Smart Homes: Fad or Science Fiction?

Smart Homes: Is it just a fad?

Smart Homes and virtual assistants have always been a part of science fiction, but with the recent popularity of virtual personal assistants like Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google Home, it’s beginning to look like the idea is just now becoming the new standard for all properties. Much like the invention of the internet or mobile phones, can we foresee Smart homes becoming a necessity in the coming years? Nene Local spoke to Andy Franco, owner of Soteria UK Security and Automation LTD, to find out the extent of smart devices today and how they could influence modern living.

Soteria UK offer the new and easier way of controlling your home. It caters to energy management, security, access control and entertainment. Soteria UK allows you to know who’s at your door, helping to prevent burglaries, manage energy costs and prevent children from watching what they shouldn’t, all from one handy application on your smart phone bespokely designed for you. They also provide CCTV cameras and timed lights that give the illusion that your home is occupied to any potential criminals when you’re not. Keeping in line with saving energy, these security measures will run on less capacity, meaning you’re saving money whilst protecting your home.

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How does it work?

Any device with an electrical supply can be ‘made smart’. This ranges from closing curtains without getting up or telling your bath to be at a certain temperature from your phone, ready and waiting for you to get home after a hard day’s work. All devices in your home are connected to your phone via the Azure cloud, the same software used by the US government to keep all their valuable files safe from hackers, so it gives you the peace of mind that your property is safe from both physical and virtual intruders.

Smart Homes are going to be the norm in a few years. Future generations will grow up wondering how we ever survived living in a time where our gadgets didn’t do everything for us, much like my generation wonders now how anyone had a social life before the invention of the internet and mobile phones!

Further along the line, Smart Homes may incorporate AI (artificial intelligence), meaning that your home will be able to make decisions of its own to cater to your lifestyle, effectively being your very own virtual butler.

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