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Rubbish Truck visit is a Dream Come True for Jason

A six year old’s Christmas wish came true a few days early with a much-longed for visit to the local bin lorry depot.

bin lorry boy

Jason Gray from Raunds is so passionate about bin lorries and watching the East Northamptonshire Council trucks collect rubbish and recycling on his street that his mother contacted the council to ask if he could meet his heroes and sit in a truck.


On 21 December, Jason was greeted at the Chelveston depot by ENC waste officer, Robert Haley and staff from Kier, who collect waste and recycling in the district.  Jason and his mum were shown around the site by the crew and he got to sit in one of the lorries and learn about where the rubbish and recycling go after they have been collected.


The depot is not usually open to the public but the council and Kier made an exception for young Jason.


Julian Tranter, managing director, Kier Environmental Services, said: “When we heard about Jason’s request we were more than happy to show him around our depot.


“At Kier we’re passionate about the work we do, so it was great to see how excited he was when he had the opportunity to visit the depot and see our bin lorries close up.


“The team loved spending time showing him around and hopefully he enjoyed the afternoon as much as we all did.”


Jason’s mum, Nicola, said: “Jason loves collecting bin lorries and has a box of recycling he uses for play. He insists on putting the rubbish out and is always putting any rubbish he sees in the bin.


“He looks out for the bin lorries and crew every week so to meet them all and visit the depot was a wonderful treat for him. Thank you for a special and memorable day.”


ENC Waste Manager, Charlotte Tompkins, added: “This was a fantastic opportunity to give Jason an early Christmas present. We’re always happy to encourage young people’s interest in the environment and recycling.  We hope Jason and his family have a lovely Christmas.”


Planning Applications: 22 December 2017 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


17/02560/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Two 2 storey Dwellings with access path, Access drive and six parking spaces including 2 for

existing bungalow.

Proposed dwellings to be sited at bottom of rear garden at 10 Cross Lane Aldwincle NN14 3EG


17/02502/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Erection of an agricultural barn and access track from the public highway (part retrospective) at

TL05603 87657 Polebrook Road Ashton


17/02445/FUL (03/02/2018)


Dutch barn for storage of corn,hay,straw and farm machinery in existing farmyard to replace old pig shed. at Hill Farm Glapthorn Road Upper Benefield  PE8 5AL


17/02567/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Erection of detached dwelling and detached triple garage with studio above at 1 Hunter Rise


Duddington With Fineshade

17/02040/FUL (03/02/2018)


New gated pedestrian access in existing boundary wall (retrospective) and new stone dwarf wall to planter at The Manor High Street Duddington  PE9 3QE

17/02561/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Change of use from agricultural to residential to be associated with The Manor, High Street,

Duddington of existing yard to include re-surfacing with granite setts and new dwarf wall

Yard re-surfacing with granite setts and new dwarf wall at yard adjacent barns north of Home

Farm High Street Duddington



17/02437/OUT (27/01/2018) (Info)

Outline: Erection of three new dwellings to form a terrace of 2no 3 bedroom cottages and 1no 2

bedroom cottage  (all matters reserved reserved) at land adjacent The Cottage Benefield Road Glapthorn  PE8 5BQ


17/02405/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Erection of single storey tiled roof Oak Glazed Garden Room and connecting corridor along side of

house at Xanadu Church Road Hargrave  NN9 6BQ

Higham Ferrers

17/02592/FUL (03/02/2018)


Single storey rear extension with glazed lantern.  Conversion of garage/store to store/ first floor

home office and replace garage door with door and window. Erection of detached oak car port.

Changes to fenestration and associated works (retrospective) at 22 College Street Higham Ferrers

17/02593/LBC (03/02/2018)


Ground Floor: Single storey rear extension with glazed lantern; replacement external patio doors

to lounge and window to study; and raising of dining room floor. First Floor: Install en suite and

vaulted ceiling to Main Bedroom; replacement window to Bedroom 1 and boiler installation,

modification of partition and  creation of en suite to bedroom 2; modification of partition and

balustrade to main staircase.

Conversion of garage/store to store/home office  including replacing garage door with door and window, replacement of the first floor joists and installation of staircase; create wc; replacement of door with window to first floor.  Erection of detached oak car port and associated works at 22 College Street Higham Ferrers  NN10 8DZ


17/02094/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Extension to form accessible WC access and conversion of bar area to letting bedrooms at The

Woolpack Inn 6 Kettering Road Islip  NN14 3JU

17/02456/FUL (03/02/2018)


Automatic entrance gates at 3 Chapel Hill Islip Kettering NN14 3JP

Kings Cliffe

17/02426/OUT (03/02/2018)


Outline: Proposed residential development, of up to 20 affordable homes and 10 market homes, allotments and landscaping ( all matters reserved except access) at OP0512 TL0097

Blatherwycke Road Kings Cliffe


17/02482/FUL (03/02/2018)


Detached dwelling utilising existing vehicle access and new vehicle access to existing dwelling at

Mandaley Main Street Laxton  NN17 3AT

Little Addington

17/02551/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Proposed orangery to side / rear at The Old Farmhouse Burrows Farm Lane Little Addington NN14 4RD


17/02484/FUL (03/02/2018)


One and a half storey extension to the side of a dwelling following demolition of garage and

associated alteration works at 24 Woodnewton Road Nassington

Newton Bromswold

17/02544/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Erection of building for indoor dog training at 66 Rushden Road Newton Bromswold Rushden  NN10 0SP


17/02473/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Proposed single storey rear and side extensions at 1 Tilley Hill Close Oundle  PE8 4PU

17/02550/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Garage conversion with new porch to front and single-storey extension to rear.  Accessibility

upgrades across the ground floor and replacement of roof covering at 9 Millfields Oundle PE8 4LF


17/02563/LBC (03/02/2018)


Replacement windows and infestation treatment to timber. at The Chestnuts Main Street Pilton






17/00266/FUL (03/02/2018)


Proposed distribution centre (B8 Use Class) together with ancillary offices, parking, servicing and

site landscaping at West End land north of Brick Kiln Road Raunds

17/02242/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Proposed demolition of existing timber garage and construction of replacement garage. Revisions

to previously approved annex layout. at 2 London Road Raunds  NN9 6EJ

17/02583/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Part demolition of existing garage and construction of two storey side extension at 2 Belmont

Gardens Raunds NN9 6RN


17/02386/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

A Steel building over the dry dock and work area at Blackthorn Lake Marina Station Road Ringstead


17/02333/ADV (27/01/2018) (Info)

1no existing totem to be relocated and new installation of 1no pedestrian directional sign at 1

Crown Way Rushden NN10 6AX

17/02382/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Change of use from a class C3 dwelling to a large house of multiple occupancy (6-8 occupants). Addition of dormer extension to rear at 54 Station Road Rushden  NN10 9SG

17/02487/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Overclad existing Duraclad with folded and PPC aluminium tray panels. Panels are to be

powdercoated RAL 7006 (matching the existing store front framework) at Unit 8A South Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FS

17/02492/ADV (27/01/2018) (Info)

Revised signage to rear elevation to include the addition of a painted metal pan back panel with

illuminated ‘Fatface’ letters at Unit 1 Southwalk Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10

17/02514/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Two storey front and single storey rear extensions at 154 Avenue Road Rushden  NN10 0SW

17/02540/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Combined front and rear extensions balcony to side elevation at 102 Avenue Road Rushden NN10 0SW

17/02558/FUL (27/01/2018)(Info)

Remove the garage door, infill the opening with window and wall. The garage space will then be

incorporated into the domestic premises as a habitable room at 14 Yarrow Close Rushden

NN10 0XL

17/02559/FUL (03/02/2018)


Erection of retail and restaurant units together with proposals for access, parking and servicing,

hard and soft landscaping and other associated works at land adjacent Skew Bridge Ski Slope

Rushden Lakes Rushden

17/02596/ADV (27/01/2018) (Info)

Replacement internally illuminated ‘Pandora’ sign to front of building at Unit 4 South Terrace

Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FS


17/02027/FUL and 17/02028/LBC (03/02/2018)(LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Alterations to existing building to form two dwellings with new garage at The Corner House 15

Chancery Lane Thrapston  NN14 4JL

17/02351/REM (03/02/2018)


Reserved Matters: Appearance, landscaping layout and scale  pursuant to outline planning

approval 07/02457/OUT Outline application for residential development (all matters reserved

except for means of access)  (consisting of a partial re-plan of 16/01690/REM) comprising 105 units at land off Huntingdon and Market Road Thrapston

17/02557/LBC (03/02/2018)


Change two windows facing garden into hardwood patio doors at The Old Rectory 78 High Street

Thrapston  NN14 4JH

17/02562/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing shop and construction of new shop building and relocation of LPG tank and

creation of new parking at A14 Service Station Huntingdon Road Thrapston

17/02574/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Re-instatement of car park and new access door into no 23 Cottingham Way at Land Rear Of 22 And 23 Cottingham Way Thrapston  NN14 4PL

17/02576/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Two storey side extension for the provision of garage study and domestic annexe at 23 Spinney

Close Thrapston  NN14 4LB


17/02440/FUL (03/02/2018)


Two storey side and first floor rear extensions, replacement of windows at 14 Chapel Street

Titchmarsh  NN14 3DA

17/02441/FUL (03/02/2018)


Single storey rear shower room extension at 30 Chapel Street Titchmarsh NN14 3DA

17/02495/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Single storey extension at 18 Polopit Titchmarsh  NN14 3DL


17/02219/OUT (27/01/2018) (Info)

Outline: Erection of detached chalet bungalow (All matters reserved except access) at 21

Broadgate Way Warmington  PE8 6UN


17/02241/FUL (03/02/2018)


Install automated front driveway gates at Churchfield House Church Street Woodford

NN14 4EX

17/02595/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Conversion of garages to ancillary annexe accommodation at Woodford Lodge Farm Cranford

Road Woodford  NN14 4AP

17/02602/FUL (27/01/2018) (Info)

Proposed two storey rear extension at 91 Mill Road Woodford  NN14

Financial Planning – Do You Need it?

Financial Planning Advice: Nene Local went to Financial Designers Anstee and Co

As a younger citizen I think there’s a common misconception that all financial planning organisations do the direct opposite of what you want, with extortionate fees and advice made purely just to set up another meeting. However, after talking to the employees of Anstee and Co I can confidently say that these guys are here to help.

anstee & co

The company was founded in July 2012 when the regulations regarding financial advisors changed. Higher qualifications were needed in attempt to prevent advisors from giving out incorrect information, and to ensure they were honest and trustworthy.

One of the most striking aspects of Anstee & Co was how highly they upheld their customer service. The office was available for meetings, but the financial advisors would meet their clients anywhere (one of them told me that they regularly meet a client at a petrol station) because the clients needs always come first. The initial meeting is always free of charge to build a good relationship with the client. From then the fees vary depending on the amount of resources being used to help the planners anstee & co

Another good thing about Anstee and Co is that they are authoritative. As all the advisors are specialists in their fields, if they believe that the client’s goal is unachievable, they will not make an agreement. This is to avoid taking money away from people with it coming to nothing in the end. Each client will have only one advisor throughout their plan, so that the work is focused, and the advisor knows exactly what they need to do to aid the client in getting the most out of their money.

Justin Urquhart Stewart meets Caroline Anstee

Justin Urquhart Stewart meets Caroline Anstee

I spoke to Sam, an apprentice for Anstee and Co, he told me what it was like for a young person to go into something this serious. Having come out of university with a maths degree, he went to work there on a temporary basis and is thoroughly enjoying it.  He said that this job came with a lot of opportunities and he would earn a unique set of qualifications. He is currently two exams out of seven in to become a full financial planner. He told me that this was the type of career where he will learn on the job.

For more information, contact:

Anstee & Co

5 Brooklands Court, Kettering Venture Park,
Kettering, Northamptonshire NN15 6FD

Phone: 01536 483 733



East Northamptonshire Council Helps with Woodford Path Work

Work to improve access to a popular footpath in Northamptonshire is now complete.

woodford path

An all-weather, fully accessible route to the East Northamptonshire Greenway (the Greenway) from Woodford is now ready to be enjoyed by all.


The Greenway makes attractive and safer walking and cycling routes available in the heart of the Nene Valley, currently from Rushden to Woodford Lock.


In 2016 East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) awarded Woodford Parish Council (WPC) £21,000 from their Communities Facilities Fund (CFF) to improve the link to the Greenway from the village. The Parish Council also received funding from Woodford Temperance Charities.


The existing footways did not allow or encourage use by families with pushchairs or disabled users, especially in the winter months.


The improvements, including new kissing gates and stone path, have been made from Church Street to Woodford Mill, giving easy access for all to access Ringstead, Stanwick Lakes and beyond.


Councillors and officers from ENC joined supporters of the project including Peter Bird, Chair of WPC, landowners Stan and Maureen Chalker, and David Stevens who worked closely with the Parish Council as one of the Rights of Way helpers on the Community Plan group, to officially open the new access.


ENC Chairman, Councillor Colin Wright, who officially opened the upgraded footpath said: “I was delighted to be asked to open the Greenway footpath. This project shows how communities working together can bring rewards and I would like to congratulate all those who worked hard to obtain the funding and those who assisted in bringing it to fruition. A great example of community spirit and togetherness.”


Leader of ENC, Councillor Steven North, added: “We set up this fund five years ago using money we receive from central government as new homes are created in the district. It’s ploughed straight back into local communities that want to improve where they live, work and play and projects such as this benefit so many people.”


See to find out more about the East Northamptonshire Greenway.


For more information about the CFF, please visit


New Magazine – Aspen Girl Magazine

aspen girl magazine


Launched in January 2018, a new magazine for all things Mind, Body and Spirit….   The Aspen Girl Magazine


Antenatal classes: How do they help? Nene Local finds out

Pregnancy and child birth can be a very frightening and stressful experience for new parents. The anxiety of not knowing exactly what’s happening to your body and how your life will change can often replace the positive feelings of starting or extending your family. We sat down with Alison Sethna, midwife of 29 years and founder of Little Seeds Antenatal Classes to find out about the ways in which parents can get support in the most momentous time in their lives.

Initially Alison had hoped to study medicine and become a doctor.  However, after failing to acheive therequired A’Level grades, she went into nursing instead, where she helped a woman who had some problems during her pregnancy. Ever since that experience, she has been fascinated by the ‘miracle’ that is childbirth. She qualified as a midwife just under 30 years ago, and since her role as a community midwife, she has been helping expectant couples with her antenatal classes.

little seeds | nene local

Antenatal classes aren’t just all about giving information to new parents. One of the most important outcomes of these classes is the support and friendship that develops between not just the teacher, but also with the other parents attending. TV programmes such as ‘One Born Every Minute’ dramatizes birth to a point where it can be quite terrifying for new parents, so to have a group of people you trust and like going through the same thing, at the same time, is really encouraging.

Alison’s experience as both a midwife and mother of four means she can really empathise with the people she works with during these classes. One in ten mothers suffer from post-natal depression, and Alison belives that friendship and support post-birth helps with mental well-being..

A technique that Alison has recently started incorporating is hypnobirthing. Initially a sceptic, since undergoing hypnobirthing training and seeing the benefits first hand in action, she is now amazed by the body’s way of completely reducing the pain of labour and birth. Hypnobirthing works by being able to switch off the logical part of your brain, to become calm and in the ‘zone’ by focusing on breathing. This lessens the pain receptors and the ‘zone’ helps create a calm and positive experience.

The antenatal course consists of 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings, run in alternate months, throughout the year.  For more information about dates, class size, testimonies and content, see the contact details below.

little seeds | nene local

Alison Sethna

Senior Midwife

Little Seeds Antenatal

1 St Osyth’s Lane



07731 992111

Former England Football Boss to tell all at Children’s Cancer Charity Fundraiser

Football fans have the opportunity to get up close and personal with former England star Glenn Hoddle when he takes to a Northampton stage in an exclusive gig for charity.

Hannah Curry promotes Niamh's Next Step's 'An Evening with Glenn Hoddle

Hannah Curry promotes Niamh’s Next Step’s ‘An Evening with Glenn Hoddle

Wellingborough-based children’s cancer charity Niamh’s Next Step has announced that the former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, who went on to manage the national team, will appear at The Deco on Friday, April 27.


The current TV pundit will be on hand to meet and greet guests before posing for a professional photograph. People can then sit back and enjoy hearing about a glittering playing career spent with Tottenham Hotspur, Monaco, Swindon, Chelsea, his ill-fated time as England boss and maybe even his brief pop career with team mate Chris Waddle.


Chris Curry, who set up the charity in 2013 following the death of his five-year-old daughter Niamh, said: “We are very excited Glenn has agreed to join us for a great night at The Deco theatre helping raise money and awareness to help us continue to fund vital research into childhood cancer.


“We hope everyone will support this superb night raising money and awareness for Niamh’s Next Step.
“Every penny donated to Niamh’s Next Step is spent trying to achieve our goal of a future without neuroblastoma, none of the people working for the charity have salaries.”


As one of England’s greatest midfielders, Glenn came through the youth ranks at Tottenham Hotspur to make 490 appearances between 1975 and 1987, scoring 110 goals.

The midfield maestro helped Tottenham win the FA Cup in 1981 and 1982 and played a pivotal role in helping Spurs secure victory in the UEFA Cup in 1984, although he was injured for the final against Anderlecht.

He later returned to White Hart Lane to manage Spurs between 2001 and 2003 and also managed England, Swindon, Chelsea, Southampton and Wolves.

Chris Curry added: “There were so many magic moments in Glenn’s career, and you can join us for this very rare and special appearance from the man himself.”

Former Premier League referee and supporter of Niamh’s Next Step, Jeff Winter, will host the event, which will feature a licensed bar, charity raffle and auction. Barbecue food will be available to purchase before people sit back and listen to an in-depth interview with Glenn followed by an interactive question and answer session.

A small number of VIP packages, which include a private bar and a photographed meet and greet with Glenn, are available.

Neuroblastoma is an aggressive cancer that mainly affects children. Around 100 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma each year in the UK of which only around 30 per cent will survive.


There is currently no government or NHS funding into the research of neuroblastoma in the UK.


Niamh’s Next Step exists to raise money and awareness of neuroblastoma whilst offering help, support and advice to children and families affected by it.


Those wanting to book the VIP package can contact Chris Curry on 07483 129273 or email For general tickets click here


Youngsters get Healthy and Active at Council Conference

Over 30 young people in East Northamptonshire got together to take part in a healthy and active lifestyles conference in Rushden last week.

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) organises a Youth in East Northamptonshire (YEN) conference each year to bring together students from secondary schools across the district.smoothie making

This year’s conference was all about the benefits of eating healthily and the importance of being active. It saw 32 young people from Rushden Academy, Huxlow Science College and the Ferrers School engaging in fun and physical activities, including a warm up exercise routine and a heart racing spin class!

Led by Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust, the young people were involved in Eat Well activities where they learnt about food labels, sugars in breakfast cereals and what food groups different foods belong to. The students then got to taste test unusual fruits and vegetables and make their own healthy smoothies.

Students also had the chance to find out more about and talk to ENC Councillors, Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust, Freedom Leisure, Service Six and Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs.

The day went down well with the pupils, with feedback such as ‘it was fun and entertaining,’ ‘spin class was hard work but good fun,’ and ‘I tried food that I had never even heard of.’

ENC’s Vice Chairman, Councillor Wendy Brackenbury, who opened the conference, said:

“It was great to see so many young people from local schools take part in the conference. They made the most of the opportunity to speak with representatives and ask questions and should be congratulated on the manner in which they participated.The pupils were good ambassadors for their respective schools and I would like to thank them for making the day such a success.”

Information about services for young people can be found at:

Davis Optometrists get into the Party Mood!

You wouldn’t wear the same shoes with every outfit – it’s no different with specs!


With Christmas party season fast approaching, we’re getting more and more orders in for fancy special occasion specs. Nobody wants their everyday frames on for festive drinks and new year’s eve soirées, in exactly the same way that you wouldn’t want to wear your plain work loafers for an evening out.


We’ve recently been to Silmo, the International Optics and Eyewear exhibition in Paris to choose our newest ranges for the upcoming seasons. We’ve collated a list of our favourite festive party frames;



  • Metallics are a staple accessory for the festive season – whether it’s your tree decorations, your shoes or your specs; tis the season to sparkle! Compliment these frames with smoky eye make up to complete the look. These unisex frames work equally well on guys too, go bold with a contemporary metal like aluminum.

metallic glasses frames

  • Nothing says party like these fabulous red cat’s eyes frames. Match them to your favourite red Christmasy outfit for the ultimate party look, or brighten up a black dress with stand-out red accessories.

red specs frames

  • This unique and funky twist on the classic tortoise shell makes for the perfect addition to any outfit. We love the shoes too! Can you spot them?

specs with shoes on

  • These beautiful bright blue frames are a great option whether you’re blonde, redhead or brunette, and being round, are bang on trend too. They could work really well to stand out as a pop of colour against a black outfit, or in contrast with another bright shade for a colour clash combination.

bright blue frames

  • Fancy a pop of colour, but want something slightly more understated? This could be the perfect choice – the black and clear tortoise shell is mottled with royal blue for a day to night look that would go with any outfit.tortoisehell framesFancy new festive frames? Or maybe a 2nd, 3rd or 4th pair for special occasions or party outfits?! Pop into your local branch today, one of our friendly team would be delighted to help you choose what works for you. You could even bring your party outfit with you, to ensure you get the perfect match!

You can call Davis Optometrist on 01536 512792 or follow them on Facebook – Davis Optometrist


Rushden Fly Tipper Fined over £700

On 1 March 2017, East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) officers discovered waste left next to a litter bin on Rushden’s Birch Road.


Evidence was found within the fly tip which indicated that Sarah Wilson, from Rushden, had allowed her waste to be taken away by a third party.

road | nene local

Image for illustration purposes only

Miss Wilson had an opportunity to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice for the offence, but didn’t respond to correspondence to do so.


She was therefore fined £730 through a formal prosecution at Northampton Magistrates Court.


ENC’s Waste Manager, Charlotte Tompkins, said: “If you’re paying a third party to take away your waste, make sure you check the Environment Agency’s public register and secure contact details, keeping hold of receipts and/or other paperwork relating to the transfer of the waste. The waste remains your responsibility, so if it is fly tipped we will endeavour to prosecute you as the owner.”


You can check if someone has a waste carriers licence by visiting:


If you see somebody fly tipping, you can help ENC by reporting it online: