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Are Wills Considered Taboo? Nene Local speaks to Wellingborough Wills

Wellingborough Wills talks to Nene Local reporter Alex Lloyd.

Most people still have very old-fashioned views on wills. Two out of three of people in the UK have not written a will, and considering they are one of the most important pieces of paper in someone’s life this stat is quite shocking. Many people regard it as ‘tempting fate’, that when you sign on that dotted life the clock starts ticking. The reality however, is that the clock was always ticking so making sure that you can leave something behind is important. We spoke to Wellingborough Wills, a family run business, about how they can provide peace of mind for people.

Wellingborough Wills was founded by Gordon Spence in 2008. After jobs in IT and mortgages, he fell into will making after the loss of his mother in law. In 2014 his daughter, Dani, left the childcare industry after wanting a change of job. It is unusual for there to be a family will-writing business, but the professionalism and small fees make Wellingborough Wills a great option for securing the future.

Wills are the legal documents containing instructions of what should be done with a person’s estate (money and property) after death. They can also contain what they wish their funeral to be like, however the funerals cannot be legally enforced. They can make sure that your children will be looked after, reduce inheritance tax or leave your possessions to certain people. It is truly astonishing that the large majority of people in the country have not yet written a will.

Wills can contain virtually anything. Some people choose to leave their inheritance to beloved pets, like Gunther, a German Shepherd worth £90 mil after his owner passed away. People can choose to have their ashes scattered over places like cricket pitches or at sea, or to have them mixed with other loved ones. These things are legally enforceable, so the stress of what happens after you go is reduced considerably.

Why get professional advice?

DIY will kits are available from some retailers for about £10, and they’re good for when you want to leave little things behind. However, there are some risks with these ‘do it at home’ kits. For example, were you to make a mistake on that will, that mistake will by carried out by law. If you go to a professional will writing company, such as Wellingborough Wills, they can offer sound advice and ensure that everything is as you want it.

Martin Luther King Jr never wrote a will, and his relatives are still battling over his estate in court a full 50 years after his death. That alone shows how important that small piece of paper really is.

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  1. Tracey Walton says:

    Wow that is shocking, one of the biggest things to decide is who will look after your children.