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Planning Applications: 28 March 2018 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/00475/LBC (28/04/2018)

(LBRegs) Retrieving the parapet from the watercourse and replacing the missing section of parapet (like for like),resetting a displaced coping stone North East of the structure at Brancey Bridge Thorpe Rd Aldwincle  NN14 3EA


18/00489/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Change of use of land to allow for woodworking, storage of timber and occasional public

demonstrations (Sui Generis), including new hardstanding, a portable band mill and the erection

of 3 open storage sheds (part retrospective) at Workshop Stocks Hill Cottage Stocks Hill Lower Benefield  PE8 5AD

Higham Ferrers

18/00575/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Changing a flat roof to a pitched roof at 8 Vine Hill Close Higham Ferrers  NN10 8EH

18/00602/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Replace a hedge to the front of property  with a brick wall with pillars and railings at Chester House 85 Kimbolton Rd Higham Ferrers NN10 8HL


18/00393/VAR (21/04/2018)

(Info) Variation of conditions pursuant to planning application 17/00836/FUL: New build dormer

bungalow including access

Condition 3


Condition 10

Condition 17 at Land

Adjacent 11 Manor Drive Irthlingborough

18/00481/ADV (28/04/2018)


1 off externally illuminated fascia sign with M4 letters

1 off externally illuminated fascia sign (no text)

1 off externally illuminated fascia sign with M4 letters

1 off externally illuminated totem

sign at Former Factory Site Church Street Irthlingborough

18/00517/FUL (21/04/2018)


Two storey side extension at 31 Holbush Way Irthlingborough


18/00553/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Proposed rear single storey extension on the back of existing single storey building at 87 Lowick

Road Islip NN14 3JY

Kings Cliffe

18/00579/FUL (28/04/2018)

(LB/CA) Front porch with first floor extension over. Alterations to main entrance and front ground floor

windows. Timber cladding to front and side elevations at 16 Bridge St Kings Cliffe PE8 6XH

Lowick And Slipton

18/00556/FUL (28/04/2018)

(LB/CA) Single Storey Oak framed Extension at Newtons Yard 3 Main St Lowick


18/00509/FUL (28/04/2018)

(LB/CA) Removal existing brand signage and ATM at 9 Market Place Oundle PE8 4BB

18/00510/LBC (28/04/2018)

(LBRegs) Removal existing brand signage and ATM. Internal works to remove non-original fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment relating to the operation of the branch at 9 Market Place Oundle


18/00518/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Ground floor extension and alteration to dormer bedroom above garage on first floor (Re-

submission of 17/02678/FUL). at 32 Creed Rd Oundle  PE8 4QN

18/00574/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Creation of new vehicle access at 103 Benefield Rd Oundle

18/00577/LBC (28/04/2018)

(LBRegs) External redecoration of house and stables at The Stables Cobthorne 16 West St Oundle


18/00601/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Proposed extensions to garage at front and infill extension to kitchen/dining at rear at 20

Cotterstock Rd Oundle PE8 5HA


18/00437/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Proposed attic conversion with new dormer windows and roof lights at 3 Circus Grove Polebrook



18/00401/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Erection of garage at 20 Park St Raunds NN9 6NB

18/00516/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) To replace flat roof area with pitched roof, to include ten rooflights; Erection of front boundary fence and gates at 2 Poplars Close Raunds NN9 6EZ


18/00536/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Two-storey residential dwelling at 7 High St Ringstead

NN14 4DA


17/01912/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Erection of single dwelling at 55 North St Rushden  NN10 6BU

18/00354/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Proposed single storey dwelling at 49 Irchester Rd Rushden  NN10 9XG

18/00404/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Construction of a terrace of 3 two storey dwellings, demolition of existing building, alterations to

existing access and associated works at 158 Wymington Rd Rushden  NN10 9LA

18/00469/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) To convert half garage into a playroom/bedroom with new window to side elevation (no

alternation to front elevation) (part retrospective) at 14 Arum Close Rushden

18/00515/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Creation of new vehicle access onto highway at 167 Irchester Rd Rushden

18/00522/ADV (21/04/2018)

(Info) 1no. internally illuminated  fascia sign  and 1no. goods in sign at rear at land adjacent Skew

Bridge Ski Slope Rushden Lakes Rushden

18/00532/VAR (21/04/2018)

(Info) Variation of condition 1 pursuant to planning application 17/00319/REM: Reserved matters – Appearance, Landscaping and Layout pursuant to planning permission 16/00469/OUT dated

2.6.16 -Outline application: Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings: residential

development of 9 up to dwellings;  modifiication of access to off road parking; and amenity space

(all matters reserved except access and scale) at 3 Northampton Rd Rushden

18/00580/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Proposed replacement garage block with Granny Annex accommodation over at 122 Newton Rd Rushden

NN10 0HL


18/00537/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Proposed first floor extension above garage, storm porch and pitched roof canopies at 31 High St Stanwick NN9 6QA

18/00573/LBC (28/04/2018)

(LBRegs) Erection of car port with solar panels attached to existing garage building at The Grange 24

Grange Road Stanwick NN9 6PZ


18/00523/FUL (28/04/2018)

(LB/CA) Replacement of double doors/Sidelights to 2nd floor balcony. Shiplap boarding to top third of glazed gable frames at 14 Chicheley Cottages Hortons Lane Thrapston  NN14 4XT

18/00526/FUL (28/04/2018)

(LB/CA) Erection of seven residential dwellings together with creation and upgrade of accesses with associated demolition of a small section of frontage wall at 38 Huntingdon Rd Thrapston

NN14 4NQ


18/00525/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Change of use from field to horse riding arena (menage), 40mx25m with post and rail fencing around it at land adjacent Ranway House Islington Titchmarsh  NN14 3DG


18/00472/FUL (21/04/2018)

(Info) Construction of small stable block.  Two loose boxes, tack room and hay store and associated boundary treatment at Rectory Farm Lutton Rd Warmington  PE8 6UT

2Motiv8: Social Media Support

2Motiv8: Social Media Support

When running a business, it is important to get your brand out into the world. People need to know who you are, what you do and why they should use your services. And with 20% of the modern market now being online, it’s amazing to see who many small businesses do not use social media to their full advantage. Samantha Cameron, owner of 2Motiv8, runs social media training for those who have little or no idea on how to grow their business virtually and Nene Local had the chance to talk to her about what she does.


Starting Off

Sam started her business after spending 25 years in the corporate industry and banking, as well as 4 years of running a different business that operated almost exclusively online. After needing bed rest due to a chronic illness, she decided she needed another purpose for her to literally ‘get out of bed’, and thought that seeing as she loved training people and had the relevant experience she would set up her own business.

2motiv8 | nene local

2Motiv8 provides management, training and scheduling for all platforms of social media. Running a promotional offer at the moment where a special annual fee of just £19.99 ensures anyone who runs their own business can have access to 2motiv8’s scheduler, a service that provides a variety of resources for use on a social media page. It includes the ability to schedule at least a week’s worth of work on all social media sites in just one hour, as well as giving access to a library of 25,000 images, ranging from royalty free stock photos to motivational quotes. You can also use the image creator to make your own flyers, business cards or logos. It provides suggested messages as to what to post if you’re stuck on ideas and a research function that allows you to find out what is trending on that exact day.

Sam plans to expand her business over the next few years. Monthly training days, videos and training manuals are all in the works, and she is hoping to take on an apprentice to work with her on the marketing, branding and managing websites.

“Don’t be afraid of social media”

In order to have a successful business you have to have a strong social media presence. Sam says – Don’t be afraid to use social media, as nothing bad will come from it, only good things. Never rush into things, as business strategies will always change. The internet is an amazing and free tool to have, so make sure to use it to the best you can.

If you have a small business and wish to learn about how to grow it via social media, contact:


Samantha Cameron

FREE Weightloss Event in Thrapston

What Harm are You Doing with a Yo-Yo Diet?

This is Sally’s story “Three years ago, I was introduced to a revolutionary way of losing weight. Not just any old weight loss plan or fad, but a way to specifically target visceral fat and also reset my metabolism to work back at its peak.

I say, “work back”, because I’ve learned that consequently, through years of yo-yo dieting (I hold the crown!) I had been losing the wrong type of fat and literally slowing my metabolism down each time…

So, I very sceptically embarked on my Reset journey, having researched how and why it worked differently. I was absolutely blown away by the results, on the scales and visually. It had literally re-sculpted my body. I lost fat from places I hadn’t ever previously.

I learned about the importance of nutrition, the role that it plays in helping the body to function at its best, losing and keeping the weight off. We may think we are eating ‘healthily’, but unfortunately, because of how food is produced now, compared to 40 years ago, we simply don’t get nutrients from food anymore.

Types of Fat

We have three types of fat that our body uses. The first is what we use for energy, which we obtain from our food. (Calories in v Calories out) If we are eating too many and not burning them off, or if we are eating too many carbs which convert to fat, we lay it down as the 2nd type which is visceral fat. This is the dangerous fat which collects around our organs. It can be a contributing factor to heart disease and diabetes. It also makes our body produce extra hormones which can raise the risk of breast cancer.

Visceral fat is a ‘locked in’ fat and extremely hard to lose. It’s the last fat that anyone will lose.

Then we have a 3rd type, which is structural fat. It’s underneath the skin, in our joints, and most importantly, in our lean muscle tissue. The heart is a lean muscle, so it’s definitely a fat that we don’t want to lose!

Unfortunately, it’s the fat that we do lose on a traditional ‘diet’ or weight loss plan.

Slowing Down your Metabolism

When we go on a diet, firstly we burn the energy stores until they are depleted, then because our body needs to get energy from somewhere, it turns to our structural fat.

Each time we lose structural fat, we actually slow the metabolism down, leading to us putting on weight again because we can consume fewer calories. So we diet again, we lose more structural fat, leading to an even slower metabolism… We can then consume even fewer calories before we put on weight….This is how the yo-yo cycle begins…

In the past I have done VLCD’s (very low calorie diets) which consist of meal replacement soups and shakes. Yes, you lose vast amounts of weight, and yes, you do lose visceral fat, but, only once you have depleted all the fat in your structural fat. This is why you see people that have lost weight in this way with baggy skin (what I’d call turkey necks, bingo wings and tummy overhangs) I used to lose, and gain, three stone every year on these types of diets. The reason is because of the loss of lean muscle tissue, which as I said earlier, slows the metabolism.

As we age and reach 35, we naturally lose a percentage of lean muscle tissue every year, so we have every reason to protect what we have.

The Metabolic Reset

The Metabolic Reset specifically targets visceral fat, whilst protecting the structural fat at the same time. It also kickstarts the hypothalamus gland into working effectively again. This is what regulates the metabolism.

We kickstart it by using a homeopathic activator which activates the hypothalamus to release the visceral fat, but, toxins which are held in this fat, release into the body too.

Because of this, we do a detox (but still eat real, tasty food) for a minimum 21days. This also enables the body to rest from fighting what it sees as toxins, the things that we put in it on a daily basis i.e. alcohol, processed food.

When we stop taking the activator, the hypothalamus naturally kicks back in to start working by itself. It’s at this point that the metabolism resets to its peak.

We stabilise it for another 21days to enable our bodies to metabolise food more effectively (burn more calories) which makes it really easy to keep the weight off.

What it did for Me

metabolic reset diet

Before and After Images

metabolic reset diet

25lbs in 28 days

Metabolic reset diet

This is the first time in my adult life that I have been able to keep the weight off

I lost 25lbs in 28 days in June 2015.

I’ll be 53 this month.

This is the first time in my adult life that I have been able to keep the weight off, without any stress, worry or effort. My body also recognises when it is full, something that was alien to me before. All previous cravings have gone.

My health has improved greatly, I have no more chronic knee pain or sinusitis any longer.

I can honestly say this has been a life changer for me, and for the friends that I’ve introduced to it, that have also gone on to see and feel the huge benefits for their health issues too, aside from the weight loss.


Join our Event

You can meet Sally and hear her amazing story in Thrapston.  Information about following the Metabolic Reset will be available during the evening, and full support given to anyone who wants to try it.

Wednesday 11th April

7pm until 8.30pm

St James Hall – Thrapston

FREE entry but places are limited so register here for your ticket

Rushden Living Consultation

For those of you unable to attend the public consultation regarding Rushden Lakes, Nene Local reports.

Rushden Lakes set to become almost half as big again under the new expansion plans.

A new project  called Rushden Living – has been submitted to East Northants Council, it’s the first stage of a bid to extend the shopping development on land west of the popular Rushden Lakes site.

If approved there would be almost 12,000 sq m of shops, restaurants and offices, as well as a new link road hoping to ease traffic into the site. The plans include:

–   A1 class units (non-food retail)

–   A1 (retail including food)

–   B1 (offices)

–   B1 and B2 (general industry)

rushden living plans

The proposed development should also mean a 782m privately-owned link road between the development and Ditchford Road.

Ditchford Road will be realigned to facilitate the new road junction providing an alternative means of access to Rushden Lakes, for shoppers currently entering from the A45.  An additional 811 car parking spaces will also be created, bringing the total number of spaces to 2,730.

It’s anticipated that work could begin as early as next year with completion in 2020.  We have been no indication of any shop names which may be interested in joining the development in this proposed newest phase.

Phase two, is currently being built to include a 14-screen cinema from Cineworld, due to open in early 2019.

rushden living plans

rushden living plans

rushden living plans

English Tourism Week in the Nene Valley

An exciting array of events have been organised for residents, visitors and businesses in the Nene Valley, as part of a celebration of English tourism.

river | nene local

Running from 17-25 March 2018, English Tourism Week celebrates the vibrancy and quality of England’s visitor experiences and world-renowned tourist attractions.


During the Week there will be a wide variety of local events including…


  • 19 March: accommodation start up event to encourage new businesses
  • 20 March: annual tourism event at Peterborough Cathedral
  • 23 March: brochure swap and networking event at the Boathouse, Rushden Lakes. Open to accommodation providers, tourism groups and attractions
  • 24 March: stands promoting the Nene Valley at House of Fraser, Rushden Lakes. Craft activities for kids, face painting, competition and Nene Valley bag giveaways!

fraser | nene local

These events have been organised through the Destination Nene Valley project, which aims to promote the Nene Valley as a competitive, sustainable destination offering wildlife and heritage to a mixture of local, national and international audiences.

East Northamptonshire Councillor and Board Member for the Destination Nene Valley project, Sarah Peacock, said:


“We are excited to, once again, support Visit England’s annual English Tourism Week. This year we have organised something for everyone, from business advice, to networking opportunities, to family fun, and we look forward to engaging with lots of familiar and new faces along the way.”


Debbie Chaplin, Customer Experience Manager at House of Fraser, Rushden Lakes, added:


“It is an honour to be supporting English Tourism week, and so important for visitors and local people alike to realise what an amazing part of the country we live in and the diversity of the heritage of our community. House of Fraser is fully supportive of the sustainability and protection of the wildlife and surrounding area as we are corporate partners with the Wildlife trust.”

lake | nene local

For full details of the Nene Valley events, please follow @_NeneValley and/or #Ilovenenevalley on Twitter, visit or contact Karen Williams (East Northamptonshire Council’s Tourism Officer) on

Golden Years: Maintaining Friendships in Retirement

Golden Years: Maintaining friendships in retirement

golden years | nene local

Loneliness is a huge problem affecting the elderly population. The death of a spouse, the necessity of care, or the lack of friends can really affect a person’s mental health, and this in turn, if not identified and worked on early, can have a detrimental effect on physical health as well. This is where Golden Years can help.  With a group in Wellingborough and one soon to open in Northampton, this group is a lifeline to many older people.

Golden Years is a social friendship group dedicated to making sure elderly people get the opportunity to meet with friends and try out new activities that they may have never even considered before.  Devised and run by Megan Neilan, plus volunteers such as her parents and Mel and Sue, it strives to prove that age is nothing but a number, and that anyone can do whatever they put their mind to. Megan says “If you can promote independent living and maintain a social life, the brain will stay stronger for longer.”

Golden Years has been proven to work. One of it’s members was discharged from the care system because of the new purpose they found within themselves to go out and do something new and exciting improved their mental health. Another recently had to give up her driving license, but instead of a sad occasion, Golden Years has managed to organise a Ferrari driving experience for her to make her last drive a memorable one!

Early Stages

Megan set up Golden Years after training to be a nurse. She was heartbroken to see the state of the care system, with all its cuts to funding and lack of staff. The long hours prevented her from doing her job as a nurse in the best way she wanted too and also prevented her from looking after her own grandmother, with whom she has a close relationship. Megan decided to do something different and set up her friendship group on the 8th of July 2017 with the idea of getting a few people to find new friends and enjoy some activities. the first meeting was a month later on the 8th of August, and the project has gone leaps and bounds since.

“The biggest risk was their teeth falling out from smiling too much”

The group has gained publicity from local news outlets, because of the impact it had on the elderly community and the fun activities. They’ve gone indoor skydiving and ice skating, destroying the stereotypes that old people can’t really do anything for themselves.  There is never any danger, with multiple policies and procedures in place to prevent accidents from happening, and insurance as a back up should the unlikely happen. The members were sceptical of these activities at first but having done them everyone was proud of what they have achieved and have found new confidence in what they can do.

When they decided to try indoor sky diving the risk assessment required nothing to be able to fall from the person.  Everyone had a chuckle when they were told they either needed to remove any false teeth or not open their mouth so nothing fell out!

golden years | nene local

A few upcoming events include drifting at Rockingham Speedway and lorry driving. There is an ambition to have a road trip from one end of the country to the other (Lands End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland). The group is aimed at over 65’s but is open to younger volunteers who’d like to help. There is a small membership fee but is a lot cheaper than the NHS care and hospice system.

Megan would love to hear from any local businesses who might like to get involved.

For more information, contact:

Megan Neilan

07376 732084


What’s your Personal Style?


Would you say you were more of a classic dresser or a bit eclectic? A minimalist or a tad bohemian?


How do you understand your personality style and how will it help you be more successful when shopping?


Finding your style will make you feel more authentic, comfortable and happy because it will, well just suit you! It’ll also help you zone in on what to look for when shopping, particularly if you do most of your shopping on-line. And when you do go to the shops you should find it easier to scan clothing racks, filtering through rails and becoming more effective at finding garments that are ‘you’.


Below are 4 main clothing personality types. If you google ‘clothing personality types’ you’ll find others and quizzes you can use to help you decide which reflects you best. You may also discover that you could be a mixture of more than one but one will be predominate. Remember these can only ever be guides. Your style is all about you, and you are unique!


Classic dresser – well curated wardrobe with timeless, practical tailored pieces.



Dramatic – your wardrobe is more diverse, including statement pieces that are more distinctive. You’ll probably like strong colours and bold prints.dramatic


Natural – this indicates a preference for a more casual, comfortable style. Your wardrobe will contain mainly functional clothes and you’ll probably migrate to natural fibres with some stretch and texture.


Romantic – you like florals, soft feminine styles and floaty fabrics. You’ll be drawn to detail and low to medium contrast colours.


However, if you’re not sure which type you are, here are some questions to ask yourself:


  1. Which celebrities do you most resonate with?
  2. Whose wardrobe would you like to raid?
  3. What are the cities that best represent your style?
  4. How do you want to feel when you leave the house in the morning?
  5. How do you want to be seen when you run into your ex or business competitor?
  6. What do you want to be doing on a Tuesday afternoon, 2 years from now and what are you wearing?
  7. If you could shop anywhere, which 3 stores would you choose?
  8. What 3 words best describe your personality?



Now go and look in your wardrobe and see how closely it matches to your answers? If you’re struggling, give me a call.
t: 01604 696040 m: 07969516390
Instagram: lesleyclarkestyleadvisor

twitter: @LesleyStyle




Chilli Festival Warms up Wellingborough Footfall

A red-hot Chilli Fiesta helped spice things up in Wellingborough this weekend, bringing in an extra 3,600 people to the town centre.


Latest footfall figures have revealed a total of 18,282 people visited Wellingborough town centre on Saturday, compared to 14,638 shoppers seven days earlier – with thousands flocking to the Tithe Barn for the free event.


The figures show a 25 per cent week-on-week increase in footfall, while it is a 46 per cent increase on the equivalent date in 2017.


The Chilli Fiesta has been deemed so successful by organisers Discover Wellingborough, the town’s Business Improvement District (BID), that a follow-up event has already been planned for November.


John Cable, Executive Director, of the Wellingborough BID, said: “We’ve worked hard this year to ensure everyone knew that the Chilli Fiesta was the hottest place to be, despite the plummeting temperatures.


“The increased footfall figures are hugely encouraging and to record a 46 per cent rise on last year is great news for the whole town centre.


“The sizzling snacks and eye-watering food was so popular that we’ve already added another Chilli Fiesta to our calendar of events this year, so we hope to replicate – or even better – the success we’ve just had, with the next one in November.”

Crowds browse the stalls at this year's Chilli Fest

Crowds browse the stalls at this year’s Chilli Fest

One business owner who thinks the event will lead to great things for her restaurant, is Jodi Jenny, who runs Jamrock Food on Cambridge Street.


She said: “It was a fantastic event and we were so busy meeting tons of new people. I would gladly participate again and again, as we all had so much fun.


“A lot of the people we met said they would be sure to visit us, as either they hadn’t known we were here, or had never thought to pop inside, so I think the fiesta has been good for business.”


The one-day event provided chilli producers from all over the UK the chance to showcase their products, including sauces, jams, pastries, pickles, dips and even drinks.


The day also gave local charity Chelsea’s Angels the opportunity to collect much-needed funds so it can continue its work in supporting families affected by the childhood cancer

Neuroblastoma. Volunteers managed to raise nearly £400 after holding a tombola, selling refreshments and receiving kind donations.



Young Designers put to the Test by Wellingborough Packaging Firm

Aspiring young designers could see their innovative creations brought to life in a competition launched by a Wellingborough transit packaging company.


PALLITE, based in Sinclair Drive, Park Farm North, launched the 2018 Design Contest at The Big Bang Northants, which is part of a UK-wide programme led by EngineeringUK to bring science and engineering to life for young people aged between nine and 19.


Patrick Mulhall, Operations Manager, chats to a student about the PALLITE 2018 Design Contest

Patrick Mulhall, Operations Manager, chats to a student about the PALLITE 2018 Design Contest

The event, which took place at Silverstone on Wednesday, February 28, attracted more than 4,000 children from primary and secondary schools across Northamptonshire. It is known for taking pride in celebrating and showcasing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) businesses from all over the county.


The appeal of the lightweight, strong, and recyclable paper pallets produced by PALLITE attracted the event organisers to invite Managing Director, Patrick Mulhall, Operations Manager, Richard Darlow and Marketing Manager, Stephanie Munn to exhibit their work.

Patrick Mulhall said: “The Big Bang Northants event provided a fantastic platform to raise awareness of the work we do and gain exposure as part of the largest celebration of STEAM across the county.

“We were able to demonstrate the versatility of our products in an elephant display, made from 2D pieces of 25mm Honeycomb Board that when slotted together created the 3D design which stood at 1.5m high by 2m wide. We hope this offered some inspiration to students to come up with their own designs as part of our competition.

Patrick Mulhall, PALLITE Operations Manager, chats to a student at The Big Bang Northants

Patrick Mulhall, PALLITE Operations Manager, chats to a student at The Big Bang Northants

“We are looking for unique and creative designs, which consider the manufacturing process, minimal waste, accuracy and ease of assembly. Good luck to all those taking part.”

Participants must be students at a Northamptonshire school, which signed up to take part in The Big Bang Northants.

Entries need to include illustrations and designs that visualise the proposed project along with a description of the concept and assembly instructions. Points will be awarded for originality, accuracy and ease of manufacture.

Entries must be submitted by post to The Alternative Pallet Company Ltd, 60 Sinclair Drive, Park Farm North Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, NN8 6UY or emailed to by midnight on Saturday, March 31.



Dog Bins – Council Plea to Keep District Clean

NEWS LOGOEast Northamptonshire Council (ENC) is urging dog walkers to apply a ‘common sense approach’ when disposing of waste, following a spate of complaints from residents and businesses.

dog poo bin thrapston

Recently, some dog waste bins in the district have filled up quicker than normal, and in some cases have overflown, before the Council has had a chance to empty them.


Dogs bins are provided in conjunction with parish or town councils and are emptied at least once a week.

Mike Deacon, ENC’s Head of Environmental Services, said: “We’re noticing more and more that dog poo bins are also being used for other large bags of rubbish, domestic and commercial, which means they are getting filled more quickly and there isn’t room for the dog poo bags. This isn’t fair on our responsible dog walkers.


dog poo bin thrapston“We welcome your reports of overflowing bins, but please allow us a few days to get them emptied. If it’s nearing the usual emptying day, we will allow the agreed collection cycle to resolve it rather than send a crew solely for one bin, particularly if it’s in the north of the district, to make the best use of taxpayer’s money.”


Councillor Steven North, Leader of ENC, added: “We promise to keep emptying the bins, but we need a minority of our residents and visitors to apply a common sense approach. We’re pleased to see people are picking up after their dogs, but if a bin is full, please use another or take it home. Leaving bags on the floor is only adding to the problem. Everyone has a responsibility to keep our district clean and tidy.”


Please report full bins to ENC’s waste management team on or 01832 742026.


The Dog Wardens at ENC are monitoring bin usage and if necessary, will review how frequently they are emptied.