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The Nene Centre checks – How Old are You?

I’m a bit of a health, fitness and diet nut and love finding out what’s good for me and what isn’t.  It doesn’t always follow that I do the best things each time, but I do try!

Whenever there is a health, diet or fitness programme on TV I am there watching.  Just recently there’s been a few Dr Xand programmes where people are being shown just what age they really are.  Not ‘the when they were born age’ but the ‘how old is your body’ age.  Each time I’ve watched the programme I’ve thought I’d LOVE to know what my real metabolic age really is.

nene centre gym

Did you know you can have this tested right here in Thrapston?

If you join the gym at The Nene Centre, you not only get access to the gym, the pool, all the classes plus acccess to the Splash Pool in Rushden, and the Pemberton Centre…. You can also have a health check!

nene centre gym

My weight, height and other measures were taken, then body fat, visceral fat, water and muscle to discover my actual age!  It was fascinating, some of the results I was pleased with, whilst others need a little work….  but I’m glad I know.

As a gym member you can have the health test any time.  They recommended every month or so to check progress.  There was no judgement, just helpful advice to be able to change the results you want to change.  Any of the intructors at the gym are happy to put together a bespoke plan for you to try to achieve the results you want.

Once I’ve had a month’s membership I’ll redo my tests and you can see how I’ve got on.

Admin and More has Moved!

Admin and More has Moved!


To celebrate our second anniversary we are delighted to announce that we have moved to new offices in Islip:
Admin and More

The Old Forge
32a High Street
NN14 3JS

As well as to celebrate our anniversary, there are a number of other reasons why we have moved to this gorgeous new office space:

Admin and More The Old Forge

Our first year has been so successful that we need room to accommodate more staff.

We wanted to provide a professional meeting space for those clients that prefer to visit us.

Our training courses, covering everything from Word and Excel basics to GDPR can also nowAdmin and More The Old Forge  take place in-house.


While our address has changed, our services haven’t – we’re still offering a professional virtual assistant and administration service for small businesses across Northants. This just means we can help to support more people!


Our telephone number and email details haven’t changed either:


Telephone Number: 01933 428151
Email :

Planning Applications: 22 June 2018 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/00978/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Erection of single storey dining room/entrance to front of property, replacement of concrete roof

tiles with slate, addition of pitch roof on storage building, addition of pitched roof on garage, raise

height of limestone wall, Retrospectively: Replaced windows, garage, addition of front hall and storage room at Sunnyside Cottage 3 Baulks Lane Aldwincle  NN14


18/01147/LBC (21/07/2018)


Replace the rear door with a new door complete with window at 27 The Green Ashton PE8 5LD


18/00887/LBC and 18/01143/FUL (21/07/2018) (LBRegs)(LB/CA)

Installation of a clearview multi fuel stove and external flue at Willow Barn Middle Farm Main Street Upper Benefield  PE8 5AN

18/01155/LBC (21/07/2018)


Remove existing late-C20 door and frame.  Block up lower section with stone to match.  Install new

timber painted window in top half with fixed lights at Townsend House Main Street Upper

Benefield PE8 5AN


18/01144/FUL (21/07/2018)


To erect a judging box next to the new manege at Manor Farm Buildings Bidwell Lane Caldecott

Chelveston NN9 6AR


18/01026/LBC (21/07/2018)


Replacement windows and external doors to existing cottage at 34 Deenethorpe  NN17 3EP

Duddington With Fineshade

18/01080/FUL (21/07/2018)


Development of 7 covered parking bays for use of The Manor High Street Duddington at The

Manor High Street Duddington  PE9 3QE

18/01158/FUL (21/07/2018)


Change of use from Paddock land to garaging and hardstanding at The Village Hall Church Lane

Duddington PE9 3QF


18/01111/OUT (14/07/2018) (Info)

New dwelling at 4 Moor Cottages Nags Head Lane Hargrave


18/01122/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Erection of a Steel Frame Aircraft Storage Hangar at Windmill Aviation Hangar Spanhoe Airfield

Laxton Road Harringworth  NN17 3AT

Higham Ferrers

18/00952/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Erection of single storey side and rear extension. at 6 Newman Street Higham Ferrers NN10 8JW

18/00954/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

First floor extension over existing garage at 40 Larkin Gardens Higham Ferrers  NN10 8PE

18/01038/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Conversion of two duplex apartments into four apartments and one large apartment into two

apartments with off street parking (resubmission of 17/02341/FUL) at 77 Kimbolton Road Higham

18/01121/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Single Storey extension to front of property at 5 Coniston Close Higham Ferrers NN10 8NL


18/00870/FUL (21/07/2018)


Erection of 6 metre flag pole in park at Parsons Green Finedon Road Irthlingborough

18/01132/OUT (14/07/2018) (Info)

Outline: The construction of 7no. new dwellings, closing off existing vehicular access and forming

a new vehicular access (all matters reserved) at 138 Finedon Road Irthlingborough

Kings Cliffe

18/01123/FUL and 18/01124/LBC

(21/07/2018)(LB/CA) (LB Regs)

Proposed internal alteration works, new doors, lead entrance canopies, roof windows to existing

dwelling at 62 Park Street Kings Cliffe   PE8 6XN



18/01061/FUL (21/07/2018)


Erection of an agricultural grain store with associated hardstanding and detention basin at

Wigsthorpe House Farm Main Street Wigsthorpe PE8 5SE

Little Addington

18/01193/FUL (14/07/2018)


Single storey side oak framed garden room extension. at Orchard House Irthlingborough Road Little Addington NN14 4AS

Lowick And Slipton

18/01126/FUL (21/07/2018)


Extension to existing livestock building at Vanish Point Farm Slipton Lane Slipton NN14 4AJ


18/01148/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension with ground floor internal alterations at 13 Northfield Lane Nassington


Newton Bromswold

18/00947/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Build of a dog training room used for Dept for Transport trained dogs at 66 Rushden Road Newton

Bromswold Rushden  NN10 0SP


18/01128/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Erection of 4 timber stables and feed room at 32 Gladstone Street Ringstead NN14 4DE


18/00972/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Change of use from House of Multiple Occupation to supported semi independent living facility for

up to 5 no. 16 to 18 year old children (including unaccompanied asylum seekers).  The premises

will be staffed. at 255 Wellingborough Road Rushden  NN10 9XN

18/00982/FUL (21/07/2018)


Full planning permission for the erection of a supermarket (Class A1) of 1,725 sqm, non-food retail

floorspace (Class A1) of 2,300sqm, Class A1/A3 Drive Thru (185 sqm), 60 bed unit care home

(Class C2), and 18,578 sqm of business floorspace (Class B1c, B2, B8 (with ancillary offices),

together with a new area of public space, balancing ponds and associated highway works, access, infrastructure, car parking and landscaping at land north Of Northampton Road Rushden

18/01032/FUL (21/07/2018)


Change of use to a tattoo/piercing parlour, ground floor only (Part retrospective) at 17 High Street

Rushden  NN10 0QE

18/01074/FUL (14/07/2018)


Alterations to access to highway by extending the dropped kerb (part retrospective) at 151 Irchester Road Rushden  NN10 9QX

18/01092/FUL (14/07/2018)


Demolition of existing Ambulance station and erection of 11 apartments at Rushden Ambulance Station Station Road Rushden  NN10 9SJ

18/01136/REM (14/07/2018) (Info)

Reservered matters: pursuant to planning application 16/01774/OUT: Outline application; Erection of single storey dwelling (all matters reserved except access) dated 17.11.2016 at 55 Rushmere

Way Rushden  NN10 6YB

18/01161/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Loft conversion including dormer window to rear elevation and increase in ridge height at 7

Kendal Close Rushden  NN10 0QF

18/01167/FUL (21/07/2018)


Erection of new one and a half Storey Front Extension, Insertion of fire escape rooflights to rear

levation & removal of flat roofed side link structure at Independent Wesleyan Church Hall Queen Street Rushden  NN10 0AA

18/01175/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing single storey rear extension. Erection of new, single storey wrap-around

extension with part hipped, part flat roof with roof lights and parapet detail at 26 Oswald Road

Rushden  NN10 0HN

18/01189/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Rear and side extension at 108 Harborough Road Rushden  NN10 0LP

Stoke Doyle

18/01098/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Conversion of loft to two habitable rooms, installation of 2 roof light to West Elevation and 2 roof lights and 1 window to East Elevation (revised scheme to 17/02088/FUL) (retrospective) at 1 Old Farm Oundle Road Stoke Doyle  PE8 5TB


18/00526/FUL (21/07/2018)


Erection of six residential dwellings together with creation and upgrade of accesses with associated demolition of a small section of frontage wall at 38 Huntingdon Road Thrapston

NN14 4NQ

18/01135/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Proposed garage conversion at 28 Orchard Way Thrapston NN14 4RE


18/01030/FUL (21/07/2018)


Widening of doorway to the storehouse to allow for Go Kart/Equipment storage at Macqueen House High Street Twywell NN14 3AH


18/01019/FUL (14/07/2018) (Info)

Creation of disabled access to Scouts HQ. replacement of handrail, levelling of ground to front of building and block pave the frontage. Demolition of existing retaining wall and rebuilding against building elevation, replacement of roof covering. at Scout Hut Bakers Lane Woodford


We asked Janette Houghton – What is Depression?

What is Depression – and how to deal with it


Would you know if someone you care about has depression? Most people probably think that they would, but it isn’t necessarily as obvious as you might expect. Indeed, until some simple screening questionnaires were introduced for GPs to use, half of them were missing the diagnosis in patients that came to consult them.


Depression: some distortions of fact

To be deeply depressed is just about the most awful feeling we can experience, apart from sheer terror. It can disable anyone. But the topic is surrounded by false ideas and myths: Depression, as experienced by the vast majority of sufferers for example, is not a biological illness; neither is it ‘anger turned inward’; it is not a ‘chemical imbalance in the brain’ and it is not usefully divided into ‘clinical depression’, ‘post-natal depression’ and ordinary ‘depression’; and is not, in most cases, hard to come out of.


Suppose, for instance, you have a friend who used to come to a class with you, perhaps a sport or exercise class. Then one week they don’t want to go. Perhaps they say they have strained a muscle or that they are working late more often. You believe them – why not? Time passes suddenly you realise that you haven’t spoken for quite a while. Perhaps you feel hurt and think it must be something you said. Or perhaps they have depression.


Very many people will not say that they are depressed or may even deny it. They may manage a smile even though they are feeling deadened inside. But one important tell-tale sign is loss of interest in activities that someone used to enjoy. When people start to experience low mood (perhaps they have had a disappointment or a bereavement or have been made redundant or, for some other reason, start not to feel good about themselves or their lives), they gradually tend to withdraw from social activities. The more time they spend alone, however, the more time they have to dwell on whatever is worrying or upsetting them.

janette houghton human givens therapy

The more they dwell, the more hopeless they may feel. They are very often filled with feelings of worthlessness and guilt (because depression gets everything out of proportion) and, unbeknownst to you, may have fleeting or not so fleeting thoughts of killing themselves. They find it hard to get to sleep or to stay asleep, feel exhausted in the mornings and lack motivation to get going with their day. They may comfort eat or avoid eating – both are common symptoms of depression particularly in women, whereas males are more likely to cut off their feelings through drinking or other substance abuse.

How to break the cycle of depression

And they find it hard to think straight, so that even making unimportant decisions feels overwhelming. Perhaps you notice that they seem less focused or more tearful. So the first alarm bells that should ring are when the person you care about stops engaging in and enjoying whatever used to give them pleasure. This is especially often the giveaway for adolescents in whom symptoms of depression can manifest as negativity, irritability, not feeling understood, behaving antisocially, etc, which may easily be mistaken for ‘normal’ adolescent behaviour.


Depression is a horrible, too often hidden, condition. But the good news is that, once recognised, there are simple, speedy straightforward ways to treat it that don’t require medication.


Why people get depressed

People sink into a depressed mood when their innate physical or emotional needs are not being met and, instead of dealing with this situation, they begin to worry about it — misusing their imagination. All depressed people worry. This increases the amount of dreaming they do, upsetting the balance between slow-wave, recuperative sleep and dream sleep. Consequently, they start to develop an imbalance between energy burning dream sleep and refreshing slow-wave sleep. Soon they start to wake up feeling tired and unmotivated. (Depressed and anxious people dream far more intensely than non-depressed people.) This makes them worry even more as they feel that, “something is wrong with me”.


Depression is a human vulnerability. Suppose we have a setback or suffer some traumatic event that interferes with getting our emotional needs met. This arouses negative expectations in the autonomic nervous system — feelings of frustration, being ‘stressed’, anxious, angry, guilty etc. — but, instead of taking action to bring the arousal down, which is what the autonomic nervous system is designed to help us do, we start to worry even more, going over and over what’s troubling us: ‘Why did I lose that job?’…”Why do they treat me like this?”… ‘What is going to happen to me?’… ‘How am I going to pay my bills?’ — on and on creating a mountain of negative expectations. This over-stimulates the autonomic arousal system which is why depression is such a strong emotion.


All strong emotions focus and lock attention and, with depression, attention stays focused on all the bad things that seem to be happening to us, whether real or illusory. Every little thing we worry about and do not resolve in the day is translated into a bad dream that night. All these worries have to be worked through in extended and intense periods of dream activity in REM sleep as the brain attempts to rebalance your arousal levels. This upsets the relationship between slow wave sleep and REM sleep.


Why depressed people are always tired

Extended dreaming is exhausting, not just because it deprives us of restful and restorative slow-wave sleep (that should make up three-quarters of our sleep time), but also because it stimulates the orientation response. This is a vital pathway in the brain that alerts us to interesting things in the day, generating motivation to act, but it can’t do this so well if it has been over-used in dream-sleep the previous night. So, the next morning we awake feeling terrible because we haven’t really slept, and we find it much harder to get motivated to get up and do anything because the brain mechanism that generates that interest in life is exhausted as well.


Exhaustion on waking and lack of motivation are features common to all depressed people. Because our normal sense that life is meaningful comes from the actions we take, when our motivation levels are low, life quickly comes to seem meaningless. The natural delight we take in being alive and doing things drains away.


How does human givens therapy relieve depression?

Human Givens therapists work with the fundamental truth that people do not develop mental illness when their innate emotional needs are being met in balance. Working with this organising idea they employ techniques from various therapies that have proven effective (interpersonal, cognitive behavioural, solution focused) plus they add the new knowledge you have just read above that shows the importance of vividly creating new expectations in the mind of the patient to ‘kick-start’ them again.


Because depression, like any strong emotion, fogs our thinking, emotional arousal is reduced to start with. The therapist has a range of ways to do this so that the patient can begin to think more clearly about the situation that is causing them to worry. When the patient has calmed down, the therapist will usually explain what depression is and how it is caused. This in itself is hugely therapeutic for most people since no one else is likely to have explained how and why the feelings arose and they were probably imagining that there was something wrong with them. Simultaneously the therapist will do an informal emotional needs audit to find what needs are not being met so they can begin to tackle the worrying that is causing the problems.


Whilst doing this the patient’s past achievements, skills and good qualities are also looked for and given as much attention by the therapist as the troublesome history. If it emerges that there is trauma behind the depression, this will be resolved using the HG version of the rewind technique. This organic mind/body approach can bring about the remission of depression in a fraction of the time taken by cognitive or behavioural or interpersonal therapy.


The therapist will almost certainly use guided imagery to help the depressed person change their negative expectations into more positive, realistic and concrete ones to help them re-connect with previously enjoyed activities and rehearse in their imagination doing the things they need to be doing. This helps them become more confident about using their own resources to pick up their life and get on with taking the actions that will help them start meeting their emotional needs once more. Learning how to fulfil these innate needs resolves depression and prevents relapses.


Usually much progress is made on the first session but the therapist will always want to see a person who has been deeply depressed a number of times to make sure that progress is maintained and that the patient is taking steps to change their expectations. In our experience, when patients know that their negative ruminations are causing their poor nights’ sleep and their exhausted days, they are quickly motivated to work to break the cycle of depression. Most cases of postnatal depression can be treated very effectively in exactly the same way. Human givens (HG) therapy is effective on its own but can also be done alongside drug treatment.


Note: Depressed or anxious people should not have forms of counselling or psychotherapy that concentrate on the past and encourage introspection or emotional arousal. Research shows this is often unintentionally harmful.


You can speak to Janette Houghton at the Orchard Clinic, Huntingdon Road in Thrapston – telephone 01832 733686


Janette Houghton MHGI, HG.Dip.P

Human Givens Practitioner

07731 673070

Top Dog Walking Tips from Pegasus Dog Walking

Pegasus Dog Walking is a local family run business located in Rushden, providing a first class fully insured friendly service for your dog(s).  William, company owner says “Having grown up with dogs all of my life, and the pleasure it has brought me, it was an easy decision to start up a Dog Walking service after retiring from the British Armed Forces after serving 22 years”

pegasus dog walking

Pegasus Dog Walking share some top dog walking tips

All dog owners know they should walk their dog at least once per day, but did you know that fewer than 20% actually do!

If dog walking is a chore, rather than a pleasure, then Pegasus Dog Walking has some top tips to get you motivated!

  1. If your dog pulls on the lead,
    1. Stop and have them sit by your side. They will soon learn that by pulling they will not go far
    2. Use a front clipping harness. With a front clip, as the dog pulls, it pulls the body around towards you, and he/she soon realises that pulling gets them nowhere!
    3. Keep them focussed by bringing along some high value treats


  1. When walking your dog,
    1. Use a short dog lead, as this allows you to have more control
    2. If using a retractable/extendable lead; be aware that these could cause unnecessary hazards compared to traditional leads
    3. Allow your dog to have a sniff! Walks are about exercise but not just physical. Having a sniff and a snuffle exercises their brain with lots of mental stimulation.
    4. If your dog is off their lead and you see another dog that is. Retrieve your dog put them on their lead and have them sit by your side until dog passes.
    5. Always ask before approaching other dogs.  Not every dog is friendly and some are scared of other dogs, or specific types of dogs, so it’s courteous to ask before getting nose to nose!
    6. Take a water bottle. Getting thirsty on a walk is not just confined to the humans.  Take a water bottle which you can pour water into your cupped hand – or a collapsible drinking bowl which you can purchase from good camping shops.
    7. Remember to pick up your dog poop


  1. Thinking of hot days, as soon as you head out (not at the hottest part of the day) place your palm on the sun-baked footpath to check it’s not too hot. If you can’t bear your hand on the pavement then your dogs paw pads could get burnt.

pegasus dog walking

  1. In case the worst happens, make sure your dog has a micro-chip and also a tag with your number on it so people can call you immediately when he/she is found.


  1. For evening walks invest in some reflective clothing, both for you and for your dog. There are a wide range of high viz coats, collars and even flashing gizmos you can put onto your dog for your evening stroll.


  1. Finally, go somewhere new! Dogs love a new place to sniff.  Always vary your walks, never the same route at the same time (both for your dog’s mental stimulation and your own personal safety) and at least once a month try to find a completely new place to walk.

We hope you find these tips useful, but if you’ve just not got time for that daily walk, or you are out at work all day and think your dog(s) would enjoy some company then you can call Pegasus Dog Walking.

pegasus dog walking

For more Information:

Facebook:  /Pegasusdogwalking

Web page.


Telephone: 07933 558 743 or 01933 713 386


Planning Applications: 06 June 2018 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/00405/FUL (30/06/2018)


Change of use to ancillary accommodation (Retrospective) at 1 Brook Lane Main Street Barnwell PE8 5PW

18/01020/FUL (30/06/2018)


Change of use of Grade II Public House garden to a children’s playground at The Montagu Arms

Main Street Barnwell PE8 5PH


18/01035/FUL (07/07/2018)


Erection of detached dwelling with means of access from Main Street at land between Winward and 40 Main Street Upper Benefield


18/00555/FUL (07/07/2018)


Proposed extension to existing garage to provide stables for private use at Rose Villa 6

Sudborough Road Brigstock

NN14 3HP

18/01073/VAR (30/06/2018)


Variation of condition 11 (passing bays) pursuant to planning application 15/01130/FUL:

Conversion of redundant farm buildings to 8No. artisan studios / workshops and 1No. two-bedroom

holiday let dated 13.08.2015 at Chase Farm Dusthill Road Brigstock

Duddington With Fineshade

18/00744/FUL (07/07/2018)


Conversion to an independent dwelling at Gardeners Cottage High Street Duddington


18/00964/FUL (07/07/2018)


Replacement external door to porch, new window opening and replacement windows at The Royal Oak Public House And Gardeners Cottage High Street Duddington


18/00973/FUL (07/07/2018)


Single storey side and rear extension and canopy to front elevation at 35 Church Street Easton On The Hill  PE9 3LL

Higham Ferrers

18/00743/FUL (30/06/2018)


Proposed porch to front of property and garden room in enclosed rear garden at 39 Larkin Gardens Higham Ferrers

NN10 8PE

18/00937/FUL (30/06/2018)


A front porch which will include a downstairs WC at 4 Elm Walk Higham Ferrers  NN10 8HE


18/00685/FUL (30/06/2018)


Plan to reinstate the bridge by installing a new bridge deck and guard rails over existing steel

girders. Bridge will carry pedestrians and light vehicles. at Higham Gravel Pits Northampton Road Rushden

18/01009/OUT (07/07/2018)

(Art8) (LB/CA)

Outline: Residential development of up to 49 dwellings (All matters reserved except access) at

land East Of Addington Road Irthlingborough  NN9 5ST

18/01025/FUL (30/06/2018)


Sub-division of land to the rear of 103 High Street and erection of a pair of semi-detached (2 No.)

bungalows with new access from Straws Close. at Former Garages rear of 103 High Street

Irthlingborough  NN9 5PU

Kings Cliffe

18/00998/FUL (07/07/2018)


Removal of front garden wall to the West of dwelling to allow for new parking space and new

access to the Highway at 2 Bridge Street Kings Cliffe PE8 6XH

18/00999/LBC (07/07/2018)


Proposed removal of front garden wall to the West of dwelling to allow for new parking space at 2

Bridge Street Kings Cliffe


Lowick And Slipton

18/00544/FUL (30/06/2018)


Proposal to drop the kerb at the property to create access for off road parking at 32 Drayton Road

Lowick Kettering  NN14 3BG

18/00845/VAR (07/07/2018)


Variation of condition 4 pursuant to planning application 15/01997/FUL: Single and two storey rear extensions dated 15.12.2015

Condition Number(s): 4

Conditions(s) Removal:


required to rear aspect to allow for lift installation

Changes to plan and rear elevations: reference

to drawing numbers 13.1020/04B, 05 & 06 and replacement with drawing numbers 13.1020/04C,

05A & 06A at Sten Beren Main Street Lowick  NN14 3BH


18/00891/FUL (30/06/2018)


Demolition of existing building and construction of new cricket pavilion. at Cricket Pavilion

Fotheringhay Road Nassington


18/00687/FUL (07/07/2018)


Erection of rear two story extension and remodeling works to external elevations at 81 South Road Oundle PE8 4BP

18/00766/FUL (30/06/2018)


Single storey front extension at 25 Clifton Drive Oundle PE8 4EP

18/01000/FUL (30/06/2018)


Conversion of detached double garage to granny annex at 3 Oak Close Oundle



18/01054/FUL (30/06/2018)


Two storey front and single storey rear extensions with new render finish and new window/doors

including rear balcony and minor amendments to openings at Correlglen Lutton Road Polebrook



18/01003/FUL (30/06/2018)


Convert garage to create a bedroom/shower room and pitched roof over new porch and existing

flat roof at 24 Orwell Close Raunds NN9 6SG

18/01040/FUL (30/06/2018)


Two storey front and side extension at 26 De Ferneus Drive Raunds  NN9 6SU


18/00700/FUL (30/06/2018)


The proposal is to convert some derelict unkempt land into residential garden (retrospective) at 12 Bamburgh Close Rushden  NN10 0TD

18/00949/FUL (30/06/2018)


Proposed demolition of existing dwelling and replace with new four bedroom detached dwelling

(Application showing revised location for replacement dwelling, previously approved under

16/02384/FUL: Proposed demolition of existing dwelling and replace with new four bedroomed

detached dwelling dated 30.01.2017) at 165 Bedford Road Rushden  NN10 0SA

18/00961/FUL (30/06/2018)


Replacement of all timber framed single glazed windows to front elevation with upvc framed

double glazed windows.  Replacement front/porch door (under balcony) at 155 Wellingborough Road Rushden  NN10 9TB

18/00970/FUL (30/06/2018)


Demolition of existing outbuilding to rear of property and erection of single storey rear extension at

26 Moor Road Rushden

NN10 9SP

18/00987/FUL (30/06/2018)


Alterations to parking area and building accesses and a new ATM at The Viking Public House

Grangeway Rushden  NN10 9JE

18/01010/FUL (07/07/2018)


Erection of 4 no. dwellings at 48 High Street South Rushden

NN10 0QX


18/01012/FUL (30/06/2018)


Removal of rear conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension; erection of detached

garage; alterations to windows in front dormers (revised scheme to 18/00383/FUL) at 16 Alfred

Street Stanwick NN9 6QT


18/01051/FUL (30/06/2018)


Replacement of garage door from up-and-over white metal door to 2 side-hinged steel doors in

‘Anthracite Grey’ at 40 Station Road Thrapston  NN14 4RW


18/01047/FUL (30/06/2018)


Replacement of detached garage at The Bungalow Main Street Thurning


18/01056/FUL (30/06/2018)


Single storey rear extension at 26 Stamford Lane Warmington

Residents Asked to Help Cultivate a Tree Strategy

Residents in East Northamptonshire are being asked to help cultivate a strategy on how East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) looks after trees in the district.


The guidance and principles of the strategy will cover common issues with trees, as well as supplementary information on how ENC intends to manage its trees. Private tree owners will also be able to use the strategy.


ENC are welcoming comments via an online survey, running from 21 May to 2 July. The survey can be found at

Residents asked to help cultivate a tree strategy

Cllr Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council says:


“The flora and fauna of East Northamptonshire is something very close to my heart and having this strategy to help focus how the council tends for its trees is very important.


“Looking to the future, we hope to have this document adopted by all local Town and Parish Councils to create a sense of continuity, across the district, for our residents.”


The draft version of the ‘Tree Management – guidance and principles’ can be round at

Wellingborough Packaging Firm Helps Local School

Wellingborough packaging firm helps local school to success in national dance and drama contest


A durable stage set donated by a Wellingborough packaging company has helped a Northamptonshire secondary school to get noticed in a national dance and drama contest.

  The structure can be seen in the background

Students at Wollaston School enlisted the help of PALLITE – The Alternative Packaging Company, when they competed in the Southern ‘A’ Final of Rock Challenge – a national dance and drama competition held annually in Portsmouth.


Working on the school’s theme, “2084 – A World with Everyone Watching’ the Park Farm Industrial Estate based company was able to support their vision by providing materials so the students could bring their innovative design to life. Using PALLITE’s range of lightweight, yet strong paper packaging, they built an imposing tower of screens to represent the world being permanently under surveillance.

During the performance the set was moved easily and smoothly by the crew

The school’s Performing Arts team worked tirelessly, perfecting their eight-minute dance performance based on George Orwell’s 1984. They initially had to go through a tough regional qualifier to reach the finals and they were eventually awarded third place.


Sam Goodge, Head of Performing Arts at Wollaston School said: “The set design included the idea for two pyramids made from giant televisions. We needed something strong enough for students to dance on, but light enough to manoeuvre easily, so we contacted PALLITE and they were only too happy to help.


“With the product being sturdy yet lightweight it was the perfect material for construction and the entire stage crew of students were able to carry and build the whole set in under four minutes.


“During the performance the set was moved easily and smoothly by the crew, rotating each side to create a different location. Performers were able to use the different levels creatively yet safely and this gave Wollaston a real edge over the other schools. More than 100 students have been involved – together with PALLITE they make a fantastic team.”


PALLITE offers a genuine alternative to wood through its innovative range of lightweight, strong, clean and recyclable paper transit packaging designed to reduce the total cost of delivery.


Born from an idea to counter the frustrations and limitations of other pallet types – the company is changing the way goods are transported through its ultra-lightweight, yet extremely strong paper transit packaging.


Patrick Mulhall, managing director of the Wellingborough-based company, said: “We were delighted to assist the students and staff at Wollaston School and are thrilled to know they came third in such a highly acclaimed competition. The energy and enthusiasm shown throughout by everyone involved was very infectious.


“We pride ourselves on providing packaging solutions in a wide range of industries – set design goes to show just how versatile our products are.”


The PALLITE Pallet Box is well suited to the automotive industry and has already been adopted by numerous organisations. With a collapsible design that is known for strength and with a 25mm reinforced honeycomb wall, a PALLITE Pallet Box is proven to withstand even the most turbulent of journeys.


The company manufactures its entire range at a factory in Northamptonshire and supplies a range of sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as exporting, where PALLITE is able to significantly reduce air freight cost savings through weight reduction.

New Waste, Recycling and Street Cleaning Contract to Bring Benefits for Residents

Never before has our waste and recycling been in the news so much, from single use plastic bottles and straws to ear buds, baby wipes and coffee cups, we are now all united in our desire to do better by the environment and our oceans. So it is timely that today East Northamptonshire Council has signed a new deal to better manage waste and recycling throughout the area and to help residents recycle more and waste and litter less.


The new seven year contract to provide rubbish, recycling and street cleaning services in the district has been signed by Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) and Paul Taylor, Group Chief Executive of FCC Environment (UK) Limited.

New waste, recycling and street cleaning contract to bring benefits for residents of East Northamptonshire

The new £20m contract, which will save council tax payers over £3m over the seven years, has a strong focus on high standards of customer service, and includes opportunities for the council and its new contractor FCC Environment to develop services in line with innovations emerging within the waste sector such as the potential use of alternative fuel vehicles during the life of the contract and potentially into an extension.


Residents will continue to receive the same fortnightly recycling and refuse collections as they currently do. If changes to collection days are necessary to improve efficiency, they will be communicated well in advance to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.


Trade waste will also continue to be collected in the same way and the Garden Waste Club remains open for residents to join to recycle their green waste.


The new contract will begin when the existing one expires at the end of July 2018.


Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Steven North, said: “We’re committed to providing a reliable and convenient waste collection service which promotes recycling and represents value for money. This new contract will ensure we continue to deliver first-class waste collection and street cleaning services to our residents – who work hard to recycle as much as possible. Together, we will continue protecting our environment by sending more and more of our household waste for recycling.”


Waste Services Manager, Charlotte Tompkins, added: “We will be collecting the same refuse and recycling in the same bins.  Collections days may change to accommodate all the new houses built in the district and to allow us to ensure we are still using the most fuel efficient routes. Otherwise, it’s collection business as usual.”


Group Chief Executive of FCC Environment Paul Taylor said “FCC Environment is one of the UK’s leading waste and recycling businesses serving the needs of some 60 local authorities. We process 1.6 million tonnes of recycling each year and generate 102 MW of green energy from the waste that cannot be recycled. We are delighted to be binging our experience to residents of East Northamptonshire and look forward to working closely with the council to exceed the communities expectations.”


Proud Local Supporters of The OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2018

Rushden Lakes and Waitrose of Rushden are proud to be the headline supporters of Stage 2 of The OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2018 which sets off from Rushden Hall on 14 June.

Both companies will be represented at the starting line where 102 riders from 25 countries, including 12 reigning National Champions and 5 former World Road Race Champions will compete for the coveted title of race champion.

Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council and member of Rushden Town Council, says: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to Rushden Lakes and Waitrose of Rushden who are supporting this exciting event coming to our town.

“Northamptonshire has played host to The OVO Energy Women’s Tour many times and to have Stage 2 of this year’s race start in Rushden is a fantastic achievement for residents and businesses.  Our town has so much to showcase at this unique event and we’re delighted to have the support of two of our biggest local retailers, both of whom encourage healthy lifestyles and are active in the local community.”The OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2018

Paul Rich, Centre Manager at Rushden Lakes, said: “It’s a pleasure for us to be supporting Stage 2 of The OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2018. During the launch day at Rushden Lakes, there was a real buzz and it was fantastic to see cyclists, representatives from the local councils as well as the organisations mascot, come out for the launch.

“We would like to wish the cyclists the best of luck with the entire tour and we look forward to showing our support to them on the 14 June when Stage 2 begins at Rushden Hall.”

Laura Moore, Waitrose, Rushden Deputy Branch Manager, said: “Waitrose Rushden is truly delighted to be sponsoring The OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2018.  As a large business which has been in the town for many years, it is a huge honour to be a part of this amazing event.  Good luck to all the riders who are entering!”

The race starts at 10.30am in Rushden Hall Park and will go through the High Street before heading out of the town towards Daventry.  For full route details, go to Members of the public are encouraged to cheer on the peloton as they head off from the park or to wave them on along the High Street.  A full programme of activities for invited local school children will take place in the park after the race start.

For details of Rushden events in the run up to and after The OVO Energy Women’s Tour 2018, go to