Who Loves Stationery? Nene Local Checks out CESCA…

Cesca is a Northamptonshire based company who aim to supply you with a range of colourful quality office, travel and home accessories, whilst rebuilding our UK manufacturing and leather craft. Northamptonshire was the home of quality shoes and thousands were employed in their production all over the county. We aim  to bring skilled jobs back to Northamptonshire by rekindling the art of creating quality real and vegan leather gifts. Cesca are a family run business, with a loyal team of extended family members and friends, beavering away to make colourful  and creative leather gifts.

cesca stationery northamptonshire

At Cesca we offer a colourful quality product, made lovingly by our crafts men and women, in both real leather or manmade leatherette.  Leatherette looks and feels like genuine leather, yet it is totally man-made and vegan. However, it still looks and acts like leather, which has traditional been used to craft fine notebooks, desk accessories and gifts since time began. We offer several ranges of real leather gifts alongside our leatherette; the choice is yours.

cesca stationery northamptonshire

Whether your colour is navy blue, turquoise, yellow, purple or green we have them all, if we haven’t covered your colour then us know and we can add it to the collection. Whether you are a “Colour Mixer” or a “Colour Matcher”, don’t be colour shy, let your inner colour shine through.


At Cesca our favourite products are our beautiful notebooks hand crafted in the UK using traditional book binding techniques. We have selected a range of twelve colour ways, keep an eye on our Limited Edition Section as we love to mix things up.


cesca stationery northamptonshire

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