KORE Therapy – What is it?

KORE Therapy was my therapy of choice to sample this week for Nene Local Magazine.

I went to Taggies Yard Therapies, where owner Endora Stanford uses KORE Therapy as part of her portfolio of treatments.taggies yard therapies

The Appointment

Endora began by using Kinesiology techniques to test my muscles, each reaction to her instruction had a score and she kept a mental note of which muscles ‘passed or failed’ her tests – this sounds much more drastic than it is – all the tests did was show her where my body needed help to work properly once again.  Each test merely consisted of my limb pushing gently against the way she wanted it to go and Endora saw with how much strength/force I could push against her move.

I had initially gone to Taggies Yard with a persistent head ache but Endora explained that the root cause could be anything from a misaligned hip to my legs not being the same length, this is why her treatments begin with the testing, so she can ask the body what is really going on.

The aim of the muscle testing is to initiate an immune system response by getting the clients brain to recognise the primary root cause issues, thus setting the client up to start the healing process before the therapy even begins…

As part of the treatment there were various other techniques performed such as acupressure, the principles of reflexology and her signature treatment of Kore Therapy.

KORE therapy

KORE Therapy and the red carpet!

You may know Kore Therapy already and not realise that this is what it is.  Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on the red carpet a number of years ago with red circles on her skin?  It was down to ‘cupping’ or Kore Therapy.

KORE’s expertise is in finding & treating the root cause to your suffering and not just dealing just with your symptoms.  I might have thought I was being up to the minute and all trendy but cupping dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. Ancient books describe how the ancient Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C.

Endora uses glass cups, and places a burning cotton ball inside them, she quickly removes the ball and places the cup on you, the process creates a vacuum and skin is suctioned into the cup. This suction helps circulation, draws out toxins and supports the bodies systems. The process carries on for a few hours after the cups are removed.  They were on me for about 15 minutes and I didn’t feel any discomfort at all (It felt like she had rested a light book on my back).

Endora does check whether you are going to be wearing anything backless – such as swimming costume or ball gown depending on what you may be doing that week, as the cups can leave some red marks – called Cupping Kisses.  They soon fade but she likes to make you aware.

As I’d gone in with a head ache, Endora explained why she’d worked on my glutes and trapezium – due to the muscle tests she had performed.  However, she finished with a Chinese based massage on my neck and the part where your skull meets your spine.  This area was tender but Endora ensured it was bearable for me – she eased the muscles into action very gently and I feel so much better for it.


How do I feel?

Today after a very good night’s sleep my head feels much better.  Taggies Yard Therapies is based in Orlingbury near Kettering just 15 minutes from the Nene Local head quarters.


For more information

Call Endora Stanford on 07803 121073

Email:   tytherapies@icloud.com

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