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Planning Applications: 31 January 2018 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


17/02677/FUL (03/03/2018)


Replace all current PVC white windows with same size softwood timber casement double glazed

white windows without Georgian bars at The Courtyard 2 Manor Farm Apethorpe


18/00107/FUL (03/03/2018)


Removal of modern garages in Western Courtyard, Internal Alterations to White Hall, Library and Orangery, isolated replacement of windows and installation of kitchen and bathrooms as detailed

in the submitted schedule of works dated 16/1/18. at Apethorpe Palace Hunting Way Apethorpe


18/00108/LBC (24/02/2018) (Info)

Demolition of modern garages in West Courtyard, re open original gateway into West Courtyard

and installation of new steps, installation of lighting, power and telephone sockets.  Creation of

bathrooms and provision of services for drainage and water, repair and replacement of internal

doors, removal of pin board and installation of kitchen and aga in despencer room.  Isolated

replacement of modern windows with timber sash windows to match original, removal of modern

partition walls, creation of new opening to cottage, unblocking of fireplace in library and addition

of new surround, removal of false ceiling and replace with decorative vaulted ceiling, opening up

of floor and insertion of new structure for fireplace, general repair of plaster and woodwork and re decoration as detailed in the schedule of works dated 16th January 2018. at Apethorpe Palace


18/00147/FUL and 18/00148/LBC (03/03/2018)(LB/CA)(LB Regs)

Carry out works to Cart Shed to form garage (Revised scheme to 17/02198/FUL and 17/02199/LBC) at Green Farm 21 The Green Ashton  PE8 5LD


17/02208/FUL (03/03/2018)


Erection of a two storey rear extension (Resubmission of 14/01665/FUL) at The Long Barn Main Street Upper Benefield PE8 5AN


17/02634/LBC (03/03/2018)

(LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Relocation of kitchen, creation of ground floor shower room and utility (previously kitchen and

pantry) replacement of one window to side elevation, replacement of temporary timber wall between hallway and adjacent room, closing up of secondary staircase at ceiling level (stairs

retained within cupboard).  Creation of new access corridor from landing through existing bedroom,closing up of doorway between bedrooms, closing up of secondary staircase at floor level to facilitate safer access to existing shower room – Resubmission of application number 17/01042/LBC

at 1 Church Street Brigstock  NN14 3EX


18/00042/FUL (03/03/2018)


Demolition of existing single storey and carport and erection of new two storey garage including

ancillary residential annexe at 29 Westfields Easton On The Hill PE9


18/00139/FUL and 18/00140/LBC (03/03/2018)(LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Demolition of rear wall to Grade II Listed dwellinghouse to create rear single storey oak framed

garden room. Alterations to fenestration to include replacement windows, replace rear side door and frame and repaint front door and frame at 20 Main Street Fotheringhay


17/02675/FUL (03/03/2018)


Demolition of existing single storey lean-to and replacement with single storey rear extension;

erection of porch to front elevation at The Old Vicarage Seaton Road Harringworth

Higham Ferrers

17/02618/FUL (03/03/2018)


Demolition of attached rear outbuilding; erection of single storey rear extension; erection of glazed verandah to rear; insertion of two new rooflights to existing single storey rear element;

new/replacement windows/doors (as per drawing E-1701-1 G) at 1 Hind Stile Higham Ferrers

NN10 8EA


17/02619/LBC (03/03/2018)


Demolition of attached rear outbuilding; erection of single storey rear extension; erection of glazed verandah to rear; insertion of two new rooflights to existing single storey rear element;

new/replacement windows/doors (as per drawing E-1701-1 G); removal of paintwork to front

elevation to expose stone beneath at 1 Hind Stile Higham Ferrers


17/02656/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Single storey side and rear extension at 12 Manor Way Higham Ferrers NN10 8BX


18/00003/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Conversion of garage to habitable rooms at 5 The Wroe Higham Ferrers NN10 8NB


17/02605/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

The construction of eight new dwellings, closing off existing vehicular access and forming a new vehicular access. at 138 Finedon Road Irthlingborough  NN9 5UB


17/02615/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Proposed first floor extension over existing garage and balcony at 21 Long Acres Drive Irthlingborough NN9 5UW


17/02668/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Two Storey side extension at 11 Premier Way Irthlingborough


18/00055/VAR (03/03/2018)


Variation of condition 13 -removal of fire sprinkler system pursuant to 16/00524/FUL dated 27.10.16 : Conversion of existing Baptist Church and cottage into five new dwellings at Former Baptist Chapel Meeting Lane Irthlingborough


18/00078/FUL (03/03/2018)


Removal of existing rear conservatory and replacement with single storey rear extension at 5 High Street Islip  NN14 3JS

Kings Cliffe

17/02671/FUL (03/03/2018)


Alterations and repairs to existing conservatory at the rear of a dwelling. The construction of a new gable wall and extension of existing collyweston roof to the wall and conservatory at 21 West

Street Kings Cliffe PE8 6XB


17/02281/FUL (03/03/2018)


Change of use from B1(a) office building to A1 (Building currently has A1 use under Schedule 2

Part 4 Class D of Town and County Planning ( General Permitted Development Order 2015 Ref 16/01360/QPD/) at Bridge House Station Road Oundle  PE8 4DE


17/02625/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Proposed single storey front extension at 42 New Road Oundle


17/02489/FUL (03/03/2018)


To fit seven conservation style roof windows to front elevation of pitched roof at 81 West Street

Oundle  PE8 4EJ


17/02678/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Single storey flat roof extension to rear with glazed lantern.  Replace dormer with increased roof

height to front and side elevation at 32 Creed Road Oundle  PE8 4QN


18/00059/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Conversion of part of ground floor of garage and stable building to annexe, installation of a first

floor for annexe use including installation of roof and dormer windows. Change of facing materials to dwelling house including installation of pitched roof dormers (revised scheme to 16/00569/FUL) at Paddock End Kings Arms Lane Polebrook  PE8 5LW


18/00001/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Change of use to residential (C3) from Day Nursery (D1) (retrospective) at 2 Poplars Close Raunds NN9 6EZ


17/02601/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of Single Storey rear extension at 179 Bedford Road Rushden  NN10 0SA


17/02620/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Proposed first floor loft style extension with covered balcony over existing garage and kitchen at 118 Higham Road Rushden  NN10 6DT


17/02655/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Single storey side extension and new front wall to front boundary at 282 Wellingborough Road

Rushden  NN10 9XP


17/02658/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Retrospective Planning Application for Garden Storage Building at 1 Fern Road Rushden NN10 6AU


17/02674/FUL (03/03/2018)


Part demolition part retention and conversion of former print works with additional new houses and

flats to create 12 new residential dwellings at Printing Workshop Midland Road Rushden NN10 9UJ


18/00004/FUL (03/03/2018)


Construction of a new link road between Ditchford Lane and Rushden Lakes (with associated site clearance and earthworks) alongside junction works, footpaths, cycleways, lighting, hard and soft landscaping and associated works at Land West Of Rushden Lakes Ditchford Lane Rushden


18/00007/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Two-storey Side and  Single-storey Rear Extensions at 131 Higham Road Rushden

NN10 6DS


18/00019/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Single-storey Side Extension at 6 Crane Close Rushden  NN10 6BE


18/00030/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Demolish existing single storey and erect new two storey extension and extend garage at 26

Firdale Avenue Rushden  NN10 6ED


18/00053/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Application to allow amalgamation of Unit A6 and Unit A7 at Terrace A, Rushden Lakes as well as

use of Unit A6 for the sale of clothing and footwear at Land Adjacent Skew Bridge Ski Slope

Rushden Lakes Rushden


18/00068/ADV (24/02/2018) (Info)

Consent to display 3No. internally illuminated Facia Signs to front side and rear elevations and

1No. Set of glazing vinyl graphics to front and side elevation. at Land Adjacent Skew Bridge Ski

Slope Rushden Lakes Rushden


18/00110/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension & loft conversion (N.B: Proposed extension does not fall under

permitted development as the extension is built off a previous extension) at 292 Newton Road

Rushden  NN10 0SY


17/02317/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Conversion of garage to habitable room (retrospective) at 86 Coltsfoot Road Rushden

NN10 0GE


17/02541/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Replace existing single front facing dormer with 2No. smaller dormers. Convert garage to habitable

room and construction of detached double garage with home office over. at 183 Avenue Road Rushden  NN10 0SN


18/00115/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension and extension to garage to create separate annex. at 33 Carnegie

Street Rushden  NN10 9SN

Stoke Doyle

18/00101/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Closure of existing field access and creation of new field access with associated track (part

retrospective) at The Mill House Wadenhoe Road Stoke Doyle  PE8 5TG


18/00033/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Extension of existing boundary featherboard fence at the same height of 1.8 metres, by 5 metres in length, and 1 metre depth. at 16 Scotney Way Thrapston NN14 4SA


18/00114/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Change of Use of Part of the Coal Delivery Yard to a Self-Storage Facility Resubmission of

17/02042/FUL at Coal Yard Midland Road Thrapston


18/00061/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Alterations to include installation of spiral staircase to rear, new garage doors, additional velux

window to rear, flue to wood burning stove at 15 Poreham Road Thrapston


18/00163/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

garage conversion to habitable room at 15 Sherborne Way Thrapston NN14 4XG


18/00095/FUL (03/03/2018)


Erection of Timber Garden Store and Workshop (Retrospective) at 13 High Street Titchmarsh

NN14 3DF


18/00096/LBC (03/03/2018)


Erection of timber garden store at west boundary and workshop at north boundary to grounds of

Grade II Listed dwellinghouse at 13 High Street Titchmarsh  NN14 3DF


17/02657/LBC (03/03/2018)

(LBRegs) (LB/CA)

Internal and external alterations to Grade II Listed Coach House  to effect change of use consent to

C3 dwellinghouse granted under application 17/01397/FUL at The Old Coach House Wadenhoe

House Church Street Wadenhoe  PE8 5SR


18/00049/FUL (31/10/2018)


Erection of two storey side extension. at 3 Main Street Wakerley Oakham  LE15


18/00085/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Demolition of conservatory to east elevation with replacement extension.  Additional extension to west elevation at The Old Milking Parlour Pound Lane Woodnewton


17/02639/FUL (24/02/2018) (Info)

Proposed installation of two sets of french doors on the first floor of the rear elevation to replace

existing windows. at Spring Barn 1 Manor Farm Main Street Yarwell  PE8 6PR


17/02640/LBC (03/03/2018)


Proposed installation of two sets of french doors on the first floor of the rear elevation to replace

Existing windows. at Spring Barn 1 Manor Farm Main Street Yarwell  PE8 6PR


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