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Human Resources from Helen Smith, Owner of Crescita HR & OD

Human Resources are a vital part of any company.

Human Resources deal with the hiring, administration and training of staff, which includes writing policies and procedures and supporting the managers with the discipline of the staff.  Additionally, they make a valuable contribution to the overall strategic development of the company in terms of workforce planning. Crescita HR & OD provides these services to smaller businesses who perhaps don’t need an internal HR resource but who are looking to get this support from an outsourced service. Crescita HR & OD also work as an additional resource to some larger companies, specifically in dealing with larger projects and investigations where impartiality is required.

About the Owner

Helen Smith always wanted to be in HR. She had seen a lot of the job at an early age, as her grandad was a union convener and was one of her inspirations to go into this line of work. Individuals can get an entry level post in human resources with GCSE level education, but most organisations expect you to join the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, especially if you want to progress. The ideal client for an outsourced HR company would be a company with up to approximately 250 employees, above that level and they would probably want to think about their own focused HR department.

When working in HR, you need to be able to have difficult conversations with people. When dealing with redundancies, for example, you must remain impartial and remember that it is a decision which has been taken which is necessary for the company; companies are required to seek alternatives to redundancy wherever possible, but when reaching that final decision it is the post and not the individual that is becoming redundant.  Help is always made available to those affected by redundancy from HR as it is recognised that redundancy can have a significant impact on the individual and their family.  Helen added that it can be difficult when family or friends ask for help, because objectivity is very important in HR.

The job can be demanding and rewarding and there are always going to be surprises when working with people. There are never going to be set outcomes, as people and their responses to situations are unpredictable. Some people don’t always behave as they should, which is why there’s always a need for HR to carry out investigations.

About Crescita

Some of the services provided by Crescita HR & OD include: disciplinary/grievance investigations, HR policy review/ development, job design/analysis and much more.

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