My Target is 21lbs in 21 Days…. Will You Join Me?

Nene Local went along to the free weightloss event in Thrapston – outlined here https://www.nenelocal.co.uk/2018/03/free-weightloss-event-thrapston/

Then I decided to bite the bullet and try the diet for myself…. Day One eating looks good to me!  (Although its not all like this sadly)

21 day reset diet

Click on the image to read all about the diet and how it targets the right type of fat, resets your metabolism and gets you out of the dangerous yo-yo dieting cycle….


My Story

I shall be updating this as I go along, so do check back and see how I am doing.

Day One is Loading…. It is a hugely important part of the diet to unsure you have enough energy reserves -plus you use a homeopathic activator solution to ensure the fats are being stored correctly as energy.  When I get onto phase 2, which takes 21 days I will talk more about a food supplement which supports your body’s natural systems and helps with food cravings.

Today I have eaten my toasted buttery bagel, topped with peanut butter and a little jam.  Then some cheese for lunch followed by strawberries, ice cream and double cream.  Gosh I am feeling guilty – but there is no need to be…

Just as an aside, this ‘high in fat’ phase can be achieved with avocado, nuts, smoked mackerel, olive oil etc – it is just I happen to have chosen unhealthy fats to eat rather then healthy ones – it’s just two days and a personal choice.


Let’s see…. My weight today was 11stone 2lbs (I’d like to lose 2 stone) – I am 5’4″ tall.

Bust   37″  Waist   36″   Hips  45″

21 day reset diet

I’ll grab a bikini in a moment and do some ‘before photos’.  Not sure I will post them live until I’ve got my ‘after photos’ though – I might just be too embarrassed at my figure.

Day Two

Loading again – I thoght eating lots of lovely high fat food would be easy but I cannot wait to stop!

Day Three

And so it begins…. my start weight is 11st 5lbs and measurements are the same apart from my waist which is now 39″  (eek!!).

I’ve taken my drops, my nutritional supplements (DBB, and OPC’s – antioxidants) and about to have breakfast in about 2o minutes.  I’m choosing a protein shake today but I could have a ‘normal’ breakfast such as scrambled eggs, with cooked onion, pepper and spinach.  I’m choosing the shake as I am due to go out soon and it’s convenient.

My lunch was a chicken salad, 120g of chicken, some rocket and spinach, dressed with soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, very nice!  Beforehand I had taken my drops.  chicken saladI’ve drunk around 3 pints of water today so far, the downside is of course, many toilet visits.  I’ll be taking my drops at around 4.30pm and then dinner will actually be another chicken salad, just because that’s what I’ve got in. I wil be adding lettuce, tomato, red pepper, cucumber and red onion so dinner will be a feast for my eyes!

Day Five

I’ve not posted in a few days as we had guests.  Oooh that was tough!  Not enjoying the company of our lovely guests but keeping to the plan.  I’m not going to lie, it was tough BUT I kept thinking ‘This is three weeks of my life for goodness sake!’

World's Most Boring Mojito

My husband called this “World’s Most Boring Mojito” – it was just sparkling water and delish!

Mum in Law brought a home make fruit cake for the weekend and Alison brought some delicious ooking hummus, and a lemon cake too!  However, we had a BBQ and I enjoyed a large peice of steak with a salad, followed by sliced Grany Smith Apple in fresh lime juice.  It was super tasty – honest!!  After I heard everyone groaning later saying how they’d eaten too much and felt bloated, how ‘that last piece of cake tipped me over the edge’ I also felt a little smug, with my non bloated tummy.  I did end up eating more of everything than I should have, but it was all on plan.  Today I was expacting a maintain, as I’d eaten a lot…….

Weigh in today was and unexpacted 1/4 of a pound, which means I am on track with five pounds in five days!

It’s a warm day again today so the little black shorts that were too tight a month ago, well I’m wearing them as I type. Oh and I’m drinking my home made skinny latte (on plan of course!)

Home-made Skinny Latte

Home-made Skinny Latte

Day Eight

I’ve been trying to ring the changes with food this week, so I don’t get bored.  Found I could eat Quark, so mixed with powdered mustard and horseradish for a zingy dip and ate with sliced red and green pepper – oops no photo, just remembered as I’d eaten it all!  I will endeavour to post a picture of my Salad Nicoise this evening… Obviously with a few changes so it fits the plan.

Weghtwise, I’ve slowed down a little, so that got me down. I am now drinking more water and instead of 1/4lb a day (which I’d slipped down to) I did 3/4lb yesterday.  Overall, I’m on day 8 and I’ve lost 6 1/4 lbs.  My measurements however…..

I’ve lost 2 inches on my waist, 1 1/2 inches off my hips and one inch off each thigh – so feeling pretty good!


Keep checking this page, as I will update the story as I go along…. wish me luck!

To find out about the 21 Day Metabolic Reset and all the lovely foods you are allowed – email me on helen@aspengirl.co.uk  and ask me anything about it!

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