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Feel-Good Festival set to Conjure up Party Atmosphere

Residents, business owners and community groups are being recruited to help conjure up a party atmosphere at a “feel-good” festival of fun.


WelliFest will transform the streets of Wellingborough town centre during the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd. The town’s community, including schools and voluntary groups, are being asked to come together to celebrate their town.


Those who can sing, dance, perform magic, or entertain an audience with any other talent are sought to perform on a purpose-built stage on the Tithe Barn lawns.


John Cable, Executive Director of Wellingborough Business Improvement District, which is organising the event, said: “We are delighted that our second WelliFest is returning in September. We’re inviting everyone to join us for a good time and to celebrate all the town has to offer.


“This year we have a Steampunk theme, which promises to provide a weekend with all sorts of quirky and fun activities culminating in a Steampunk Cabaret at The Castle Theatre. So save the date and come and join us at this feel-good festival for all ages.”


Visitors should head for the town centre to check out what’s on offer with venues including the Tithe Barn, Wellingborough Museum, and the Hind Hotel among those already confirmed. People can enjoy a tipple from the drinks bar provided by Hart Family Brewers while enjoying music and other performances taking place nearby.


Other events confirmed include a modified car show, organised by Silver Street business Vision Vape, which will take place on the Market Square. Car owners wishing to participate are requested to get in touch.


The Wellingborough BID is paid for by local businesses through its Discover Wellingborough campaign to attract more people to the town centre.


To participate in any way in the WelliFest Weekend, email

Building Work Begins on New Art Studio at St Peter’s School, Kettering

Work is now under way to create a combined art studio and after school space at a Kettering school with the building due to be completed in just one school term.

Northamptonshire-based Scotts of Thrapston has started groundworks at St Peter’s School, an independent co-educational day school, to provide a building that will also house an after-school club.

Scotts of Thrapston, specialists in the manufacture and installation of bespoke timber-framed buildings, has been appointed as the Principal Designer and Main Contractor for the project.

The carbon-efficient timber-framed building will feature an open plan design which will allow plenty of natural light to flood in, as its primary use will be as a teaching space for art  and design technology.

Building work on the 140Sqm building and external canopies is scheduled to last 20 weeks, whilst the official opening is due to take place during the Spring Term 2019.scotts of thrapston

Scotts’ Design Manager Bryn Lee said: “We have worked closely with the school to meet their brief, as sustainability and appearance were important, with a more natural aesthetic.

“During the design process, different materials were chosen to create interest and emphasis was placed on providing a stimulating environment. The building is designed as a ‘hybrid’, using a traditional panelised timber frame with glulam supporting the main roof cassette structure.

“We will be working within a restricted time frame during the school holidays. However, our turn-key approach, in which we design, manufacture, engineer and install the building, means that we can tailor the build programme to suit specific site constraints and conditions.

“Due to restricted access, the building’s structure will be manufactured in-house at Scotts’ factory in Thrapston. It will then be craned into the school grounds in kit form and assembled on site. The building’s superstructure will be made watertight in just two days.”

Features of the new building will include solar panels on the roof, Belfast-style sinks suitable for art studio activities, and internal glazed screen partitions, which can be used to divide the internal space but also maintain an open plan feel.scotts of thrapston

Ali Hurst, Bursar at St Peter’s School, said:  We are very pleased to be working with Scotts of Thrapston, who are a local company.  Their turnkey service and pedigree in bespoke timber framed buildings made them our preferred choice, and they have worked flexibly to deliver a design solution which will enhance our School and blend the new building perfectly within the boundary of our listed school grounds.”

Scotts of Thrapston has been manufacturing and distributing high quality timber products for 98 years and has been constructing bespoke award-winning educational buildings since 2014. For more information visit

Amber Properties – Small Business Award Finalist for a Second Year

Northamptonshire SME Business Awards judges have recognised the professionalism and commitment of Ausra Uzukauskaite again this year.


Her businesses, Amber Properties and Amber Renovations, are finalists for the Enterprising Business of the Year category and Ausra is a finalist for Businesswoman of the Year.


In 2017 Ausra was runner up as Young Business Person of the Year.

Ausra Uzukauskaite 2018

Ausra says: “Everyone who has started their own business knows that you need absolute commitment to succeed. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what you have already achieved or how far you have come, and that’s why awards like this are so important.


“To make an award submission you really need to take stock of what’s important and what makes your business unique. I am personally committed to providing outstanding service to my landlords, investors and tenants. It means a lot of hard work and dedication, but that’s why I have such great clients.”


Amber Properties was established by Ausra in 2012, building on everything she had learnt at Hamiltons Residential Lettings. When the owner retired, Ausra decided it was time to set up her own business.SME Northants Business Award 2018_Finalist


Ausra and Amber Properties have since gone from strength to strength. In the last year a sister company, Amber Renovations, has been launched and new premises on Wellingborough Road in Northampton have opened, along with impressive new websites to showcase the range of services available.


The first full-time employee at Amber Properties is working towards the successful completion of her Business Administration apprenticeship and has just been promoted to Property Manager, helping to support the business’s future growth.


The Award results will be announced at a celebration dinner at Northampton County Cricket Club on Thursday 25 October.


Sunlight are You Getting Enough?

You need vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium. The best source is sunlight, which your body uses during the summer months to manufacture the vital vitamin in your skin. You should try to get ten minutes of sun exposure to your bare skin, once or twice a day, without sunscreen and taking care not to burn. Get outside between May and September so that your body can produce enough Vitamin D to help see you through the winter months. You can also find vitamin D in margarine, egg yolks, cod liver oil and oily fish such as herrings and sardines.
You should be able to get enough vitamin D through diet and by enjoying an active, outdoors lifestyle during the summer months. However, some people might be deficient in vitamin D and might benefit from a dietary supplement of vitamin D (see list below). For these groups, an RNI of 10 micrograms is recommended per day (8.5 micrograms for infants under six months, 7 micrograms for children aged six months to three years). High levels of vitamin D for prolonged periods can be toxic so it is important that dietary supplements do not provide more than 25 micrograms of vitamin D daily, unless prescribed for a specific reason by your doctor.
 orchard clinic

Do I Need More Vitamin D?

If you fall into one or more of these categories you may want to think about taking a vitamin D dietary supplement:

  • The housebound, especially frail, older people.**
  • Those with a poor diet.
  • Asian women and children. This group may be deficient in vitamin D because of decreased skin production due to skin pigmentation, dress code and, sometimes, poor dietary vitamin D.
  • Those who wear sun block all the time when outdoors.
  • Pregnant women. This is because a baby’s stores of vitamin D are laid down during pregnancy and are affected by the mother’s vitamin D levels.**
  • Breast feeding women.**
  • Infants and children under three.**
  • Those using long term anti-epileptic drugs because this alters the take-up of vitamin D by the body and can affect the absorption of calcium.
  • People with severe liver, kidney disease or malabsorption problems.
**Recommended by the UK Government to take a vitamin D supplement.
Please note that if you are fair-skinned, have lots of moles and freckles or have a family history of skin cancer, you should be particularly careful in the sun to reduce your risk of skin cancer, and avoid the strong sunshine in the middle of the day.

Will I still get enough vitamin D if I use sun block?

If sun blocks or high factor sunscreens are used on exposed skin all through the summer, this will lower the vitamin D production. Most people use sun blocks or sunscreens if they know they will be in strong sunshine for some time e.g. on the beach, gardening, or for outdoor sports and would not apply if going outside for short periods e.g. hanging out washing, shopping, school playtimes. These short periods of time in the sunlight, without sun block or sunscreen, should give adequate exposure to produce vitamin D. Children and those at risk of skin cancer may need to cover up when the sun is strong. If someone uses sun block for medical reasons at all times, they need vitamin D supplements.

Taken from National Osteoporosis Society website

Taken from the Orchard Clinic website orchard clinic

Hashtags – Not just for the Younger Generation! #AlwaysLearning

We spoke to Samantha Cameron of 2Motiv8 and More about Hashtags, do you use them or ignore them?  Here’s Sam’s advice…2motiv8

I always find myself giggling when I try to explain to a senior member of my family what a hashtag is or that when they are using hashtags they need to use the hashtag sign not type the word hashtag.

Don’t worry you’re not alone so many don’t understand hashtags or what the benefit of using them are for. Many times jargon and over complicating their purpose just goes straight over their head’s.

Hashtags are words or phases that can be used in social media posts after the hashtag symbol #. They allow you and others to search by using these words, this then in turn allows you to  gain more followers throughout your social media platforms. There are countless of them out there.

hashtag blog

Take Instagram for example. When I speak to those that attend my Instagram workshop they think that this platform is just for the younger generation. It’s for everyone and a great way to tell a story of you and your business through photos and hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags per photo/post.

“How many, how on earth will I think of 30 hashtags to go with each post” I hear you cry!

Follow my top tips on an easy way to help you select your hashtags for Instagram.

  1. Look at your post/photo, start to associate words, topics, subjects that are relevant to your post and start typing. Look at what appears, don’t worry about using more than one that appears.
  2. The guides below will help you to start to pick the right ones.
  3. Select 5-10 very popular hashtags that are associated with your post/photo. I would recommend that when selecting you pick ones that have 100,000 – 500,000 posts already associated with them.
  4. Then select 5-10 less popular these will have between 10,000 – 10,000 posts associated with them.
  5. Now its time to look at your niche hashtags 3-5 of these that are associated to less than 10,000 posts.
  6. Finally start to include hashtags that fit with your branding, industry. Be more specific here and add between 3-5. These will be a mixture of how many hashtags they already have connected to them.
  7. Don’t forget to click on each hashtag that you select to ensure it registers with your post/photo.
  8. Wait to gain new followers.

By following these steps you should start to add between 15-30 hashtags per post/photo your are adding to Instagram. Watch your following, likes and interaction increase. By using popular hashtags it will keep your post/photo active for hours and rewarded by Instagram for having popular posts/photos.

Spending time following hashtags that relate to you, interests, your business and your target market is beneficial too. By using the search function (this is what looks like a magnify glass icon) to locate these topics and then click the follow button.

Start connecting with others that have similar interests to you by following them and hopefully they will return the favour and follow you back.

Now let’s look at Twitter! Again another platform that confuses people. “What’s a tweet? How do I retweet? and how do I use hashtags?”

The hashtags work in the same way as Instagram and you can follow hashtags through Twitter just like you would in the steps above.

Now with Twitter you won’t have the luxury of being able to use 30 hashtags as you are limited to use 280 characters per tweet. However you can build your hashtags into your tweets wording but you will have to be more selective.

  1. Think of what day of the week it is. On my Facebook social media top tips group there is a post offering some great tips around hashtags relating to days of the week. #MotivationalMonday, #TuesdayThoughts and so on.
  2. Are there any keywords in your tweet that would become a topical or great hashtag?
  3. Look to see what is trending on that day or 24 hours before. You can view what’s trending by using the search icon.
  4. Ideally work with getting between 3-5 hashtags in each of your tweets.

LinkedIn more recently introduced hashtags to their platform. Working slightly different to both Instagram and Twitter.

  1. Using the hashtag format on LinkedIn will help you connect with more people that have similar interests, share the same industry/companies and backgrounds. They have selected around 500 different hashtags you can follow. You can find these in the community section within your LinkedIn profile. Have a look through and select those of interest to you.
  2. By selecting hashtags that relate to you, your business and your interests this will allow LinkedIn to notify you of  posts and articles that have had these hashtags attached to them by the creator.
  3. When typing your LinkedIn post hashtags will start to appear automatically at the bottom ready for you to select the ones that are relevant to your post. You can add your own ones too. You don’t have to use them all.
  4. Your posts and articles will then be seen by others that have followed the hashtags you have added.
  5. Picking 3-5 hashtags for each posts works well but don’t be afraid to use more.

So now you know how to implement hashtags, their use and benefit to helping you get more engagement, how many posts should you be getting out there on your social media?

  • Instagram 1 – 3 posts/photos. 2 is the average per day.
  • Twitter 1 – 15 – 50 max. 15 is the average per day.
  • LinkedIn 3 posts a week minimum

How many!

Don’t worry we are all busy and don’t have time to be posting this much each day. There’s an answer. Scheduling! Check out the 2motiv8 scheduler here

Scheduling is where you can post your social media in a few hours each week and post into the future. Allowing you to get this much social media out each week including your Facebook posts too in a short space of time.

Welcome to the world of hashtags!

For More Information

Samantha Cameron – 2Motiv8 More Social Media Management

Telephone: 07919 263 868

Planning Applications: 18 July 2018 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/01228/FUL (18/08/2018)


Create welfare facility between two existing boat house, replace asbestos roof to one boat house,

demolish a second dilapidated boat house and construct a new one to the rear of the site at

Oundle Boat Club Station Road Oundle  PE8 4DB

18/01270/FUL (18/08/2018)


Erection of new oak gable porch to principle entrance door and erection of single storey side

extension to link with existing outbuilding.  Re-positioning of existing oil tank further forward in the site enclosed with a 1.8m high fence and gate. at Manor House The Green Ashton PE8 5LD

18/01271/LBC (18/08/2018)


Erection of oak gable porch to principle entrance door and erection of single storey side extension creating a link with existing outbuilding.  Re-instate timber stable door in kitchen to create opening to extension, opening up of ground floor gable window in wash house to create opening to extension at Manor House The Green Ashton



18/01146/FUL (11/08/2018)


Proposed extension of current steel portal framed building within existing farmyard at Fieldbarn

Farm Fayway Clopton NN14 3DZ


18/01293/FUL (11/08/2018)


Erection of two detached dwellings at land adjacent Rectory View Church Road Hargrave


Higham Ferrers

18/01202/FUL (18/08/2018)


Single Storey Extensions to existing care home at 66 College Street Higham Ferrers  NN10 8DZ

18/01209/FUL (11/08/2018)


Single storey rear extension and loft conversion to include three rear dormer windows at 10

Hecham Way Higham Ferrers NN10 8LX

18/01304/FUL (11/08/2018)


Conversion of garage to habitable accommodation at 22 Linden Avenue Higham Ferrers

NN10 8ET


18/01250/VAR (11/08/2018)


Variation of condition 8 – removal of the living accommodation in the roofspace, pursuant to

application 16/00650/FUL: Demolition of dilapidated house, erection of a pair of 2.5 storey

Victorian style semi-detached houses with a new access drive to the side and double garage

behind dated 04.04.2016 at 12 Wellingborough Road Irthlingborough

18/01306/ADV (11/08/2018)


Installation of illuminated  fascia sign on the east side of the building by the main entrance at 5A Station Road Irthlingborough  NN9 5UQ

18/01321/FUL (11/08/2018)


Proposed two storey side extension at 2 Lakeside Irthlingborough  NN9 5SW

Kings Cliffe

18/01342/FUL (18/08/2018)


Construction of an agricultural storage building, associated parking area and extension of existing outbuilding to create deer larder at Alders Farm Blatherwycke Road Kings Cliffe

Newton Bromswold

18/01284/FUL (18/08/2018)


Construction and operation of a broiler rearing unit with six linked poultry buildings and ancillary

structures comprising fifteen grain silos, three crumb feed silos, three feed blending houses, two

water tanks with an associated pump house, two gas storage tanks, an electricity substation, switch room and standby generator with fuel tank, a weigh room, a welfare block, a cold store and incinerator, a boiler house and storage building, a security gatehouse and associated

hardstanding, with boundary fencing, landscape, planting and flood attenuation works and an

upgrading of an existing vehicular access track extending to the south-west to an existing

anaerobic digestion plant access road. (revised scheme to 17/01328/FUL) at Land North East Of Westwood AD Plant

Bedford Road Rushden


18/01288/FUL  and 18/01289/LBC (18/08/2018)

(LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Proposed internal alteration works and general refurbishment and a single storey rear extension at

96 West Street Oundle PE8 4EF

18/01302/VAR (11/08/2018)


Variation of condition 9b: Finished floor levels pursuant to planning application no. 18/00616/VAR

Variation of Condition 18 – Approved drawings, Condition 5 (d) car parking spaces to allow

amended car parking layout pursuant to Application no. 15/01967/FUL Renovation of existing semi derelict and uninhabitable cottage to provide a single dwelling.  Conversion and change of use of disused buildings (comprising a brewery, stables, kiln, cartshed and cowshed) into six dwellings. Retrospective application to demolish firebox in brewery and to construct a wall at

bottom of garden of 15 Mill Road Oundle dated 22.02.2016 at 15 Mill Road Oundle


18/01109/FUL (11/08/2018)


Full application for 11 dwellings, including access, parking, landscaping and associated

infrastructure at land to the North East side of Midland Road Raunds


18/01195/FUL (11/08/2018)


Installation of cantilever racking in builders yard within 5 meters of the site boundary at Buildbase

Limited Northampton Road Rushden  NN10 6AR

18/01197/FUL (18/08/2018)


Hybrid application comprising: A full application for the erection of retail units, restaurant units,

office floorspace, physiotherapy/leisure floorspace, ancillary storage floorspace, (with associated site clearance, earthworks, site levelling and formation of banks) together with proposals for access,

footpaths, parking and servicing space, hard and soft landscaping, drainage works, attenuation

ponds and other associated works and an outline application for the erection of employment units

and retail units with some matters reserved (layout, scale, appearance). Plus construction of a new link road between Ditchford Road and Rushden Lakes (with associated site clearance and

earthworks) alongside junction works, footpaths, cycleways, lighting, hard and soft landscaping and associated works at Land West Of Rushden Lakes Ditchford Lane Rushden

18/01283/FUL (11/08/2018)


Single storey rear/side extension at 3 Purvis Road Rushden

NN10 9QA

18/01311/ADV (11/08/2018)


Erection of advertisement at Terrace D of the Rushden Lakes Development at Unit 4 East Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FW

18/01343/ADV (11/08/2018)


To remove of existing noticeboards facing Midland Road and Station Road and replace with 2 aluminium boards on aluminium poles. Each board will carry an A1 size lockable cabinet, for the

display of occasional or seasonal notices/messages relating to services in the church at St Peters

Church Midland Road Rushden  NN10 9UJ


18/01062/FUL (18/08/2018)


Change of use and extension of Car Barn into 1 single dwelling at 25 – 26 Main Street Sudborough NN14 3BX


18/01060/FUL (18/08/2018)


Extend the boat house to accommodate 3no. changing areas, toilets and single shower at

Boathouses Main Street Tansor PE8 5HS


18/00917/FUL (11/08/2018)


Retrospective: Converting garage to study/living room, removing garage door and installing

window at 19 Sherborne Way Thrapston  NN14 4XG

18/00979/FUL (11/08/2018)


To convert integral garage into a room at 6 Baker Court Thrapston Kettering

18/01186/REM (18/08/2018)


Approval of reserved matters namely Appearance,Landscaping,Layout and Scale pursuant to

planning application 12/01957/OUT – Outline: Erection of up to 75 no. dwellings and associated roads (some matters reserved) dated 08/04/2016

at land between Oakleas Rise And A14 Midland Road Thrapston


18/01120/LBC (18/08/2018)


Replacement of 4 dormer windows and 1 first floor window with slim-profile double glazed units of

a similar design. at 14 High Street Titchmarsh  NN14 3DF

18/01278/FUL (18/08/2018)


Single storey rear extension (revised scheme to 18/00695/FUL to allow change in external

materials) at 15 Chapel Street Titchmarsh  NN14 3DA


18/01312/FUL (11/08/2018)


Erection of conservatory to the rear at 28 Big Green Warmington


18/01268/FUL (11/08/2018)


Single storey extension to rear. New dormer to rear. New Front Porch at 32 Mill Road Yarwell


Nene Local’s Human Givens Therapy Appointment

A couple of weeks ago I sampled, Human Givens Therapy.  It’s something I’d not heard of before, but due to its name could work out a lot of what it may be about.  Janette Houghton is a Human Givens therapist based out of various clinics, including one in Thrapston, the Orchard Clinic on Huntingdon Road.

janette houghton therapy

Janette told me all about the therapy.  The Human Givens are the physical and emotional needs we all have. Physical ones are more obvious, food and drink, exercise, sleep and a safe shelter from the elements. The emotional needs are security, attention (given and received), control, community, intimacy, meaning and purpose, achievement, privacy and status.


To get our needs me we use our resources – such as rapport building skills, memory, emotions, pattern-matching, observing self, rational thinking brain, imagination and dreaming.


Things which prevent us getting our needs met might be damage to the person’s brain by injury or negative programming or genetic issue. A toxic environment at home, school or work; negative or harmful programming or a trauma or other abuse.


Our brains respond to the expectations they experience, then we will pattern match to our experiences whether they are negative or positive. Trauma and phobias can be dissolved using the Rewind technique I described to you. Using guided imagery (hypnosis) more positive expectations can be programmed into the person’s brain, based on their own skills, experience and resources. Helping a person to change a few or a lot of things can break down the negative patterns and allow them to take charge of their own lives and deal with challenges in the future more successfully.


Techniques Janette might use are discussion, education, hypnosis, guided visualisations, the ‘Rewind Technique’, as well as variations of the technique for young children or those who are hyper-vigilant or perhaps on the autistic spectrum. Human Givens has treated children as young as 5 for phobias such as dog phobia, teenagers, young adults and adults of all ages.janette houghton human givens therapy


Janette uses drawings and toys to do the Rewind Technique on young children, which has worked well.  (The ones she helped with the dog phobia now both have pet dogs!)


Janette has also trained with the Foundation for Infant Loss to support families who have suffered early or late miscarriages, still births or lost babies to sudden infant death syndrome and plans to do further training working with children on the autistic spectrum.


As part of my session, Janette and I agreed what areas of my life might benefit from the therapy. A further session or two needs to be arranged for me to work on those areas and we’d then review how things stood once those goals had been met and decide if there was anything else to work on whether you were ‘good to go’ as it were.  Human Givens can be a very ‘quick’ therapy, idea for those who don’t want to have to commit to a long-term appointments.


Interestingly, during my session I mentioned to Janette a tendency in my upbringing to be expected to step back when things were being offered, be kind and let others go first. This could lead to a sense, in some people, that they aren’t worthy of what is on offer and this could lead to lack of status and self-worth. If this persists throughout a person’s life it could lead to dissatisfaction and perhaps even depression. Alternatively, it could actually cause a person with a different nature to strive for those things which have always been out of reach and make a person quite driven.


Different situations affect people in different ways because we are all individuals and that’s why the Human Givens approach went back to the very beginning by asking ‘what is a human being’, what do we need to be healthy and happy.

janette houghton therapy

I enjoyed my Human Givens Therapy.  Janette Houghton is a very empathic and compassionate person, who suits the role of therapist extremely well.  I have already spoken to a number of people about my appointment.


Read more about Human Givens Therapy here

Human Givens is effective, fast and practical help for anyone suffering from:

  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harming
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Relationship problems
  • ……and much more

For more information


Janette Houghton Therapy



Telephone:  07731 673070


Appointments at clinics in:


Higham Ferrers




or in your home





Beer & Cider Festival in Titchmarsh!


Community Facilities Fund Opens for Applications

Community groups in East Northamptonshire are being encouraged to apply for grants from East Northamptonshire Council.


The council’s Community Facilities Fund, now in its sixth year, has seen over £1.8m awarded to community groups, including voluntary organisations and charities, as well as town and parish councils, who can bid for grants of up to £50,000.


The projects must aim to enhance the district and benefit the whole community. Previous projects have included building and construction work (such as Benefield Cricket Club, who received £18,900 last year to improve their facilities), as well as purchasing large capital items such as playground equipment (like Barnwell Parish Council who were awarded £32,100 this year.)


Councillor Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said:


“In the last five years I’ve seen amazing projects go from application to creation and then witnessed the positive impact they have had on the community. I’m very proud of what the grants have achieved and I urge community groups and organisations to see if they are eligible to take advantage of a scheme that has made East Northamptonshire a perfect place to live, work and play.”


For details about the process and eligibility, visit


Eligibility application forms must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 1 September.



For more information on this press release email or call 01832 742217.

Pop to the Gym and drop off the Tinies in the The Nene Centre Creche

If you weren’t aready aware not having anyone to leave the children with is no longer your excuse for not going to the gym!

We spoke to creche leader Carly Hope at the Nene Centre creche in Thrapston.

nene centre creche

Costing just £3.10 an hour for non members  or £2.35 for members the creche is fabulous for all gym going parents.

(Block bookings are also available where you buy 10 sessions and get one free)

It’s recommended to book a week in advance to guarantee a place (either in person at reception or by telephone) Just ring up to cancel giving as much notice as possible if your child is unwell.

A registration form is available at the gym to note important details such as information regarding allergys, this gets filed securely.

They ask that children bring a snack and drink for their stay which will be in a personalised basket to ensure that allergies are catered for.

We aim to create an environment in which the children feel safe stimulated, and their individual needs are met. The creche is supervised by Carly Hope who holds a level 3 qualification in childcare.

nene centre creche

The creche is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am until 11.30am.

Providing for children aged 3months to 4 years.

They also cater for children aged up to 12 years old in the school holidays.


Call The Nene Centre for more information or to book on 01832 734090