Admin and More offers the Gift of Time

Admin and More offers the Gift of Time

Admin and More is offering an inventive solution to the often-tricky problem of Christmas Gift giving…


“The day you learn about the value of time. You will be able to utilize it for your betterment and you will know where you are wasting this precious gift”  Anurag Prakash Ray [Quote sourced by Admin and More]


There’s one gift that’s more valuable than anything bought in a shop; more appreciated by its recipient than anything wrapped in pretty paper, and sure to be remembered for years to come. The best part: giving it won’t require a trip to the store, harm the environment, violate workers’ rights, contribute to the commercialisation of our holidays, or clutter the recipient’s home.


What is this fabulous gift?   The gift of time.


How can Admin and More offer you more time?   Do you know anyone who might be running a business, or running a household or involved with lots of organisations who might be struggling to fit in all their commitments?


Business owners might stay up late working on their admin tasks, they might not be able to realise future opportunities due to lack of time.  Maybe they’ve never thought about reaching out for additional support.


If you know a business person who sounds like this, you can offer the gift of time—instead of presents. Non-business people could also benefit as Admin and More can collate photographs, book travel arrangements, do research, book appointments and other every day admin tasks


You can even make it formal by giving the recipient a handmade certificate for specific services, such as the following:


Gift Vouchers


Standard – £225.00 – 10 hoursvirtual assistant admin and more | nene local

Professional – £400.00 – 20 hours

Executive – £750.00 – 40 hours

Database – £250.00

Speakers – £225.00

GDPR – £250.00



Where can I buy the Gift of Time


Admin and More

Tel: 01933 428151

Email: contact@adminandmore.co.uk

Website:  www.adminandmore.co.uk

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