Store First – Best Storage Facility in Northamptonshire

Store First – Best Storage Facility in Northamptonshire? Nene Local’s guided tour.


“It’s like buying a Mercedes for the price of a Hyundai.”

This analogy certainly has some weight behind it, but after seeing the  facilities at Store First first-hand I can’t really argue with it. I was invited by Victor Petrescu, manager of the Northampton branch, to have a look round the warehouse and its various functions. He was a very kind and welcoming host (as were all the other staff I ran into) and I really enjoyed my visit there.


When you first think of a warehouse, you picture dirty floors, cold rooms and grumpy workers day dreaming of their breaks. So, you can imagine my surprise when I first stepped into the reception. All the staff looked like they wanted to be there, the place was immaculate with white walls and spotless floors. Store First offers much more than just storage containers. Victor showed me the new boardroom and office space, and for a moment I forgot I was in a place where its primary function is storage. So much effort had gone into these extra facilities to make them as impressive as possible, and they certainly achieved what they were going for.

store first | nene local

New boardroom at  Store First


Value for money

Store First brags to have the best value in the UK, and these claims are well founded. They offer a variety of storage spaces from, 25 to 100 square feet. To put that in perspective, that’s the size of four fridge freezers to the size of a double garage. They have over 1500 units varying in size, and all with very cheap prices. Deals and offers are also very generous. 50% off for first time customers, topped with loyalty bonuses for long term customers. On top of that, free pick up via the company van, free access 24/7, free WIFI and free access to the kitchen makes Store First a very friendly and flexible facility.

store first | nene local

Some of the many units available

“The place is in mint condition”

As with all businesses, one of the hardest thigs to stay on top of is the competition. But I would be very impressed if I see another storage facility with the quality of Store First. You only have to look at the reviews online to see how good this place really is. Victor explained to me that most of their customers come from recommendations. Customer satisfaction is extremely high, with 5-star reviews being in abundance. All sorts of customers are welcome, whether it be a business with too much stock or for domestic reasons, like moving to a new house or going on holiday. Store First really is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Security is not an issue, with other 150 cameras watching the property and a private security company hired overnight, so all is protected.

About the Manager

Victor started working for Store First two weeks after the Northampton branch opened, on the 15th October 2015. He has a lot of experience in storage companies beforehand and is very welcoming and friendly. Victor told me that he was “very proud” of his staff’s customer service and the options he provides for customers. He believes that customer service should be his number one priority, and is happy that this idea has brought his branch so many positive reviews.



How to contact Store First

Brindley Close
Rushden Business Park
NN10 6DB

01933 425000

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