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ambascarlett logoAmbaScarlett Holistic Art & Healing recently launched in Islip. Offering treatments, crystals, essential oils, mindfulness and meditation.

Proprietor of AmbaScarlett, Helen Dawson is a Reiki Master Teacher and is qualified in a number of other therapies including Aromatherapy Blending, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Bowen Technique to level one.

Helen’s healing journey began in the late 1990’s when she studied reiki in Hertfordshire and then North Wales.  Her love of healing others grew, and she studied new treatments.  In the intervening years her life took many turns, both ups and downs, (you might even know her as the lady who sold bags in Tasty Bite!) the experience of all the tribulations now enable Helen to show empathy and understanding during her treatments.  Each therapy is not just the mechanics of the treatment, in a truly holistic approach the whole person benefits – this can be physically, mentally and spiritually.

AromaReiki comes to Town

Helen through AmbaScarlett has devised a totally new treatment called AromaReiki© which combines all the health and wellbeing benefits of reiki with the therapeutic qualities of essential oils.

All oils are chosen specifically for you

All oils are chosen specifically for each client

Blending the oils

The benefits of reiki can include; relaxation, general wellbeing, self-awareness and also physical benefits too. The addition of essential oils adds a whole new dimension to the treatment, and as the oils never come into contact with the client’s skin there are very few contra-indications.  Each treatment is bespoke to the particular client and their needs.

One client remarked “I have had reiki before, but it has never felt like this, it was amazing, thank you!”

Which oil is right for you today

Which oil is right for you today?

Reiki and AromaReiki© treatments are currently available every Monday in Islip and cost £30 per session.  At the end of the session clients receive a gift to take home, which continues their healing journey until the next appointment.

Meditation & Mindfulness

AmbaScarlett Holistic Art & Healing also produce meditation and memorial stones, some of which have travelled miles to be placed in particular, meaningful places once purchased. Painting memorial stones in the secret garden

Mandala stones can be ordered via the Facebook page with any wording required www.facebook.com/ambascarlett .  Helen added “There are a number of ways I intend to grow the meditation and mindfulness side of the business, using the mandala stones as mind anchors, so please check the Facebook page for details of new treatments as they come on board.”

Mini Mindfulness stone ready for an event

Mini Mindfulness stone ready for an event in September


Helen will be offering related gift items via the Facebook page to purchase, all items will be tailored to the client’s personal needs and discussed when purchasing.

To find out more about how AromaReiki© could help you, call Helen on 07799 627789 or visit the Facebook page and send a direct message.

bespoke oil blend in a convenient rollerball

Oil blend in a convenient rollerball

Treatments Available

AromaReiki  – £30

AromaHands with Reiki –  An Aromatherapy consultation with bespokely blended oil, plus hand massage – £35

Blending the oils

AromaFeet with Reiki – An Aromatherapy consultation with bespokely blended oil, plus foot massage – £35

Aromatherapy Reiki Hands & Feet – An Aromatherapy consultation with bespokely blended oil, plus hand massage – £40

AromaReflexology – An Aromatherapy consultation with bespokely blended oil, followed by a full reflexology treatment – allow an hour and a half – £45

Memorial & Meditation Stones from £10

Crystal Grids, with all the crystals needed plus half an hour training on how to use them – from £50

For more information

AmbaScarlett Holistic Art & Healing

Tel: 07799 627789

Email: helen@aspengirl.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ambascarlett

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