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Look out for your Annual Canvass Form

East Northamptonshire residents will start to receive their annual canvass forms in the next few weeks.


East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) is sending a letter, known as a Household Enquiry Form (HEF), to every home in the district.


The letter will be addressed to the occupier and will contain the details of all those in the household who are registered to vote. Residents are being asked to confirm that these details are correct.


If the details are correct, please confirm this online or by text, telephone or post.


If the details on the form are wrong, for example, someone has moved away or moved in, you need to let ENC know by either going online or completing the form and returning it by post.


The quickest and cheapest way to reply is online. Like last year, pre-paid envelopes will not be included with the forms.


The HEF is vital for local authorities to keep their electoral registers up-to-date. Not being registered can affect your applications for loans, mortgages and even mobile phone contracts. You will also lose the right to have your say at the ballot box.


Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council said: “The annual canvass is an essential part of local democracy and we urge residents not to ignore the letter when it comes through their door. Anyone in the household can respond and it’s easier than ever to do so.”


The requested information is required by law. Not responding or providing false information on the form can result in a £1000 fine.


Residents who do not reply will be sent a reminder in September. If a reply has not been received by October, a canvasser will visit you to collect the information on your doorstep.


For more information about the electoral register visit

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