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Planning Applications: 24 May 2018 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/00936/FUL (23/06/2018)


Conversion of outbuilding into sewing room and utility, and erection of greenhouse at 4 Fuller

Close Aldwincle NN14 3UU


18/00881/LBC (23/06/2018)


Installation of a passenger lift serving the ground and first floors. The alterations to the building

are:- formation of an opening through the ground floor ceiling;

– removal of a section of cornice

approximately 1.75m long;

– formation of an opening in the first floor structure;- providing a

steel supporting structure within the cellar area below the lift position;- formation of a door

opening through a first floor stud wall; and- installation of a steel framed package lift. at Deene

Hall Deene Park Deene Corby NN17 3EW

Duddington With Fineshade

18/00804/FUL (23/06/2018)


Alterations and change of use from agricultural outbuilding to create an annex to the main house: replacement of oil tank; new septic tank at Manor Farm High Street Duddington

18/00805/LBC (23/06/2018)


Alterations to listed barn to form annex as per Design and Access statement dated April 2018 at

Manor Farm High Street Duddington PE9 3QE

18/00965/FUL (23/06/2018)


Demolition of existing porch, canopy, garage, conservatory and utility room extension. Erection of

two storey extension to west elevation, single storey extensions to south and north elevations, and

first floor extension to southwest elevation. Replacement of fascias, bargeboards, windows and

external doors. Alterations to access, boundary treatments and landscaping (Resubmission of

17/01230/FUL) at Hillside Stamford Road Duddington PE9 3QB


18/00988/FUL (23/06/2018)


Single storey extension, demolition of existing porch and replacement of uPVC cladding at The

Sperrins New Road Easton On The Hill PE9 3NN


18/00895/FUL (23/06/2018)


Conversion and Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to 3 No. Residential Dwellings: Removal

of 2 No. Modern Agricultural Buildings: Erection of 1 No. Residential Dwelling (resubmission of

17/01743/FUL) at Manor Farm Cotterstock Road Glapthorn

18/00896/LBC (23/06/2018)


The Restoration, Conversion of an Existing Range of Traditional Redundant Agricultural Buildings

to 3 No. Residential Dwellings along with the Removal of 2 No. Modern Agricultural Buildings at

Manor Farm Cotterstock Road Glapthorn

18/00983/FUL (16/06/2018)


Proposed two new cottage style dwellings. at Land Adjacent The Cottage Benefield Road

Glapthorn PE8 5BQ


18/00756/FUL (23/06/2018)


Extension to create a first floor over existing bungalow with slate and pantile roof, application of

limestone and render to external walls. at The Paddocks Gretton Road Harringworth NN17 3AD


18/00585/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Demolition of garages and erection of 7No dwellings with associated parking and amenity spaces at 176 High Street Irthlingborough NN9 5RD

18/00726/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Proposed two new two storey dwellings with off road parking at land adjacent 42 Jubilee Street


18/00914/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension (conservatory) at 31 Gulliver Road Irthlingborough

18/00945/OUT (23/06/2018)


Outline: Residential development with public open space and associated infrastructure. Means of access from Nicholas Road. (All matters reserved except access) (resubmission of 17/00969/OUT) at land rear of Nicholas Road Irthlingborough

Kings Cliffe

18/00688/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Change of use: Move our side and rear garden wall to incorporate the piece of land to the side of the property within our ownership to become garden land. at 40 Oak Lane Kings Cliffe PE8 6YZ

18/00906/FUL (23/06/2018)


Partial conversion of existing garage to include utility room, new roof over bedroom and new

dormers to front elevation at 45 West Street Kings Cliffe PE8 6XB

18/00953/VAR (23/06/2018)


Variation of condition 20 pursuant to application 15/01767/FUL: Conversion and subdivision to

four dwelling units dated 23.11.2015 Condition Number(s): 20 – Except where expressly stated by other conditions on this planning permission, the

development hereby permitted shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the following

approved drawings:

Drawing number: 1058-

05 Revision D, received 16.11.2015

Drawing number: 1058-08 Revision C, received 16.11.2015

Drawing number: 1058-06 Revision C, received 21.09.2015

Drawing number: 1058-09 Revision

B, received 21.09.2015

Drawing number: 1058-01 Revision D, received 19.11.2015

Drawing number: 1058-07 Revision C, received 19.11.2015

Reason: In order to clarify the terms of this planning permission and to ensure that the

development is carried out as permitted.



Conditions(s) Removal:

Reduction of traffic use to approved access and reduced traffic movements through the site (reduction in driveways). Additional information and substantiation provided to demonstrate safe use of existing access. Drawings 1058-07k to supersede former approved. at Huskissons Lodge Farm Buildings Wansford Road Kings Cliffe



18/00859/LBC (23/06/2018)


Demolition of latter extension to south facing elevation of the main stables building.  Demolition

of latter extension to the front elevation of the Groom’s Cottage building.  Structural repairs to

Stables building elevations.  Internal timber repairs to floors and roof structure.  Repairs and

replacement of timber windows.  Elevation stonework repairs, re-pointing and cleaning.  Stripping

out of defective internal finishes at Stable Block 100M E of Laxton Hall Laxton Park Laxton


18/00946/FUL (16/06/2018)


Infill area of three large unused roller shutter doors at Fairline Nene Valley Business Park Oundle PE8 4HN


18/00775/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

The erection of a single storey detached dwelling on land adjacent to 10 Belmont Gardens

Raunds at land adjacent 10 Belmont Gardens Raunds

18/00922/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Erection of new dwelling at 21 Oakleigh Close Raunds NN9


18/00879/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Proposed change of use from former Police Offices – “Sui Generis” to C4 (HMO) at 75 North Street Rushden NN10 9BU

18/00894/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing garage and workshop, erection of ground floor single-storey rear extension,

and  two storey side extension.  Loft conversion to include Juliette Balcony and new roof-

alignment from hip to gable including addition of rear dormer windows and creation of 2 off road

parking spaces on front garden. at 65 Prospect Avenue Rushden NN10 6DQ

18/00928/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Single-storey rear extension at 22 Prospect Avenue Rushden NN10 6DH

18/00955/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Land at no.2 to be divided to accommodate erection of 1no. 3 storey residential dwelling. at 2

Prospect Avenue Rushden NN10 6DH


18/00907/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension at 40 High Street Stanwick NN9 6QA


18/00844/LBC (16/06/2018) (Info)

Re-thatch roof of stone outbuilding with water reed at Tansor Manor Fotheringhay Road Tansor


18/00846/FUL and 18/00847/LBC (23/06/2018)(LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Internal and external alterations to outbuilding ancillary to private dwelling at Tansor Lodge

House Oundle Road Tansor PE8 5JY

18/00849/FUL and 18/00850/LBC (23/06/2018) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Internal and external alterations to outbuilding to convert ancillary residential accommodation at

Tansor Lodge Buildings Oundle Road Tansor P PE8 5JY

Thorpe Achurch

18/00769/FUL (23/06/2018)


Erection of 5 dwellings at land at TL 0233 8293 Church Lane Achurch


18/00885/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Single story rear extension at 29 Orchard Way Thrapston NN14 4RE

18/00960/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Proposed two storey side extension at 10 Brambleside Thrapston NN14 4PY


18/00715/FUL (23/06/2018)


Change of use from residential garden to stable yard and construction of a single storey

outbuilding comprising stables, storage/tack room, home office,and garage at Station House Barrowden Road Wakerley LE15 8PD


18/00956/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

First floor extension, erection of new porch, new external staircase, window replacement and

alterations, new roof over bay window and new render finish to house and garage of number 16

Church Street and new render finish to bungalow and garage of 16A Church Street at 16 Church

Street Woodford  NN14 4EX


18/00752/FUL (16/06/2018) (Info)

Erection of timber garage adjacent to stables Changing size of garage to a smaller unit from

Original application EN11/00058/FUL at Walnut Barn Oundle Road Woodnewton

Sole Relaxation – A New Reflexologist in Thrapston

What is Reflexology?

There are over 7200 nerve endings in our feet, all capable of relaying thousands of messages around our body.  Reflexology, an ancient Chinese therapy says that each part of the foot relates to a part of the body. The reflexologist can feel imbalances in the foot, which relate to a part of the body, the movements they use can help support the body in its healing of those areas.

Reflexology stimulate reflexes in the body and can be effective for:

Joint pain, stabilizing digestion, headahces and migraine, sinus issues, hayfever, hormonal issues, stress and detoxing.

New in Thrapston

Sam Wilder, owner of Sole Relaxation, operates from her home salon on Wainright Avenue in Thrapston.  Her salon is a lovely setting, decorating in calming colours, with beautiful pictures on the wall.  Creating a lovely, relaxng atmosphere. Sam was very attentive during my treatment, ensuring I was warm enough, her pressure was just enough and that the music was OK.  It was a lovely pampering session from start to finish!

Firstly, there was a quick health form to fill in, as it was my first treatment. Whilst I did this, Sam soaked my feet and exfoliated them for me.  I then lay on her couch, fully clothed (you only remove socks and shoes) and relaxed under a cosy blanket.

The Treatmentfeet sole relaxation reflexology

Each foot was worked on in turn. Do not worry if you have ticklish feet, as the pressure is firm not at all tickly.  I was expecting some tender areas, which denote an imbalance in the body in that area – but I appeared to be in very good health and so no such areas were found.  They often feel like little crystals deep under the skin that can be ‘popped’ – is probably the best description.  The treatment lasts around an hour is is hugely relaxing, I even think I had a little snooze at one point.

Refelexology is wonderfully relaxing, whether youo have anything in particular for the therapist to work or not. I can highly recommend a treatment from Sole Relaxation.

For More Information:

Sam Wilder 07747 072464

Sole Relaxation on Facebook


Delicious Pizza in Thrapston

Delicious is very aptly named!  We nearly said the ‘new’ pizza and kebab shop in Thrapston – but then talking to the owner we realised it has been with us over a year now!  Delicious still get people going in and saying “We never knew you were here!”

Nene Local were treated to a pepperoni pizza in delicious earlier this week – so what’s the verdict?


delicious pizza and kebab thrapston

delicious pizza and kebab thrapston

When Delicious first opened I have to admit that we had a pizza and found it quite salty, so we stuck with our usual pizza place when we had a take-away.  I’ll speak as I find, this was either a one off or it has certainly been sorted out, as last night’s pizza was one of the best I’ve tasted.  It came with a pot of sauce – as I do like to dip!!  It was not too thick a crust, I can’t stand doughy bases or crusts – this was just right.

I would say that Mr and Mrs Nene Local are now Delicious converts!!

delicious pizza and kebab thrapston

They also do kebabs and burgers as well as pizza, and as I chatted and waited for my pizza to cook I saw them make a vegetarian kebab which looked absolutely devine – that will be my next order!

delicious pizza and kebab thrapston

delicious pizza and kebab thrapston

So maybe next ‘take away night’ you ditch the big chains and give Delicious a go?  Enjoy good food and value for money.

delicious pizza and kebab thrapston

.. we ate in the garden.

Delicious Thrapston

Tel:  01832 735735


Order online from their website for delivery to your door!

21 Day Metabolic Reset Plan – Can I do it?

Nene Local went along to the free weightloss event in Thrapston – outlined here

Then I decided to bite the bullet and try the diet for myself…. Day One eating looks good to me!  (Although its not all like this sadly)

21 day reset diet

Click on the image to read all about the diet and how it targets the right type of fat, resets your metabolism and gets you out of the dangerous yo-yo dieting cycle….

There are different types of fat…

We have three types of fat that our body uses. The first is what we use for energy, which we obtain from our food. (Calories in v Calories out) If we are eating too many and not burning them off, or if we are eating too many carbs which convert to fat, we lay it down as the 2nd type which is visceral fat. This is the dangerous fat which collects around our organs. It can be a contributing factor to heart disease and diabetes. It also makes our body produce extra hormones which can raise the risk of breast cancer.

Visceral fat is a ‘locked in’ fat and extremely hard to lose. It’s the last fat that anyone will lose.

Then we have a 3rd type, which is structural fat. It’s underneath the skin, in our joints, and most importantly, in our lean muscle tissue. The heart is a lean muscle, so it’s definitely a fat that we don’t want to lose!

Unfortunately, it’s the fat that we do lose on a traditional ‘diet’ or weight loss plan.

You’ve slowed down your own metabolism…

When we go on a diet, firstly we burn the energy stores until they are depleted, then because our body needs to get energy from somewhere, it turns to our structural fat.

Each time we lose structural fat, we actually slow the metabolism down, leading to us putting on weight again because we can consume fewer calories. So we diet again, we lose more structural fat, leading to an even slower metabolism… We can then consume even fewer calories before we put on weight….This is how the yo-yo cycle begins…

In the past I have done VLCD’s (very low calorie diets) which consist of meal replacement soups and shakes. Yes, you lose vast amounts of weight, and yes, you do lose visceral fat, but, only once you have depleted all the fat in your structural fat. This is why you see people that have lost weight in this way with baggy skin (what I’d call turkey necks, bingo wings and tummy overhangs) I used to lose, and gain, three stone every year on these types of diets. The reason is because of the loss of lean muscle tissue, which as I said earlier, slows the metabolism.

As we age and reach 35, we naturally lose a percentage of lean muscle tissue every year, so we have every reason to protect what we have.

The Metabolic Reset Plan

The Metabolic Reset specifically targets visceral fat, whilst protecting the structural fat at the same time. It also kickstarts the hypothalamus gland into working effectively again. This is what regulates the metabolism.

We kickstart it by using a homeopathic activator which activates the hypothalamus to release the visceral fat, but, toxins which are held in this fat, release into the body too. Because of this, we do a detox (but still eat real, tasty food) for a minimum 21days. This also enables the body to rest from fighting what it sees as toxins, the things that we put in it on a daily basis i.e. alcohol, processed food.

When we stop taking the activator, the hypothalamus naturally kicks back in to start working by itself. It’s at this point that the metabolism resets to its peak.

We stabilise it for another 21days to enable our bodies to metabolise food more effectively (burn more calories) which makes it really easy to keep the weight off.

My Story

Day One and Two are Loading days…. It is a hugely important part of the diet to unsure you have enough energy reserves -plus you use a homeopathic activator solution to ensure the fats are being stored correctly as energy.  When I get onto phase 2, which takes 21 days I will talk more about a food supplement which supports your body’s natural systems and helps with food cravings.

Today I have eaten my toasted buttery bagel, topped with peanut butter and a little jam.  Then some cheese for lunch followed by strawberries, ice cream and double cream.  Gosh I am feeling guilty – but there is no need to be…

Just as an aside, this ‘high in fat’ phase can be achieved with avocado, nuts, smoked mackerel, olive oil etc – it is just I happen to have chosen unhealthy fats to eat rather then healthy ones – it’s just two days and a personal choice.


Let’s see…. My weight today was 11stone 2lbs (I’d like to lose 2 stone) – I am 5’4″ tall.

Bust   37″  Waist   36″   Hips  45″

21 day reset diet

I’ll grab a bikini in a moment and do some ‘before photos’.  Not sure I will post them live until I’ve got my ‘after photos’ though – I might just be too embarrassed at my figure.

Day Two

Loading again – I thoght eating lots of lovely high fat food would be easy but I cannot wait to stop!

I redid my measurements after loading and they were:  Hips 44″  Waist 39″ Thighs 24.5″ – measuring just these areas as this is mainly where it will target.

Day Three

And so it begins…. my start weight is 11st 5lbs.

I’ve taken my drops, my nutritional supplements (DBB, and OPC’s – antioxidants) and about to have breakfast in about 2o minutes.  I’m choosing a protein shake today but I could have a ‘normal’ breakfast such as scrambled eggs, with cooked onion, pepper and spinach.  I’m choosing the shake as I am due to go out soon and it’s convenient.

My lunch was a chicken salad, 120g of chicken, some rocket and spinach, dressed with soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, very nice!  Beforehand I had taken my drops.  chicken saladI’ve drunk around 3 pints of water today so far, the downside is of course, many toilet visits.  I’ll be taking my drops at around 4.30pm and then dinner will actually be another chicken salad, just because that’s what I’ve got in. I wil be adding lettuce, tomato, red pepper, cucumber and red onion so dinner will be a feast for my eyes!

Day Five

I’ve not posted in a few days as we had guests.  Oooh that was tough!  Not enjoying the company of our lovely guests but keeping to the plan.  I’m not going to lie, it was tough BUT I kept thinking ‘This is three weeks of my life for goodness sake!’

World's Most Boring Mojito

My husband called this “World’s Most Boring Mojito” – it was just sparkling water and delish!

Mum in Law brought a home make fruit cake for the weekend and Alison brought some delicious ooking hummus, and a lemon cake too!  However, we had a BBQ and I enjoyed a large peice of steak with a salad, followed by sliced Grany Smith Apple in fresh lime juice.  It was super tasty – honest!!  After I heard everyone groaning later saying how they’d eaten too much and felt bloated, how ‘that last piece of cake tipped me over the edge’ I also felt a little smug, with my non bloated tummy.  I did end up eating more of everything than I should have, but it was all on plan.  Today I was expacting a maintain, as I’d eaten a lot…….

Weigh in today was and unexpacted 1/4 of a pound, which means I am on track with five pounds in five days!

It’s a warm day again today so the little black shorts that were too tight a month ago, well I’m wearing them as I type. Oh and I’m drinking my home made skinny latte (on plan of course!)

Home-made Skinny Latte

Home-made Skinny Latte

Day Eight

I’ve been trying to ring the changes with food this week, so I don’t get bored.  Found I could eat Quark, so mixed with powdered mustard and horseradish for a zingy dip and ate with sliced red and green pepper – oops no photo, just remembered as I’d eaten it all!  I will endeavour to post a picture of my Salad Nicoise this evening… Obviously with a few changes so it fits the plan.

Weghtwise, I’ve slowed down a little, so that got me down. I am now drinking more water and instead of 1/4lb a day (which I’d slipped down to) I did 3/4lb yesterday.  Overall, I’m on day 8 and I’ve lost 6 1/4 lbs.  My measurements however…..

I’ve lost 2 inches on my waist, 1 1/2 inches off my hips and one inch off each thigh – so feeling pretty good!

Day 14

I’ve impressed myself at getting this far!  BBQ weather has certainly helped, as although friends have popped by the alcohol, cake and various desserts, the BBQ is definitely this diets best friend.  A nice piece of steak on the BBQ served with salad and BBQ roased red peppers – yum!

When others have eaten dessert I’ve had a little Quark in a bowl then a hot, black coffee.  I’m seeing the difference and so are others.  I’m sitting typing this in a pair of jeans I was unable to get past my hips three weeks ago!

I’ve been hungry but only really just before mealtimes which I guess is when you’re meant to be anyway?!  I’ve not really craved anything at all – which is the drops, they definitly help with that.  Plus my vitamin/mineral/probiotic/fibre drink ensures that although the diet is quite restricitve (for only 21 days) you still have all the goodness you need in your diet, meaning in now way is it one of these ‘fad’ diets that can be so bad for you.

My measurements are – Waist lost 4 inches, hips lost 2 inches, thighs lost 1.5 inches.  Overall weightloss so far is 10lbs – obviously I’m not satisfiedn and want more off but that’s just me!  If I could do a stone that would be a nice round figure to lose – 7 days to go!!!

weight loss chart

… Going down… will I do a stone??

Day 19

Almost done!  My cooking went through a can’t be bothered stage, so I have having a lot of chicken salads.  However, after a sunny boating weekend I have become a bit more inspiring.

A roast chicken Sunday dinner was enjoyed by all. I refused the roast potatoes and gravy but had the rest – chicken, cabbage, broccoli and roast squash – all very yummy.  Plus I put aside a little bit of chicken and squash, home made a wrap and had that for lunch today.

home made wrap

I’m drinking more water as this helps too and my weight has gone down by 12 lbs in a few weeks.  Wednesday is my last day on the Diet phase, and so I shall update you on what happens next……

Day 21

I’ve made it to my final day!  Looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning to see what the total has been.  When I have dieted before it’s been a long hard slog for months – my dieting buddies will tell you I’m a ‘1lb off a week girl’. Come rain come shine no more than a tiddly 1lb a week – plus, as I have now learned, that was structural fat too.

My first week on the diet I lost 6lbs! (I put 2lbs on during the Loading phase, so lost 4lbs in reality), then week two I lost a further 3lbs, so far this week I’ve lost 3lbs but hoping to squeeze off another one by tomorrow…

If I have not reached the weight I wanted to reach at Day21 I can continue for up to another 21days to lose more.  Or if I decide later on I wish to lose a little more, I can redo the whole process.

Final Weigh and Measure

My weight this morning was 10st 7lbs – which is a loss of 12lbs in three weeks.  I’ve lost an inch and a half off each thigh, 2 inches off my waist and 4 off my hips. A total loss of nine inches – where it matters!!

It’s all visceral fat, which is held around your organs, I’d love to be able to see inside me… but as its the fat around organs it means it goes around the tummy, waist and hip area, which is exactly what I needed.

kick starting my metabolism

…and I feel great!

If anyone wants to see the bikini Before and After photos I am happy to share privately.  Message me.

What next?

After tonight, I stop taking my activator drops and do 2 more days on the diet phase, this will reset my metabolism back to it’s peak, and my weight then is my new start point.

By Saturday, I can start to introduce dairy, nuts, beans, good quality oils, fruit and some of the vegetables I have missed.  I do need to stay off carbs for a further 18days though, then gradually add them back in.

Going forwards, they recommend a lower, better quality carb in your diet – such as wholegrains. It’s certainly made me drink more water which is a good thing, and changed my taste buds, It’ll be interesting to find out what I like and dislike once my diet gradually returns back to ‘normal’. My portion sizes will be smaller for sure, and I predict a few foods coming out of my diet completely….  Let’s see!


Since doing the 21 Day Reset I have learned more about nutrition, toxins and what I put into and onto my body. As such I have devised my own 21 Day Clean Reset.  I don’t use the drops as I’d read things online I was not happy with.  I cleared out all the toxins (or as many as possible!) from my body – It’s not as hard as it seems.  Take a read HERE and maybe you’ll join me!


The Northampton Town Festival is Back for 2018!

The Northampton Town Festival is back for 2018 and bigger and better than ever. A fun-filled throwback to the iconic Northampton Town Show and the Balloon Festival, Northampton Town Festival is once again bringing the hot air balloons back to the Racecourse on Kettering Road, Northampton, for the third year running. Mark the 7th &8th July in your diary, you don’t want to miss this!

Last year’s festival was such an incredible success, attracting visitors not just from Northamptonshire, but other areas, due to the varied attractions and, of course, the balloons. The organisers of the festival, Show Time Events Group, are also delighted that they are able to keep the festival at the Racecourse, which is large enough to accommodate the estimated 65,000+ attending and offer free entry into the event.

Showtime events group are also urging local traders to get involved and have a booking form on their website so that traders can apply for stalls in their marqueees. They are also looking for businesses that would like to get involved with the event via sponsorship opportunities.
northampton town festival

About The 2017 Festival 

The Northampton Town Festival was a completely free event to attend and had something for everyone to enjoy.

The Giant Funfair was open on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and allowed visitors to purchase half price rides before the dates of the actual show, allowing larger families to have more fun without spending a fortune.

The weekend was also packed with free entertainment including Broke FMX Freestyle Motocross Show, the Knights of Nottingham (Medieval Jousting), Vander Wheel of Death and Kung Fu displays from Mighty Monkeys.

Other fun activities included_animal displays and fantastic all day live music and displays from the music stage including classic rhythm and blues from the Yellow Dog Blues Band, songs from local singer-songwriter Charlotte Carpenter, foot rocking Ska music from The Two Tones and so much more!

There were also stalls with goods, food and drink from local traders dotted throughout, including ‘bars’ serving alcohol for the adults. Showtime Events Group, who organise the run the festival, are extremely passionate about supporting local traders and giving them the opportunity to display their trade by offering space at the festival at reasonable rates, including reduced rates for charities.
Bigger and better for 2018

Feedback is important, and after last year’s event, Show Time Events Group were keen to hear what people thought, so they released a survey, welcoming feedback from the public, and having taken the results into consideration plans for an even bigger and better festival began. 2018’s festival includes even more exhibitors, a bigger funfair, even more arena entertainment and a variety of food, drink and trade options.

northampton town festival

A few words from David Bailey, Event Organiser

“We were absolutely thrilled with the turnout of The Northampton Town Festival in 2016 and 2017… with so much achieved in such a short space of time, it needed to be re-arranged for 2018!

As a free event, we expected a great turn out and we were not disappointed – we can only expect bigger crowds for 2018.  More entertainment, more arenas and some surprise acts – subject to permission granted of course!

Whilst Showtime Events Group hope more people come to our event, we also hope to bring more visitors to Northampton town as tourism is beneficial for other businesses in the town too!”


Northants study Smashes Social Media Stereotypes

Ground breaking survey, carried out by The EBP, the region’s National Citizen Service (NCS) provider, found that stereotypes surrounding teenagers’ social media obsession could be unfounded as teens reveal they care far more about doing in well in their exams than their social media following.

The data gathered by youth empowerment programme, NCS revealed that 95% of Northamptonshire teens want to do well in their current exams whereas only 18% were bothered about how many followers they have on social media.

Phil Everett, from The EBP the regional NCS provider, said: “Modern teenagers, often referred to as Generation Z, have grown up online with high-tech devices as a standard way of life. They therefore often receive a bad reputation for being addicted to social media so it is reassuring to know that these stereotypes may not be correct but that teens do in fact prioritise school and their exams.”

The survey also highlighted that 26% of teens want likes on social media quickly and this number increases slightly when asked if they want their friends to like their posts as 31% thought this was important. However, these numbers pale in comparison to the 82% of teens who think that revising is important and that doing well in exams will help land their dream job.Lydia Turner, Northants

Phil added: “Whilst there is no denying that the younger generation are very digitally savvy and social media is important to them it is also clear from these strong statistics that, for Northants teens, education is the priority.

“NCS offers a programme which plays to the strengths and interests of Generation Z. One of the most popular aspects of NCS is phase three where teens are able to make a difference. We know that Gen Z are keen to make an impact on the world and contribute to something larger than themselves. The social action project offers teens the chance to work collaboratively, another key Gen Z trait, to put all the skills they’ve learnt from the previous two weeks of NCS into practice to help the local community or a charity.

“Another popular phase of the programme is the week away at university-style accommodation learning new skills such as how to write a great CV or even set up your own businesses. This focus on education reflects the three out of five young people who believe they have the skillset to land their dream job. Instilling a sense of confidence in the next generation whilst having fun is at the core of the NCS programme.”

The idea of having fun was another key area of the survey as when asked, nine out of ten teens said that having a fun summer break was important to them.

NCS is a unique four-week summer programme, focused around fun and discovery with teens spending time away from home, learning new life skills and also volunteering at least 30 hours of their time to a community project or charity of their choice.

Lydia Turner, 18 from Northampton, said: “I loved NCS as it provided an easy way to start making a difference in my community. I met loads of new people who became great friends and was able to put my energy into a project I was passionate about alongside equally passionate people. I also gained confidence and had so much fun.

“I would definitely recommend NCS to my friends as I learnt so much from the experience and gained so many skills that I use every day. It also helped me to find a passion for volunteering which I now explore every summer.”

The government-backed scheme costs no more than £50, which covers the entire experience from food and accommodation to activities and travel, with bursaries available on a case by case basis. The NCS summer programme will start on 25 June 2018 – with more dates available throughout the summer holidays.

For further information and to sign up to the summer NCSEM1 programme visit or call 01522 574101.

Plastic Bags are Ruining the Recycling

northants council logoEast Northamptonshire Council (ENC) needs your help to combat contamination, by not putting plastic bags in recycling bins.


When a non-recyclable item is put in a recycling bin, the materials are said to be ‘contaminated’ and have to go to landfill instead of being recycled.


Plastic bags can not be recycled in East Northamptonshire, and they are contaminating more and more recycling bins.


To raise awareness of this problem, ENC’s waste officers will be monitoring waste contents alongside collection crews, over a period of several months.


The collection crew and officers will ‘red tag’ contaminated bins and leave a letter outlining the issue and how to deal with the problem for next collection.


Waste Manager at ENC, Charlotte Tompkins, said: “It’s so disheartening when a plastic bag is spotted in the recycling because it means all the efforts gone in to collecting the recycling has been undone. We simply can’t take recycling in that form, and it’s not safe for our crew members to sift through the bins to pick out the rubbish.


“There are so many other ways to re-use the 5p bags you buy at the supermarkets. Rather than as bin bags, why not keep using them for your shopping?”


To remind yourself what goes in the recycling bin, visit:


Captain of Great Britain Deaf Women’s side gets behind Northants FA’s Wildcats Centres

Former Northampton Town Ladies defender and current captain of the Great Britain Deaf Women’s football team, Claire Stancliffe, has thrown her backing behind The FA’s SSE Wildcats programme, which is currently running throughout Northamptonshire.

Captain of Great Britain Deaf Women’s side gets behind Northants FA’s Wildcats Centres

SSE Wildcats Centres are specifically aimed at novice girls aged between 5 and 11, with the motto being to ‘have fun, make friends and play football’. The initiative aims to inspire participants to engage with football, make new friends, develop fundamental skills and create the foundation for a lifelong love of football.


15 Centres are now open across Northamptonshire where weekly sessions are delivered by qualified coaches, either after school or at weekends.


Four-time bronze medallist and SSE Wildcats Centre supporter, Claire Stancliffe, feels it’s really important that girls know where they can start playing football.


Speaking during her recovery from a serious knee injury sustained at the 2017 Deaflympics, Stancliffe said: “I support girls’ football and in particular the SSE Wildcats Centre programme because it’s really important we increase awareness about the opportunities available.”


The FA has introduced SSE Wildcats Centres to address the statistic that only 41% of girls regularly play football at age 10, compared to 95% of boys of the same age. FA research suggests that novice girls want informal opportunities to play football to increase their confidence, yet only 3% of mini soccer teams (under-7s to under-11s) are girls only teams.


Stancliffe’s experience supports this view. She started her football career at Redwell Junior School in Wellingborough, where she had to join in with the boys.


“When I was a child, these sorts of opportunities were not available, so I want to highlight this programme in the hope that someone sees and benefits from it. I would have loved to have taken part in the SSE Wildcats Centre programme if it was available to me back then,” said the defender, who previously played for Rushden & Diamonds and Northampton Town.


There are currently 15 SSE Wildcats Centres running across Northamptonshire, based at the following venues:


  • Netherton United, Peterborough
  • Nene Valley Community Centre, Peterborough
  • Montsaye Sports Centre, Rothwell
  • Southfield School, Kettering
  • Wrenn School, Wellingborough
  • Duston Sports Centre, Northampton
  • Good Shepherd Primary School, Northampton
  • Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton
  • Daventry Leisure Centre
  • Crick Sports Field
  • Towcester Centre for Leisure
  • Blisworth Football Club
  • Brackley Town Football Club


To find out more details about the SSE Wildcats Centres in Northamptonshire, visit or contact Stuart Smith, Football Development Officer, on or 01604 678409.


New President Vows to Turn “Challenges into Opportunities”

The new president of the Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce has pledged to turn “challenges into opportunities” by working more closely with local businesses and building relationships to last.

Simon Toseland, president of Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce

Simon Toseland took over the reigns as the leader of the organisation on 17th April.

Outlining plans for his presidency, Simon Toseland said: “The next few years will present some interesting challenges for local businesses.  Potentially the most influential will the possible unification of the County’s Councils and specifically the combining of Wellingborough, East Northants, Kettering & Corby Councils.  If this happens, then it will probably take place around 2020, hot on the heels of Brexit in March 2019’’.

The Director of Prop-Search gives specialist advice in commercial property development, investment and agency in the town for over 30 years and used his first speech as president to set out his vision for his tenure.

“I believe that the Chamber can work closer with both local businesses and the new unitary authority, earning respect and reliance from both.  The Chamber needs to evolve with the challenges and changes facing all business.  This isn’t just about raising awareness of the Chamber but having the specialist skills available within the organisation to help and implement them as required.”

“New challenges will always present new opportunities and strong leadership born out of inclusive team structures is critical to laying robust foundations for the changes ahead.  I am very much looking forward to working with everyone in meeting, embracing and delivering success on the challenges ahead.”

wellingborough chamber of commerce logo

Simon has also chaired the Wellingborough Town Centre Partnership for a number of years and was instrumental in establishing the Wellingborough Town Centre BID.  He is also an Envoy of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership and a Board Director of River Nene Regional Park CIC.

He added: “I would like to say a huge thank you to the out-going president, Rob Hart. He has led the chamber over the last two years with incredible drive and enthusiasm and steered the chamber through a difficult period developing it into a much more effective organisation.”


Chamber membership costs as little as £58 a year. For more information, visit


Community Facilities Fund re-opens for applications

northants council logoA fund to support the development of public facilities throughout the district is now open for the sixth year!


The Community Facilities Fund (CFF) was set up by East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) using money it receives from central government as new homes are created in the district. This ‘New Homes Bonus’ is based on the number of properties added to the Council Tax base each year, including new builds and empty properties being brought back into use.


Constituted community groups including voluntary organisations and charities, as well as town and parish councils can bid for grants of up to £50,000 for capital projects which aim to enhance the district and benefit the whole community.


Previous projects have included building and construction work (such as Raunds Manor School, who received £50,000 to create a multi-sport astro-turf pitch), as well as purchasing large items of equipment (like Thrapston Town Council, granted £36,767 for play equipment).


Councillor Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said: “As new homes are built, the demand on community facilities often increases, so it makes sense to use some of the money we get from central government to help develop these projects.


“Last year 10 community groups benefitted from this fund, including Raunds’ Manor School and Thrapston Town Council. Over the next couple of years, we will see new facilities take shape and hope that all of them will make an important contribution to local people’s health and wellbeing, with an increase in active recreation.


“Now another round of funding is open and we’re looking forward to seeing what our local communities bid for to help make East Northants an even better place to live, work and play in.”


This year, the application stage has been extended to give even more groups the chance to apply. So there’s plenty of time to think carefully about what would benefit your community.


For details about the process and eligibility, visit Please read the terms and conditions carefully before applying.


You can email or call 01832 742268 for more information.


Eligibility application forms must be submitted by 5 September 2018.