2Motiv8: Social Media Support

2Motiv8: Social Media Support

When running a business, it is important to get your brand out into the world. People need to know who you are, what you do and why they should use your services. And with 20% of the modern market now being online, it’s amazing to see who many small businesses do not use social media to their full advantage. Samantha Cameron, owner of 2Motiv8, runs social media training for those who have little or no idea on how to grow their business virtually and Nene Local had the chance to talk to her about what she does.


Starting Off

Sam started her business after spending 25 years in the corporate industry and banking, as well as 4 years of running a different business that operated almost exclusively online. After needing bed rest due to a chronic illness, she decided she needed another purpose for her to literally ‘get out of bed’, and thought that seeing as she loved training people and had the relevant experience she would set up her own business.

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2Motiv8 provides management, training and scheduling for all platforms of social media. Running a promotional offer at the moment where a special annual fee of just £19.99 ensures anyone who runs their own business can have access to 2motiv8’s scheduler, a service that provides a variety of resources for use on a social media page. It includes the ability to schedule at least a week’s worth of work on all social media sites in just one hour, as well as giving access to a library of 25,000 images, ranging from royalty free stock photos to motivational quotes. You can also use the image creator to make your own flyers, business cards or logos. It provides suggested messages as to what to post if you’re stuck on ideas and a research function that allows you to find out what is trending on that exact day.

Sam plans to expand her business over the next few years. Monthly training days, videos and training manuals are all in the works, and she is hoping to take on an apprentice to work with her on the marketing, branding and managing websites.

“Don’t be afraid of social media”

In order to have a successful business you have to have a strong social media presence. Sam says – Don’t be afraid to use social media, as nothing bad will come from it, only good things. Never rush into things, as business strategies will always change. The internet is an amazing and free tool to have, so make sure to use it to the best you can.

If you have a small business and wish to learn about how to grow it via social media, contact:


Samantha Cameron


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