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What Harm are You Doing with a Yo-Yo Diet?

This is Sally’s story “Three years ago, I was introduced to a revolutionary way of losing weight. Not just any old weight loss plan or fad, but a way to specifically target visceral fat and also reset my metabolism to work back at its peak.

I say, “work back”, because I’ve learned that consequently, through years of yo-yo dieting (I hold the crown!) I had been losing the wrong type of fat and literally slowing my metabolism down each time…

So, I very sceptically embarked on my Reset journey, having researched how and why it worked differently. I was absolutely blown away by the results, on the scales and visually. It had literally re-sculpted my body. I lost fat from places I hadn’t ever previously.

I learned about the importance of nutrition, the role that it plays in helping the body to function at its best, losing and keeping the weight off. We may think we are eating ‘healthily’, but unfortunately, because of how food is produced now, compared to 40 years ago, we simply don’t get nutrients from food anymore.

Types of Fat

We have three types of fat that our body uses. The first is what we use for energy, which we obtain from our food. (Calories in v Calories out) If we are eating too many and not burning them off, or if we are eating too many carbs which convert to fat, we lay it down as the 2nd type which is visceral fat. This is the dangerous fat which collects around our organs. It can be a contributing factor to heart disease and diabetes. It also makes our body produce extra hormones which can raise the risk of breast cancer.

Visceral fat is a ‘locked in’ fat and extremely hard to lose. It’s the last fat that anyone will lose.

Then we have a 3rd type, which is structural fat. It’s underneath the skin, in our joints, and most importantly, in our lean muscle tissue. The heart is a lean muscle, so it’s definitely a fat that we don’t want to lose!

Unfortunately, it’s the fat that we do lose on a traditional ‘diet’ or weight loss plan.

Slowing Down your Metabolism

When we go on a diet, firstly we burn the energy stores until they are depleted, then because our body needs to get energy from somewhere, it turns to our structural fat.

Each time we lose structural fat, we actually slow the metabolism down, leading to us putting on weight again because we can consume fewer calories. So we diet again, we lose more structural fat, leading to an even slower metabolism… We can then consume even fewer calories before we put on weight….This is how the yo-yo cycle begins…

In the past I have done VLCD’s (very low calorie diets) which consist of meal replacement soups and shakes. Yes, you lose vast amounts of weight, and yes, you do lose visceral fat, but, only once you have depleted all the fat in your structural fat. This is why you see people that have lost weight in this way with baggy skin (what I’d call turkey necks, bingo wings and tummy overhangs) I used to lose, and gain, three stone every year on these types of diets. The reason is because of the loss of lean muscle tissue, which as I said earlier, slows the metabolism.

As we age and reach 35, we naturally lose a percentage of lean muscle tissue every year, so we have every reason to protect what we have.

The Metabolic Reset

The Metabolic Reset specifically targets visceral fat, whilst protecting the structural fat at the same time. It also kickstarts the hypothalamus gland into working effectively again. This is what regulates the metabolism.

We kickstart it by using a homeopathic activator which activates the hypothalamus to release the visceral fat, but, toxins which are held in this fat, release into the body too.

Because of this, we do a detox (but still eat real, tasty food) for a minimum 21days. This also enables the body to rest from fighting what it sees as toxins, the things that we put in it on a daily basis i.e. alcohol, processed food.

When we stop taking the activator, the hypothalamus naturally kicks back in to start working by itself. It’s at this point that the metabolism resets to its peak.

We stabilise it for another 21days to enable our bodies to metabolise food more effectively (burn more calories) which makes it really easy to keep the weight off.

What it did for Me

metabolic reset diet

Before and After Images

metabolic reset diet

25lbs in 28 days

Metabolic reset diet

This is the first time in my adult life that I have been able to keep the weight off

I lost 25lbs in 28 days in June 2015.

I’ll be 53 this month.

This is the first time in my adult life that I have been able to keep the weight off, without any stress, worry or effort. My body also recognises when it is full, something that was alien to me before. All previous cravings have gone.

My health has improved greatly, I have no more chronic knee pain or sinusitis any longer.

I can honestly say this has been a life changer for me, and for the friends that I’ve introduced to it, that have also gone on to see and feel the huge benefits for their health issues too, aside from the weight loss.


Join our Event

You can meet Sally and hear her amazing story in Thrapston.  Information about following the Metabolic Reset will be available during the evening, and full support given to anyone who wants to try it.

Wednesday 11th April

7pm until 8.30pm

St James Hall – Thrapston

FREE entry but places are limited so register here for your ticket https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sally-arnold-weightloss-journey-tickets-44364887573

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