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Financial Planning Advice: Nene Local went to Financial Designers Anstee and Co

As a younger citizen I think there’s a common misconception that all financial planning organisations do the direct opposite of what you want, with extortionate fees and advice made purely just to set up another meeting. However, after talking to the employees of Anstee and Co I can confidently say that these guys are here to help.

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The company was founded in July 2012 when the regulations regarding financial advisors changed. Higher qualifications were needed in attempt to prevent advisors from giving out incorrect information, and to ensure they were honest and trustworthy.

One of the most striking aspects of Anstee & Co was how highly they upheld their customer service. The office was available for meetings, but the financial advisors would meet their clients anywhere (one of them told me that they regularly meet a client at a petrol station) because the clients needs always come first. The initial meeting is always free of charge to build a good relationship with the client. From then the fees vary depending on the amount of resources being used to help the client.financial planners anstee & co

Another good thing about Anstee and Co is that they are authoritative. As all the advisors are specialists in their fields, if they believe that the client’s goal is unachievable, they will not make an agreement. This is to avoid taking money away from people with it coming to nothing in the end. Each client will have only one advisor throughout their plan, so that the work is focused, and the advisor knows exactly what they need to do to aid the client in getting the most out of their money.

Justin Urquhart Stewart meets Caroline Anstee

Justin Urquhart Stewart meets Caroline Anstee

I spoke to Sam, an apprentice for Anstee and Co, he told me what it was like for a young person to go into something this serious. Having come out of university with a maths degree, he went to work there on a temporary basis and is thoroughly enjoying it.  He said that this job came with a lot of opportunities and he would earn a unique set of qualifications. He is currently two exams out of seven in to become a full financial planner. He told me that this was the type of career where he will learn on the job.

For more information, contact:

Anstee & Co

5 Brooklands Court, Kettering Venture Park,
Kettering, Northamptonshire NN15 6FD

Phone: 01536 483 733
Email: enquiries@ansteeco.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ansteeco/


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