A Trip to Chancery Dental – the New Dentist in Thrapston

As a patient of Paul Blackman I was already registered with Chancery Dental, I’m happy that they know my dental history. chancery dental thrapston

I needed to book a check up and so went in to say hello, as Nene Local and have a look around.

I’ve booked my check up and so Ketan showed me around the surgery.  I saw the reception had been set back allowing more room.  Lots of clean lines and a professional look.  The surgery will offer straight forward dentistry as well as cosmetic procedures that are popular now to obtain a white, film star smile for those that want that bit extra.

chancery dental thrapston

The surgery Mr Blackman used has now become the hygenists area and there is a large, state of the art surgery upstairs – which I can talk about after my appointment next week.

chancery dental thrapston

chancery dental thrapston

There is lots more room and room to expand too so more patients can be looked after.

I also know a ‘top secret’ …. something really quite exciting will be happening in this room and it’ll be real kudos for Thrapston, bringing people into the town.

chancery dental thrapston

I am looking forward to my check up and will let you know how I get on.

For more information about the new dentist, what they can offer and also their pament plan which offers affordable dentistry then contact;


chancery dental

Chancery Dental

Web:  www.chancerydental.co.uk

Email: info@chancerydental.co.uk

Telephone: 01832 733093


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