Inspiring Success with a New Business Venture

Last week, Nene Local was invited to a complimentary Life Coaching session from Inspiring Success.

Before I tell you about my session let’s see why you might need a life coach.  If Life Coaching to you sounds a bit too ‘out there’ and you think, why would I need that?

Here is why you might…inner sunshine sheena shah

  • Coaching will enable you to see your life from a different perspective
  • Stop you procrastinating and help you move forward
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Give you genuine happiness
  • Explore limiting beliefs and find ways to overcome them
  • Give you 100% support

Sheena Shah from Inspiring Success met with me over coffee and we talked through life in general, with me picking some scores for such things as health, finance, relationships, career, mental health, social life etc

Most of my scores were quite high but there’s always room for improvement, right?

One of the sections to fill in was left blank so I popped in a new business venture I’m doing, as its new that scored quite low… So my life coaching did turn a little businessy….  However, I am attending their SuperEMPOWER Yourself day on September 9th and Sheena tells me I get another session as part of that, so will concentrate on a ‘home/leisure life’ area for that session.

Details of the day are here https://www.facebook.com/events/207969113335994/

superempower yourself day

Sheena really questioned me on how I felt about the new venture, what did I want to achieve? By when?

I found I actually had some really big goals for it but hadn’t really put them down on paper yet.  Sheens used a little NLP to get me to ‘seal those goals’ in my head then put them on paper.

By the end of an hour, I had a goal and also small stages to get to that goal.  I had a marketing plan, I had the beginnings of a financial plan, and bundles of enthusiasm.  I was amazed at how much we achieved in an hour.  This was a Friday and so my Saturday morning was spent fine tuning the plans and by Monday I had a follow up email from Inspiring Success outlining all we had discussed and encouraging me further.  I felt very pleased that by this point I had already achieved some of the points.

Why have a coach?

When it’s something close to your heart, you often can’t see a way through.  I’m a ‘just get on with it’ sort of person and coaching enabled me to take time to think, put solid plans in place that will lead to success – rather than a scattergun approach which might lead to success…

Coaching also means encouragement.  When I post to Facebook I get a little smiling face or thumbs up from Sheena, which even as an adult, feedback like this does still spur you on.

We have catch up meetings in place, so she can keep me on track.  Plus, if I feel I’m too busy or too tired to do a task one particular day, the thought of accountability to someone else rather than just me certainly keeps me motivated and wanting to get the ‘thumbs up’!

For more information

Sheena is a Performance/Wellbeing coach and NLP Practitioner and works either 1:1, in corporate settings and also does wellbeing sessions for children in schools.

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Sheena says:

“I’m a firm believer that with the right support and motivation anyone can achieve their dreams.”


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