Tesco’s Bags of Help; Charity Bank; Peterborough Diocese Historic Support and of course, the Council’s own grant programmes. Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and Northamptonshire ACRE will also be present to give advice.


If you would like to book a place for the morning event, please send me an email or give me a call to let me know. The afternoon session is a drop in event, so no booking is needed.


Cash for Community Groups

Are you a local group needing money for a community project – running activities for a club; restoring a village pond or play area; improving facilities at your village hall, for example?


Well look no further! Funds are available from a variety of sources for groups requiring, £500, £5,000 or even £50,000 through grant-giving bodies operating locally.


East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) is holding a free information day about the sorts of funding streams available to community groups on Thursday 27 April.


The day, held at East Northamptonshire House in Thrapston, will be run in two halves. Entrance to both is entirely free:

  • 10am – noon: presentations from funders, giving ‘hints and tips’ as to how best to apply for their grants. This is a sit down event, so places are limited and will need to be booked. Please try to send only one or two representatives, to make space for all.
  • 1pm – 3pm: a Funders’ Fair, where community groups can drop in any time to talk to funders and find out who could help with their projects. No booking needed.

Both sessions will run entirely independently, so come for as much, or as little, as you like.


Su Davies, External Funding Manager at ENC, will be present on the day to give funding advice to groups and signpost them to funders who can help their projects.


Su said: “The event will give community groups the chance to speak directly to funders, outline their projects and find out immediately whether they’d be eligible for funding support. This can save a lot of time when preparing a bid.”


A wide range of funders will be attending the event, including The Northamptonshire Community Foundation; The Mick George Community Fund; Northamptonshire Sport; Tesco’s Bags of Help; Charity Bank; Peterborough Diocese Historic Support and of course, the Council’s own grant programmes. Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and Northamptonshire ACRE will also be present to give advice.


If you are a not-for-profit body with a constitution and a bank account, you have a good chance of finding a funder who could help you!


To find out more about the day and/or to book a place for the morning session please contact Su Davies on 01832 742191 or

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant company, Admin and More tell us why your company might need to hire a VA.

Admin and More are your local virtual assistant company, who can help not only businesses with their admin tasks (and more!) but also individuals who, for whatever reason, need a hand booking their holiday, sorting out their laptop files, organising a hard drive full of photos etc…

virtual assistant

Admin and More‘s main work, of course, is to help businesses large and small with their tasks.  So why would a business outsource to a virtual assistant?

  1. You are short staffed at work and need a new person on board.  Well, it can take an age to find the right person to join your team, advertising the post, interviewing, training – this all takes time and money too.  The right virtual assistant can slot in at a moments notice, they often have the right skills already so don’t even need to be trained.
  2. To get a new employee on board costs more than the salary they earn.  Can your company afford a new person?  You have to pay them, plus their N.I. contributions, pension and more.  A virtual assistant will only charge you for the actual hours they work, at the agreed rate.
  3. If the company has a little downturn you can’t just hire and fire at will, so you need to keep paying your staff even if the order book is looking lean.  If you outsource certain tasks to your virtual assistant, they can be put on hold until your cash flow improves.
  4. Space!  Do you have room for a new employee?  Your virtual assistant will work from their own office and so you don’t have to buy new office furniture, find space in the office etc.

There are lots more reasons a company should use a virtual assistant, this is just a taster.

What can Admin and More do for you?

Admin and More – based in East Northants can slot into your company swiftly and professionally, they can take care of these sort of tasks (and more);

  1. Minute Taking – how often do you lose track of what you were hearing in a meeting because you are too busy trying to take notes.  Let Admin and More sit quietly taking the minutes and then type up copies for all the attendees, confidentiality is guaranteed of course.
  2. Diary Manangement – never double book your time again, have your own PA on hand to tell you where you should be.
  3. Credit Control – Do you love your business and enjoy doing your ‘day job’ but really hate sitting down and producing all the invoices?  Admin and More can do your invoice run for you, what’s more, they can chase late invoices so you get paid where you should.
  4. Database Entry – Are you sitting on a huge amount of useful data that you’ve gathered over the years?  Admin and More LOVE to put this into order, crunch the numbers and give you a database, that is qualified, up to date and useful!
  5. Social Media – If you’re afraid of Facebook or go into a hot sweat if someone says you should be in Pinterest, Admin and More will set up and run one or more of your socal media platforms, posting as you so clients see what you do.  Admin and More inject personality into your social media making you a business that customers want to deal with.
  6. Admin and More….. There are so many tasks that a company, sole trader or individual can outsource they are too numerous to list.  Why not give Admin and More a call to see how they can help your business grow?

Make 2017 your business year, the year you hit each and every target you set – and for that you’ll need a great team – Admin and More are the ideal ‘bolt on’ to your business, they are your great team just waiting to meet you!

admin 125

Admin and More

Call Elizabeth Wright or Chris Pinches on 01933 428151

Facebook – Admin and More

Website – Admin and More


Tom Pursglove MP visits Rushden Lakes

Rushden Lakes gained a visit this week from Tom Pursglove, MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire.

In his newsletter he reports … “Yesterday afternoon, I made a visit to Nene Wetlands at Rushden Lakes. It was interesting to hear about The Crown Estate and the Wildlife Trust’s plans for this site and the role they will be playing in protecting what is an important wildlife area next to this flagship retail scheme, and also engaging visitors with the birds and animals in this habitat.  During the visit, I had a tour of the development and the surrounding natural areas, and was able to see for myself how the new retail scheme is being planned and delivered to cause the least disruption possible to the local wildlife.

Rushden Lakes visit

On a related note, this week, I received communication from East Northamptonshire Council, announcing that councillors on the Planning Management Committee have unanimously approved an amended application for Rushden Lakes. Revised plans for the new retail and leisure site include two further cinema screens – bringing the total to 14 – three more restaurants, three more retail units, an indoor trampoline facility and a climbing wall. Councillors also approved an extra 461 parking spaces.


This is great news for the area, bringing over a thousand extra jobs, as well as enhancing the retail and leisure offer on site. Following the approval, and owing to the scale of the proposal, I understand it will now be referred to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt. Hon Sajid Javid MP, to consider whether to ‘call in’ the application.  Of course, I will be strongly urging him not to, although if he did, this would not affect the intended summer opening of the initial phase of the development.
During my visit, I have to say that I was stunned by the progress that is being made in bringing Rushden Lakes to life – I was excited about it before I went, but now I really can’t wait to see it open; an absolute transformation of this brownfield site, with the added advantage of enhancing the local natural environment!


Athené – What to Expect when you Come for a Massage

There are a lot of myths and negative connotations around massage treatments which can prevent some people from accessing a treatment that is beneficial on so many levels. Massage has come a long way from when it was used just for relaxation. It is now a widely used alternative therapy to treat a variety of symptoms.

There are many different types of massage the most well-known are probably the Swedish massage and Aromatherapy massage.slide-2

Is massage good for you?

Absolutely!  Almost everyone can benefit from the therapeutic effects of massage.

What are those effects?

Massage helps relax and stretch your muscles. Touch releases endorphins which promotes a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. This can help promote better sleep patterns.

Massage can also aid in relieving muscular tension particularly neck, shoulder and back pain. Thus increasing flexibility and mobility of any affected joints.

Massage helps stimulate the circulation. Massage strokes are directed towards the heart and the heart pumps oxygenated blood around the body to all the tissues and organs.

What to expect when you come for a massage treatment at Athené.

You will be greeted with a smile and taken up to our reception area where you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. There are some conditions where massage is either contraindicated or may need to be modified, for example – recent surgery.athene 125

Your therapist will discuss with you your expectations from the treatment.

You will be shown into the treatment room and left to undress down to your underwear. You will be asked to lie on a treatment table and there are plenty of towels to cover yourself up to maintain your modesty.

The lights are generally dim or there may be candles and oil burners as this helps promote a calming environment which will enhance the effects of the treatment.

The therapist will only expose the limb she is working on and will maintain your modesty and dignity at all times.

On completion of the treatment you will be encouraged to drink plenty of water to help flush toxins from the body and to rest.

Keen to know more? Check out the Athene website

The Athene team look forward to seeing you soon.


Get in Touch

Athene Spa

Tel: 07740 354465


Facebook: Arbonne at Athene

Planning Applications: 15 February 2017 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website and search for the application number.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


17/00224/FUL and 17/00225/LBC (18/03/2017)(LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Alterations to two outbuildings at Green Farm 21 The Green Ashton PE8 5LD


17/00227/FUL and 17/00228/LBC (18/03/2017)(LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Conversion of garage to form annexe accommodation at Green Farm 21 The Green Ashton



17/00147/LBC (18/03/2017)


Removal of old pointing to front (east) elevation and side (gable end, south elevation) and re-

pointing with lime based mortar. Renewing pointing where existing mortar has perished at 16 Park

Walk Brigstock  NN14 3HH


17/00175/FUL (18/03/2017)


Single storey side extension and replacement windows at 9 Sudborough Road Brigstock

NN14 3HP


17/00235/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Erection of four bedroom detached family house with double garage and associated site works at

Land Adjacent 3 Freemans Lane Denford


17/00271/VAR (18/03/2017)


Variation of Condition pursuant to  16/00759/FUL. Date of Decision: 28/06/2016 Condition 13

Plans at Hill House Chapel Lane Denford  NN14 4EA

Duddington With Fineshade

17/00291/LBC (18/03/2017)


Removal of bay window and construction of single storey extension. at Home Farm High Street Duddington  PE9 3QE


17/00129/FUL (18/03/2017)


Conversion of outbuilding into habitable accommodation, variation to extant planning approval EN/10/01482FUL

at 17 High Street Easton On The Hill  PE9 3LN


17/00193/FUL (18/03/2017)


To replace sash windows on first floor, rear elevation with double glazed timber, casement

windows at Walnut Tree Farmhouse Church Street Easton On The Hill  PE9 3LL

Higham Ferrers

17/00229/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Two storey side extension and internal alterations at 5 Byron Crescent Higham Ferrers

NN10 8DG


17/00250/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Single storey extension to existing end of terrace two storey dwelling at 62 Linden Avenue Higham

Ferrers  NN10 8EU


17/00253/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

First Floor Bedroom extension at 10 Stanwick Road Higham Ferrers  NN10 8LE

Lowick And Slipton

17/00204/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Retention of temporary mobile home for agricultural occupancy for a further three years

(retrospective) at Mobile Home Vanish Point Farm Slipton Lane Slipton  NN14


17/00255/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Addition of Clock Tower feature to existing Stable Block (Retrospective) at Ashtree Cottage

Luddington In The Brook PE8 5QU


17/00256/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Single Storey Rear Extension (Retrospective) at Ashtree Cottage Luddington In The Brook PE8 5QU


17/00287/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Alterations to the main house with an extension at first floor level (over existing ground floor

extension) and a single storey garden room extension to form a new entrance area. at New

Sulehay Lodge Apethorpe Road Nassington  PE8 6QT


16/02185/REM (18/03/2017) (Art8) (LB/CA)

Reserved Matters proposal  for access, layout, scale, appearance, and landscaping pursuant to

outline planning permission 14/00875/OUT for the demolition of existing swimming pool building

and the erection of a new sports centre (to include 50m swimming pool, sports hall and associated

facilities), a new internal access road to allow coaches for the sports centre and cricket pavilion to enter via Milton Road and exit onto Pavilion Drive, alterations to the Milton Road access, together

with external works comprising of the  provision of 6 new netball courts and retention of 6 existing

netball/tennis courts, car parking,  5 on-site coach parking bays, cycle parking, together with other

hard and soft landscaping and other associated infrastructure works. at Sports Hall Milton Road


17/00197/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Attached garage to side elevation at 53 Gordon Road Oundle  PE8 4LD


17/00243/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Two storey rear extension and internal alterations at 53 Benefield Road Oundle  PE8 4EU


17/00283/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Proposed addition of first floor study to existing detached garage at 28 Clifton Drive Oundle



17/00284/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Proposed new dormer windows, porch and roof lights. at 28 Clifton Drive Oundle PE8 4EP


17/00298/LBC (18/03/2017)


To take out centre section of kitchen window and walling below and replace with door. at 69

Benefield Road Oundle  PE8 4EU


17/00260/VAR (11/03/2017) (Info)

Variation to existing applicaton to reinstate timber double garage to front of property – 14/00837/FUL dated 17.10.14 -Erection of 1.5 storey dwelling following the demolition of existing

garage at Orchard View Kings Arms Lane Polebrook


17/00176/LBC (18/03/2017)


Repairs to structural cracking in stone wall at 38 Grove Street Raunds  NN9 6DS


17/00222/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

First floor extension above existing garage and kitchen at Temperance Hall 12 Marshalls Road Raunds NN9 6ET


17/00157/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Conservatory to side of the dwelling at 18 Carlow Road Ringstead


17/00112/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Installation of two Cabrio roof lights to rear elevation and dormer window to side/front elevation at

316A Newton Road Rushden  NN10 0SY


17/00203/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Change of  use from  offices (B1)  to mixed use  (Sui Generis)   sports therapy, holistic therapy,

beauty therapy and counselling

at 67 Wellingborough Road Rushden  NN10


17/00233/ADV (11/03/2017) (Info)

1x powder tray sign in Costa red at the east elevation.

1x powder tray sign in Costa red at the south elevation.

1x powder tray sign in Costa red at the west elevation.

1x double sided height barrier.

2x key seller menu signs.

1x triple menu sign.

1x 8m pole sign at Drive Thru Southwalk Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FH


17/00212/FUL (18/03/2017)


Conversion of internal garage to habitable rooms including the addition of a open porch and

construction of attached double garage. at Green Valley Main Street Southwick


17/00221/LBC (18/03/2017)

(LB/CA) (LBRegs)

To repair the three front elevations of roof and restore it to full working order by removing all collyweston slates, repairing them, installing insulation to the roof cavity and relaying the repaired slates

at Sudborough Manor Main Street Sudborough NN14


17/00281/LBC (18/03/2017)

(LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Addition of rear porch at Manor Farmhouse Newton Lane Sudborough  NN14 3BF


17/00001/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Retrospective installation of ATM  to the left of the Convenience Shop glazed shop front as a

through white painted brickwork installation. at A14 Service Station Huntingdon Road Thrapston


17/00002/ADV (11/03/2017) (Info)

Illuminated polycarbonate white and yellow surround signage with illuminated red lettering free

cash withdrawals  and  grey lettering “cash zone Halo illumination to polycarbonate surround.Illuminated signage to ATM fascia. yellow acrylic sign with black lettering  “cashzone” and accepted card logos. at A14 Service Station Huntingdon Road Thrapston


17/00174/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

To convert approximately two thirds of attached garage into habitable room, the front third will be kept as storage and up-and-over door retained at 15 Barnwell Close Thrapston NN14 4UY


17/00218/FUL (18/03/2017)


Construction of dormer loft extension to rear and installation of single roof light to front. at 35

Midland Road Thrapston  NN14 4JS


17/00280/LBC (18/03/2017)


Conversion of barn to residential dwelling: internal works (as per details set out in Design and

Access Statement dated 14/2/17), insertion of rooflights, replacement of windows and doors and

installation of new flue pipe at The Old Rectory Winwick Road Thurning  PE8


17/00156/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Construction of detached dwelling and detached double garage. at 35 Polopit Titchmarsh NN14 3DL


17/00257/LBC (18/03/2017)


Remove existing lath and plaster stud wall to under-cloak of staircase. Remove quarry tile on earth floor to hall and understairs cupboard and replace with insulated concrete slab (relay quarry tiles). Remove rotten suspended timber floor to both reception rooms and replace like for like. Install 8 no. cast iron airbricks to front elevation. Remove  artex finish to first floor ceilings, first floor bathroom and one first floor bedroom and overboard. Open up existing fireplaces to reception rooms, install concrete lintel with timber face,install stone hearths and new wood burning stoves. Install 2 no. external cast iron vents to ventilate new stoves. Install 2 no. beige mid tecanti-down draught cowls to chimney pots. Replace 3 no lintels to ground floor front elevation, install concrete lintel with hardwood face. at 26 North Street Titchmarsh  NN14 3DH


17/00196/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Single storey rear extension and first floor extension over existing single storey rear extension; loft

conversion with associated rear dormer window at 1 Woodwell Cottages Twywell NN14 3AN


17/00208/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

Single storey extension to existing bungalow at 1 Broadgate Way Warmington PE8 6UH


17/00242/FUL (11/03/2017) (Info)

to build a 2 storey extension to the rear of the property, to provide downstairs garden room/ dining

room and to extend the upstairs bedrooms. Roof to be flat, materials will match the house at 22 Orchard Close Warmington PE8 6TX


17/00122/FUL (18/03/2017)


Demolition of existing garage store building; Single storey side extension with link to main

dwelling; First floor extensions to garage block and associated tower structure; Single storey

extension to garage block with roof terrace area over; Alterations to boundary wall to give altered

vehicular access; Alterations to garden walls at Homestead 25 Main Street Woodnewton


17/00123/LBC (18/03/2017)


Demolition of existing garage store building; Single storey side extension with link to main

dwelling; Alterations to boundary wall to give altered vehicular access at Homestead 25 Main

Street Woodnewton PE8 5EB