Airsoft – Nene Local Visits the Local Supplier

Nene Local learns about what AK Combat can provide for the cadet and Airsoft community.

airsoft | ak combat | nene local

For many cadets, the most daunting task is to get your uniform in top condition. I have been through this myself, and I can say from experience that your first kit inspection is terrifying. Which is why finding a good and consistent supplier is a very smart idea. AK Combat sells boots and uniform in all shapes and sizes, so it is very easy to find what you came for.airsoft | ak combat | nene local

Alan Houghton, new owner, bought the shop after being a customer.   He went in to buy his son some birthday presents. He was looking to change from carpentry, and so when the old Home Guard shop closed down he bought the shop and set up his own business.airsoft | ak combat | nene local

The shop sees cadets come from all over the local area and beyond, from the local ones to detachments and squadrons as far as Godmanchester. The shop sells uniforms accepted by the Air, Sea and Army Cadets, and all the ‘gear’ is excellent quality.

It’s not just cadets that AK Combat helps though, as it also a retailer of Airsoft weapons, gear and pellets. It is licenced by the UKARA (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association), so all weapons meet the requirements of law.

airsoft | ak combat | nene local

A customer trying on accessories

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is basically paintball but with a lot less mess and more in line with military simulation. It is a lot cheaper to its more famous counterpart and has a dedicated community to it. It is open to people under the age of 18 as well, however their weapons must be 50% coloured in a bright shade for younger players. Over 18s are allowed to have real imitation firearms, which look like real life weapons used by various militaries around the world.airsoft | ak combat | nene local

How do you get into Airsoft?

In order to buy and own your own weapon, you need to apply for your UKARA number. Then once you have that, you must prove you are a player by regularly attending airsoft events over a period of three months. This then permits you to have a weapon for yourself, although it means that you are only allowed to fire it at licensed events. However, it is often better to hire a gun to start with to see if you would really like to carry on with it. It is a very good hobby to take up, ideal for youngsters as the teamwork orientated objectives have been shown to develop good life skills as well as even helping conditions like Autism and Asperger’s.

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