Virtual Assistant sits down to Chat with Nene Local

Virtual Assistant sits down with Nene Local

Virtual Assistant, Elizabeth Wright, popped into the Nene Local office to talk about her business, Admin and More on Thursday. The interview covered how Admin and More operated, and Elizabeth’s reasons for starting.

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What is Admin and More?

Admin and More is a virtual assistant, where business and companies can have help with managing their business. It aids with administration, social media and websites.

Starting the business

Elizabeth first started her business in June 2016, but most of the first year was (ironically) setting up all her admin. The business first started rolling in April 2017, where she first started getting her clients.


Having been in the charity fundraising sector for 15 years, Elizabeth was already familiar with administration. A friend of her noticed how proficient she was at it, and suggested that she should start her own business. This recommendation, coupled with the desire for a change of direction, convinced Elizabeth to set up Admin and More. She believes that had she stayed in that sector, she probably would’ve had that job for the rest of her working life.

“It’s my calling”

Coming out of stable employment is always difficult and stressful, wondering where the next pay check is coming from, but now that Elizabeth has a steady stream of clients she says that it has now become very enjoyable. ‘It brings a lot of freedom, now that I have the power to choose what work I want to do’.

Another change in scenery?

I asked Elizabeth if she would ever consider changing jobs again, and for now at least, that was a resounding no. She told me that her business as opened so many avenues for her, and that she has learnt an abundance of new skills. “I’ve met so many good people doing this, and I’ve managed to explore so many things I had never dreamt of beforehand.”

Always improving

The most important thing in business is from learning from what little mistakes you make. And this is certainly the case for Elizabeth. She told a story about taking on a job for only the money, despite knowing it wasn’t the right thing to do. It was only until after the whole thing had spiralled out of control was when she pulled out of the project. She told me that she now goes by the mantra of going with your gut feeling, and it has helped her ever since.

Balancing work

The danger of being a business that supports a multitude of other businesses is being bogged down with too much work. Elizabeth manages this by outsourcing with local associates, so work is rarely turned down. She allocates 40 hours a week so that she isn’t overwhelmed by work.

Harsh lessons produce satisfying results

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Admin and More. Elizabeth told me that starting up a new business is one of the most stressful things someone could do. You are responsible for everything, from recruiting, accounts and marketing. If you’re not on top of things, work will carry over and form a vicious cycle. She stated the importance of understanding personal limits. Since August, Elizabeth has felt more comfortable and in control, but as with everything in life, that didn’t come easily to her.

Big stakes

The biggest business Admin and More is partnered with is based in Northampton. With a turnover of £¼ million, it is imperative that things are conducted in a professional manner.

The person behind the business

There is a risk of being controlled by your work, but this is not an issue for Elizabeth. In her down time she likes to go on bike rides, watch light TV and she enjoys a good book.

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Admin and More

Tel: 01933 428151

Email: contact@adminandmore.co.uk

Website:  www.adminandmore.co.uk

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