Davis Opticians in Thrapston – Reviewed by Alex Lloyd

Davis Optometrist – how much a friendly environment can benefit you

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Often when you go to chain or national healthcare service you can feel quite stressed and rushed.  In my experience of using a chain of opticians in a busy shopping centre I often felt like I was just being pushed into a sale because of a certain target that the staff needed to hit for that day. Sometimes I was bombarded with the benefits of contact lenses, not because I needed them but because the shop needed to sell them.  I felt under pressure to get any random frame that wouldn’t suit me because the assistant needed to deal with another customer.

So I spoke to local optiometrist, Jonathan Pedley to see what a private firm can provide for its customers.

Jonathan first got the idea of becoming an optician during his A-level years after a friend of his also had an interest. This, paired with his grandmother’s poor vision influenced him to start helping people with one of the most important components of physical health. After a three year university degree, a one year placement for ‘learn on the job’ training and then final exams, Jonathan qualified to become an optician. Continuous training is needed to ensure that he and all the other staff are kept up to date with the latest procedures, technology and rules.

Davis Opticians provides a friendly and personal service that is centred on the patient’s needs and not sales targets or quotas. With being a private practise comes the freedom to help with whatever a patient might need, providing more time and continuity to help as much as is needed. The offices are modern and open, providing a feeling of comfort that is absent in the small cubicles found in corporate companies.davis optician

They provide a variety of services, ranging from standard eye tests for the prescription of glasses or contact lenses to tests to spot other health problems that can indicate diabetes, brain tumours or haemorrhages. They treat anyone from babies to elderly people, as the earlier a problem is spotted the easier it is to treat.

For more information, visit in store at 6 High Street, Northamptonshire NN14 4JH

or call: 01832 733415




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