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At Orchard Clinic in Thrapston, they now offer Angel Therapy.  Nene Local had no idea what this entailed and so went to try it out.

The Angel Therapist, Gaynor Myles, is lovely. A very sincere person that you immediately warm to and like.  We talked a lot. I’d not gone with a specific issue in mind, so it did make it a little more difficult for us.  Although she soon honed in on how I needed to be more ‘in the moment’ to become less stressed.

Gaynor used some cards to gain some messages about me/ for me and was amazingly insightful.  She talked about things I had not thought about for many years.

angel therapy | gaynor myles

Her treatment includes talking therapy initially then healing therapy, using a hands-on approach.  You remain fully clothed but lie on the couch, her hands are upon you and for those who know Reiki the treatment was very similar.

I left feeling very uplifted with some ‘homework’ of things I just needed to think about and maybe make some decisions on before my next appointment.

It’s a very personal therapy, so writing a full review is not possible.  A girl must have some mystery!

Gaynor told me to drink plenty of water, which I did, I had to message her later in the day as I felt quite ‘down in the dumps’, she said it was quite normal and I would have a good night’s sleep and feel better in the morning.  I slept very well indeed and felt much better after my afternoon of sadness.  I also think I know where I have some blockages that need to be moved and I’m keen for appointment number two to work on them.

angel therapy | gaynor myles

If you are interested in Angel Therapy, and seeing how it helps both physical and mental-health conditions, take a look at some testimonials below;

Testimonial – Anxiety

“The warmth I have received, the healing for a long held eating disorder, the space, the absence of judgement, the guidance, the accuracy from Gaynor’s Angel cards that spoke about what I would normally find so hard…..the gentle guidance to allow myself to repair and heal”

Testimonial – Anxiety

“I booked in with Gaynor Myles for Angel Therapy as I have suffered with anxiety for many years which I had relied on beta blockers to control my panic attacks. Since starting my sessions my stress levels have lowered dramatically and I have not had to medicate for over a year, it wasn’t instant and we talked a lot about staying present, a lot of energy work was for releasing fear….. I had forgotten how to live in the moment”

Testimonial- Relationship

“Thank you to the amazing, intuitive, Gaynor for walking alongside me on a journey which had me finally leave an abusive relationship & find the strength to start building solid & firm foundations.”

Testimonial – Relationship, self esteem

“Angel therapy?……What is Angel therapy my friends asked after I visited. It is healing, it is cleansing, it is energy you can feel shifting, it is meeting someone who you never met before and realising they see every part of you, every shame you have felt, every inch of your guilt and yet that there is no judgement, just compassion… Wow! An empowering experience which I am forever grateful that my own Angels led me here….”

Testimonial- Addiction

“I have a past which I had kept hidden deep inside and thought was behind me. I was a heroin addict, and have always been ashamed of who I was, how I had lived, how I had treated my body. My  Angel cards, this room, this astoundingly accurate lady, Gaynor took me back, safely, to facing my ‘demons’ and guiding me through any misconception I had labelled myself with so that I could finally find peace and let it go, there truly is a lightness in your body, and your thoughts, when you embrace your story.”

Testimonial – Neck Pain

“I’ve seen Gaynor on many occasions with amazing results. One being a very painful neck that no other treatment fixed after one visit to Gaynor the problem was sorted. I strongly recommend a visit to Gaynor to experience the wonderful angel therapy”.

Testimonial – Migraine

“Going through emotional challenges in my life my daughter recommended I visit Gaynor, I decided to take my daughters advice and WOW I’m glad I did! Gaynor has a wonderful gift to feel in my head and heart and the guidance given helped me to see things much clearer. I now visit Gaynor whenever I need to recharge my energy level and focus on life .”

Testimonial – Physical Pain

“I had in recent weeks suffered with a pain in my chest, this pain alongside anxiety caused me all sorts of worries, which was my reason for booking a session of Angel Therapy. As I spoke with Gaynor I felt the pain. On instruction I breathed and continued to talk and suddenly began to cry. With Gaynor’s continual reassurance my breathing started to ease and by the time I was on the couch I was breathing deeply with my arms freely by my side (which is something I hadn’t done in a long time). I cannot rate Angel Therapy enough and I would recommend Gaynor to everyone. The pain has stayed away and I feel much happier and more at ease with my life.”

Testimonial- Physical Pain

“I have visited Gaynor for several problems, most recently a back problem. I was amazed by how quickly the pain disappeared. I was in agony, yet after two treatments of Angel Therapy my back was pain free and mobile once more. I could feel the heat from her hands as we spoke about emotional issues that were clearly having a physical effect on me. I was unaware that Angel Therapy could help alleviate physical symptoms but now I know how successful it was for me I will continue to use Gaynor for physical as well as emotional issues in the future. Gaynor has a truly amazing gift.”

angel therapy | gaynor myles

To find out more or to book contact:

Gaynor Myles – Orchard Clinic, Thrapston

Telephone: 01832 733686

Website: http://www.orchardclinic.co.uk/

Orchard Clinic Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OrchardClinicThrapston/


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