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A couple of weeks ago I sampled, Human Givens Therapy.  It’s something I’d not heard of before, but due to its name could work out a lot of what it may be about.  Janette Houghton is a Human Givens therapist based out of various clinics, including one in Thrapston, the Orchard Clinic on Huntingdon Road.

janette houghton therapy

Janette told me all about the therapy.  The Human Givens are the physical and emotional needs we all have. Physical ones are more obvious, food and drink, exercise, sleep and a safe shelter from the elements. The emotional needs are security, attention (given and received), control, community, intimacy, meaning and purpose, achievement, privacy and status.


To get our needs me we use our resources – such as rapport building skills, memory, emotions, pattern-matching, observing self, rational thinking brain, imagination and dreaming.


Things which prevent us getting our needs met might be damage to the person’s brain by injury or negative programming or genetic issue. A toxic environment at home, school or work; negative or harmful programming or a trauma or other abuse.


Our brains respond to the expectations they experience, then we will pattern match to our experiences whether they are negative or positive. Trauma and phobias can be dissolved using the Rewind technique I described to you. Using guided imagery (hypnosis) more positive expectations can be programmed into the person’s brain, based on their own skills, experience and resources. Helping a person to change a few or a lot of things can break down the negative patterns and allow them to take charge of their own lives and deal with challenges in the future more successfully.


Techniques Janette might use are discussion, education, hypnosis, guided visualisations, the ‘Rewind Technique’, as well as variations of the technique for young children or those who are hyper-vigilant or perhaps on the autistic spectrum. Human Givens has treated children as young as 5 for phobias such as dog phobia, teenagers, young adults and adults of all ages.janette houghton human givens therapy


Janette uses drawings and toys to do the Rewind Technique on young children, which has worked well.  (The ones she helped with the dog phobia now both have pet dogs!)


Janette has also trained with the Foundation for Infant Loss to support families who have suffered early or late miscarriages, still births or lost babies to sudden infant death syndrome and plans to do further training working with children on the autistic spectrum.


As part of my session, Janette and I agreed what areas of my life might benefit from the therapy. A further session or two needs to be arranged for me to work on those areas and we’d then review how things stood once those goals had been met and decide if there was anything else to work on whether you were ‘good to go’ as it were.  Human Givens can be a very ‘quick’ therapy, idea for those who don’t want to have to commit to a long-term appointments.


Interestingly, during my session I mentioned to Janette a tendency in my upbringing to be expected to step back when things were being offered, be kind and let others go first. This could lead to a sense, in some people, that they aren’t worthy of what is on offer and this could lead to lack of status and self-worth. If this persists throughout a person’s life it could lead to dissatisfaction and perhaps even depression. Alternatively, it could actually cause a person with a different nature to strive for those things which have always been out of reach and make a person quite driven.


Different situations affect people in different ways because we are all individuals and that’s why the Human Givens approach went back to the very beginning by asking ‘what is a human being’, what do we need to be healthy and happy.

janette houghton therapy

I enjoyed my Human Givens Therapy.  Janette Houghton is a very empathic and compassionate person, who suits the role of therapist extremely well.  I have already spoken to a number of people about my appointment.


Read more about Human Givens Therapy here https://www.nenelocal.co.uk/2018/04/human-givens-therapy/

Human Givens is effective, fast and practical help for anyone suffering from:

  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harming
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Relationship problems
  • ……and much more

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