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Deodorant – Should You Give up Wearing it?

Deodorant – Is it bad for us?

If you’ve seen the news about deodorant recently you will know they are linked to cancer – OK so there is no great proof just yet on any of the ingredients, but if I’m going to rub/spray something on me so close to my main lymph glands – thereby giving it free access around my body, I think I’ll make some healthy changes….

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My first change was to buy a deodorant stone, they are made from Potassium Alum and meant to be ultra-healthy to use.  However, to use one you need to be damp, and rub it onto your damp skin.  Not a problem but every time I got out of the shower, I forgot to rub my stone under my arms, so I’d dry myself in the bedroom, realise I’d forgotten my deodorant and just put on some Dove roll-on instead!

Dove in an antiperspirant, and therefor blocks the pores so you don’t sweat.

Aluminium-based compounds are the active ingredient in most antiperspirants. They work to block the body from sweating and research has suggested that these compounds are readily absorbed through the skin and have the capability of causing changes in oestrogen receptors. Aluminium exposure has also been linked to other health issues that affect the liver, kidneys and the brain. Although no clear link to breast cancer has been made, aluminium continues to be a possible risk factor while more studies are made.

I decided I needed the ease of a roll on that sat on my dressing table, but without the nasties….


Aloe Ever Shield is a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant so does not block any pores, it just kills of the odour making germs so you’re not wiffy!

deodorant aloe | nene local

It’s not a roll on but more of a hard gel stick, made with loads of Aloe Vera.  It won’t stain clothes.  What’s more, even if you’ve just shaved or waxed it won’t sting as there is no alcohol in the product either.

Where can I buy it?

It’s available in your local Forever Living Shop here AmbaScarlett Shop   at £6.31 – but that’s for a whopping 92g so it’ll last a good while.

Other Aloe Vera based items are available in the shop, just click on the menu down the left-hand side to take a look.  There is a small delivery charge if you order online, alternatively if you live in Thrapston, you can email me at Helen@ForeverLiving with your order and I will deliver to you free of charge.


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