Celebrating Business Women along the Nene Valley

Whilst browsing Facebook this week I came across this extract from a 1950’s home economics book. Scarily the 1950’s are not that long ago!

women in business

2018 sees celebrations of 100 years of womens suffrage – 100 years since some British women were first guaranteed the right to vote. The Representation of the People Act was made in February 1918, eventually paving the way for universal women’s suffrage in the country.

This year has been an exciting year for us here at Nene Local, as we’ve taken on Alex lloyd from Prince William School in Oundle to help with his work experience.  Each week he’s been writing articles on local business people.

As our own celebration – Today we’re sharing all the business women’s stories he has written, click the link to read their story;

Elizabeth Wright – Admin and More

Mary Coulson – Mary Coulson Studios

Caroline Prout – Inspired to Change Hypnotherapy

Alison Sethna – Little Seeds Antenatal Classes

Rhona Rowland – VSH Law

Dani Spence – Wellingborough Wills

Helen Smith – Crescita HR & OD

Lesley Clarke – Lesley Clarke Style Advisor

Julie Futcher – The Sales Manager

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