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Planning Applications: 18 January 2019 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/02410/FUL (16/02/2019)


Construction of new secure compound, outdoor storage area, and the installation of 3 additional

steel containers forming stores and workshop at Barnwell Country Park Barnwell Road Oundle  PE8 5PB


18/02420/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Two storey side and rear extension. Demolition of existing garage at Baythorne Main Street Cotterstock PE8 5HD


18/02279/FUL (16/02/2019)


Change of use of land to grazing for horses and the construction of an all-weather menage (unlit) at Fair View Farm 29 High Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LN

18/02456/FUL (16/02/2019)

(LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Installation of glazed canopy to rear entrance door. at 34 Stamford Road Easton On The Hill PE9 3NU

18/02457/LBC (16/02/2019)


Installation of glazed canopy to rear entrance door and removal of internal wall at first floor level at 34 Stamford Road Easton On The Hill  PE9 3NU


19/00019/FUL (16/02/2019)


Demolition of existing building and construction of replacement dwelling. at Willowbrook House Nassington Road Fotheringhay PE8 5JA

Great Addington

18/02421/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Proposed garage, barn conversion and rear extension. at The Rectory Woodford Road Great Addington  NN14 4BS

Higham Ferrers

18/02403/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

2 storey extension to north of property. at 3 Swans Way Higham Ferrers NN10 8NF

18/02438/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Alterations and extension at 65 Wharf Road Higham Ferrers   NN10 8BQ

19/00017/FUL (16/02/2019)


Replacement external paving and installation of 4No bollards at 10 Market Square Higham Ferrers NN10 8BT


18/02389/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Partial conversion of garage to habitable accommodation (dining room). Creation of extra parking space. Existing front elevation to stay unchanged at 5 Musson Close Irthlingborough NN9 5XW


19/00077/FUL (16/02/2019)


Construct new traditionally designed oak framed garage (6.5 x 6.5m), near the newly constructed building at The Paddocks Main Street Laxton NN17 3AT


18/02320/OUT (09/02/2019)


Outline: erection of a two-storey dwelling house (all matters reserved except access, layout and scale) (Resubmission of 18/01810/OUT) at Piccadilly Farm Main Street Lutton  PE8 5ND


18/02439/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Extension at Unit 19 Kings Cliffe Industrial Estate Wansford Road Kings Cliffe

19/00082/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Extension to link unit no 23 to unit no 25 – a portal framed industrial building at Unit 25 Kings Cliffe Industrial Estate Wansford Road Kings Cliffe  PE8 6PB


18/02253/FUL (16/02/2019)


Replacement of existing boardwalk structure and access pathway with new boardwalk and asphalt access pathway. And replacement of associated gates and signposts at Snipe Meadow Boardwalk Occupation Road Oundle

18/02303/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Replacement of slate roof with composite metal sheet roofing, replacement of timber windows with aluminium framed powder coated windows and replacement of external pine staircase with powder coated aluminium staircase at The Laundry Glapthorn Road Oundle

18/02411/FUL and 18/02412/LBC (16/02/2019) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Installation of a new cast bell and associated control equipment in chapel bell tower at Memorial Chapel Oundle School Milton Road Oundle PE8 4AB

18/02458/FUL (16/02/2019)


Proposed alterations, loft extension, rear and side extension to existing 3 bedroom dwelling at 16 East Road Oundle PE8 4BX

19/00057/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Proposed attic conversion, new dormer to northwest elevation, new front porch, rear single storey dining room extension and replacement garage door (Re-submission of 18/01619/FUL) at 16 Warren Bridge Oundle PE8 4DQ


18/02309/VAR (16/02/2019)


Variation of Condition 28 (store trading times) of planning permission 12/00839/VAR to read:

‘The store trading hours will be limited to 6am to 11.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays, except for the period from 17 to 24th December annually where 24 hour trading is permitted’ at Asda 161 High Street Rushden  NN10 0PA

18/02400/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Change of use from ground floor retail with residential unit above to 2no. 2 storey residential units at 182 Wellingborough Road Rushden  NN10 9SX

18/02409/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Change of use of Unit L2b from Food and Beverage (Use Class A3) to retail (Use Class A1) use at

Unit L2b West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden NN10 6FT

 18/02413/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Replacement of existing portacabin with brick clad structure to provide customer waiting area at car wash Site Duck Street Rushden

18/02414/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Two storey and single storey rear extension at 76 Upper Queen Street Rushden NN10 0BT

18/02445/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Retention of solar photovoltaic panels at 144 Northampton Road Rushden NN10

19/00039/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

To raise redundant roller shutter and install a new glazed entrance with a pair of doors with glazed panels either side at Unit 6 Brindley Close Rushden  NN10 6EN

19/00058/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Erection of a three bedroom detached dwelling at 30 Blinco Road Rushden

19/00085/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Change of use of existing warehouse from distribution warehouse (B8) to distribution warehouse (B8) with ancillary retail sales, plus new entrance door at Unit 5 Brindley Close Rushden  NN10 6EN


18/02371/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Application to install 60 ground mounted Solar PV panels on land to the south of Perio Mill. The

panels are to be mounted on three south-facing 10m long arrays as per the layout plan at Perio

Mill and adjacent land Cotterstock Road Fotheringhay  PE8 5HU


18/02372/FUL (16/02/2019)


Proposed porch, garage conversion first floor extensions, render finish and timber cladded carport with associated internal / external works at 4 Raunds Road Stanwick  NN9 6PP


18/02277/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Replacement of existing mobile home at Bluebell Lakes Fotheringhay Road Tansor


 18/02280/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Proposed new agricultural building at Bluebell Lakes Fotheringhay Road Tansor PE8 5HN


18/02453/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Demolition of car port, part of wall, erection of three dwellings with garages, parking, access and landscaping at land rear of 15 Chancery Lane Thrapston

18/02459/OUT (09/02/2019) (Info)

Outline: Proposed residential development to erect four dwellings on redundant land (all matters reserved apart from access and scale) at land rear of 7 – 12 The Willows Thrapston


18/02402/VAR (16/02/2019)


Variation of condition 9 of application 17/02298/FUL to substitute drawing 1148-MH-16 Revision B proposed conservatory for drawing 1148-MH-16 Revision D Proposed Conservatory at Wadenhoe House Church Street Wadenhoe PE8 5SR

18/02405/VAR (16/02/2019)


Variation of condition 9 of application 17/02299/LBC to substitute drawing 1148-MH-16 Revision B ‘Proposed Conservatory’ for drawing 1148-MH-16 Revision D proposed conservatory at Wadenhoe House Church Street Wadenhoe  PE8 5SR

18/02450/LBC (16/02/2019)


Internal works to former spa building comprising the removal of partition wall; the formation of openings; the removal of door and studwork nibs; the removal of high-level window; and, the installation of a wood-burning stove together with a black stainless-steel flue on north-west elevation.  To effect change of use ref 17/01397/FUL at Wadenhoe House Church Street


19/00027/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Erection of dwelling at 35 Church Street Warmington PE8 6TE

 19/00028/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Demolition of dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling. at 3 Spinney Close Warmington PE8 6TF

19/00029/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Conversion and extension of existing barns to form dwelling at 3 Spinney Close Warmington PE8 6TF

19/00030/OUT (09/02/2019) (Info)

Erection of 2 dwellings – Land off Spinney Close (north of Horse View Barn) at 3 Spinney Close Warmington PE8 6TF


18/01822/FUL (16/02/2019)


Change of use of land to incorporate into residential curtilage, demolition of existing out buildings and erection of detached triple garage at 6 Addington Road Woodford

18/02407/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Two storey pitched roof rear extension at 5 West Street Woodford


19/00072/FUL (09/02/2019) (Info)

Erection of single storey rear extension at 32 Mill Road Yarwell

Planning Applications: 02 January 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/02364/LBC (02/02/2019)

(LBRegs) Conversion of farm buildings to form 3 residential dwellings at Rectory Farm Buildings Main Street Lower Benefield PE8 5AF

18/02373/FUL (02/02/2019)

(LB/CA) Proposed double bay garage with room above (re-submission of 18/01561/FUL) at Ashley Farm House Main Street Upper Benefield PE8 5AN

18/02408/FUL (02/02/2019)

(LB/CA) Conversion of listed farm buildings to create 3 dwellings together with demolition of modern

agricultural buildings and construction of 2 new build dwellings at Rectory Farm Buildings Main Street Lower Benefield  PE8 5AF


18/02394/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Change of use from D1 to to C3 dwelling with no external alterations at Mandate House Old

Weston Road Clopton NN14 3DZ


18/02297/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Three bedroom detached dwelling and outbuilding at Leverton Oundle Road Glapthorn  PE8 5BD


18/02361/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Proposed single storey extension with alterations to the existing drive access at Idle Acre Nags Head Lane Hargrave  NN9 6BJ

18/02362/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Conversion and extension of existing detached double garage and workshop to 4-bedroom single-storey dwelling including access, parking and amenity space at Idle Acre Nags Head Lane Hargrave  NN9 6BJ

18/02396/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Proposed detached garage at 7 Nags Head Lane Hargrave


Higham Ferrers

18/02186/FUL (02/02/2019)

(LB/CA) Single storey extensions to existing care home at 66 College Street Higham Ferrers  NN10 8DZ

18/02365/FUL (02/02/2019)

(LB/CA) Single-storey side and  rear extension. Loft conversion with rear facing dormer at 59 Kimbolton Road Higham Ferrers NN10 8DU


18/02395/FUL (02/02/2019)

(Art8) Erection of 84 dwellings with associated vehicular access, parking, landscaping and open space at rear of Green Close Wellingborough Road Irthlingborough

Kings Cliffe

18/02374/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Ground floor front extension and part conversion of garage to form WC at 122 Wood Road Kings

Cliffe  PE8 6XZ


18/02171/FUL (02/02/2019)

(Art8) Construction of twelve new properties including new road and associated services at land off Fenn Close Nassington

18/02263/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Single storey rear extension at 54 Church Street Nassington


18/02278/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Extension of portal framed industrial building at Unit 5 Kings Cliffe Industrial Estate Wansford

Road Kings Cliffe  PE8 6PB


18/02367/VAR (02/02/2019)

(LBRegs) Variation of condition 5 to allow for amended plans pursuant to planning application

18/01767/LBC: Internal and external refurbishment of the Cobthorne Stables and Barn dated 02.11.2018

Condition Number(s): 5

Conditions(s) Removal: change of condition due to amended plans

Change to drawings NTBS3015/03 Rev C, 08 Rev B, 09 Rev B, 11 Rev B. Changes nominally;

Additional timber frame and clad front wall under new mono pitch slate tile roof to gardens storage area to left hand of building.

Additional use of 1st floor tack room, including powder coated hand rail to external stairs, ply capping and carpet to internal stairs, new acoustic lined flooring, skim plaster walls.

Additional roof light to be changed as per the approved Clement Roof lights.2nr new ridge vents to match existing.Extended insulation to loft space to first floor archive room at The Stables Cobthorne 16 West Street Oundle  PE8 4EF


18/02383/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Single-storey extension to include larger kitchen with utility, attached double garage, bedroom 4 / study, and en-suite to master bedroom at 4 Wyatt Way Oundle


18/02242/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Change of use for part of (42 sqm) an existing storage building (446 sqm) for siting of a Pet Cremator and ancillary facilities in connection with its operation at New Lodge Farm Red Lodge Road Polebrook  PE8 5LL


18/02368/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Erection of double garage with studio above (as previously approved on 16/00686/VAR) at Harwell Chelveston Road Raunds  NN9 6DA

18/02378/REM (26/01/2019)

(Info) Reserved matters pursuant to 17/02442/OUT –  Erection of three residential dwellings at Antona Stanwick Road Raunds NN9 6DG


18/02233/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Demolition of existing two storey flat roof extension and erection of two storey rear extension at 2 Denford Road Ringstead NN14 4DF

18/02377/ADV (26/01/2019)

(Info) Please see attached photographs 1 and 2 – Peters Fish Bar Sign – junction Church St and Carlow Rd Ringstead at land opposite Carlow Street Church Street Ringstead

18/02381/ADV (26/01/2019)

(Info) Please see attached photographs 1 and 2 – Peter’s Fish Bar Sign – 2A High Street Ringstead at 2A High Street Ringstead  NN14 4DA

18/02384/ADV (26/01/2019)

(Info) Erection of sign on roundabout at OP0494 SP9973 Raunds Road Ringstead


18/01777/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Single storey side extension. at 101 Wellingborough Road Rushden NN10 9YL

18/02150/FUL (02/02/2019)

(Info) Replacement allotment building at Allotment Gardens Grafton Road Rushden

18/02196/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear/side extension to form annexe at 1 Bluebell Rise Rushden  NN10 0TU

18/02309/VAR (02/02/2019)

(Art8) Variation of condition 28 pursuant to planning application 12/00839/VAR: Variation of condition 28 (store trading times) of planning permission 03/00754/OUT – Erection of Class A1 foodstore with associated car parking, operational space and landscaping at Asda 161 High Street Rushden

18/02341/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Residential development for one single unit on land at Walmer Close Rushden (Re-submission of

15/01349/FUL) at open space adjacent to 5 Walmer Close Rushden  NN10  OTE

18/02357/ADV (26/01/2019)

(Info) Installation of a series of wayfinding, car parking signs, installation of traffic totems along the internal access road to the rear of Terrace A and Terrace B and a series of car parking restriction signs within the car parking and service yard areas at Rushden Lakes, Rushden

18/02358/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Change of use from beauty salon to chiropractic clinic (D1) at 128 Newton Road Rushden  NN10 0HL

18/02359/ADV (26/01/2019)

(Info) Signs showing name of business and details of services (3 signs in total) at 128 Newton Road

Rushden NN10 0HL

18/02360/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Two storey and single storey rear extensions (Re-submission of 18/00473/FUL) at 105 Higham Road Rushden NN10 6DS

18/02369/FUL (02/02/2019)

(LB/CA) Existing 2 storey High Street retail premises.  Currently no access via the front elevation.  Proposal to install replacement of shopfront comprising double entrance doors, new feature timber surround and external security shutter at 48 – 50 High Street Rushden NN10 0PJ

18/02386/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Two-storey side and  rear extension at 67 Blinco Road Rushden  NN10 0EA

18/02397/VAR (26/01/2019)

(Info) Variation of condition 6 pursuant to planning application 18/01851/FUL: Demolition of existing and construction of two dwellings dated 19.11.2018 at 84 Avenue Road Rushden


18/02291/FUL (02/02/2019)

(Art8) Repair and consolidation of existing sluices on the River Nene, and the installation of a hydroscrew in and adjacent to the south sluice, all within the watercourse at Sluice Stanwick Lakes A45 Nene Valley Way Stanwick

18/02372/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Proposed, porch, garage conversion first floor extensions, Render finish and timber cladded carport with associated internal / external works at 4 Raunds Road Stanwick NN9 6PP


18/02398/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Single storey rear extension at 11 Hever Close Thrapston NN14 4XL


18/02401/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Change of use of agricultural land and buildings to B1(C) B2 and B8 uses at Newbrook Farm Islington Titchmarsh NN14 3DG


18/02307/FUL (02/02/2019)


Change of use from residential flat C3 to business use B1. at Unit 3 Home Farm Close Wadenhoe



18/02382/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Conversion of garage with new hipped roof above at 10 Pierce Crescent Warmington PE8 6UG


18/02284/FUL (02/02/2019)

(LB/CA) Part demolition of public house, change of use of public house to residential, erection of a 1 bedroom flat with undercroft parking, cycle and bin storage.  Erection of a pair of 3 bedroom dwelling houses on car park to rear with associated parking at 33 High Street Woodford


18/02313/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Change of use and conversion of an agricultural barn complex to form 1 No. 4 bedroom dwelling and associated access. at Whitelands Farm Sulehay Road Yarwell

18/02370/FUL (26/01/2019)

(Info) Construction of 13.700m diameter horse walker and ancillary work at 25 Mill Road Yarwell



January Herb Salad – from Hawkwell Herbs

Sara Dixon from Hawkwell Herbs has come to talk to us about cooking with herbs, her monthly slot will include some herby recipes, plus where to find her stall and how to order or buy…

It’s a cold January, so why a salad? We need taste still, we need to feel we are indulging still, but, let’s face it, we put ourselves under pressure to go ‘healthy’ at the beginning of the year.  This recipe has taste, indulgence AND health.

hawkwell herbs

What do you need?

Oil – oil of your choice – try using flavoured oils if you have any – try indulging with a nut oil if you are able.

Onion – I like to use red onions for colour AND strong flavour.  Chop your onion quite small after peeling.

Bulghur wheat or any other grain of your choice – as long as it is capable of filling you up.  You can even use beans if you prefer.

Herbs of your choice – I tend to go with whatever I have the most of! I have used Parsley, which survives cold, frost, snow… and I have gone for the flat leaved variety which I prefer to the curly, I’m using Mint and have gone for Moroccan as it has a punchy taste but try any flavour mint that you have, and Land Cress which, if you haven’t tried it, is peppery.

Preparation: Chop the herb leaves for the dish itself but RETAIN the stalks as well (see below)

  1. Cook your chosen grain/beans according to manufacturer’s instructions.
    1. If you are going with the Bulghur Wheat, it is one third wheat to two thirds water (in volume), bring to the boil, simmer for about 10 minutes.
    2. Drain any excess moisture away.
  2. Whilst cooking your grain/beans, start to gently fry your onion in the oil until it goes soft. This is when the natural sugars develop too. Which helps if you crave that still-remembered Christmas sugar hit!
  3. The amount of oil you add is up to you but this is a dish which involves Bulghur Wheat which soaks up the oil very nicely as part of the final mixing.
  4. Once the onion begins to go soft, add your herbs. Turn the heat right down and gently stir them until they too begin to wilt. I like some crunch to my herbs as well as rawness of flavour but if you are using herbs which need some cooking, stir them for longer.
  5. Then add your Bulghur Wheat/grains/beans to the herb mix and mix it all together well.
  6. Eat hot or cold.

Did you know?

Retain the stalks of herbs (unless they are used in the dish itself) as they still have a use! I use them in stock, stews, casseroles, even herbal teas/tisanes as they often hold a great deal of flavour.

hawkwell herbs

Where can you find Hawkwell Herbs this month?

Sunday 6th January – Olney Farmers’ Market

Saturday 12th January – Oundle Farmers’ Market

Saturday 26th January – Ely Farmers’ Market.

PLUS Sara delivers herbs in ‘HerbBella the Van’ to Loyalty Card customers on Mondays and Fridays to keep everybody topped up in between markets.

hawkwell herbs

Special events this month:

Monday 7th January – a healthy afternoon tea party hosted with AmbaScarlett

Sunday 27th January – Hanslope Vegan Winter Fair

Herb of the month for January

Another themed month!  A variety of herbs to help you make tasty herbal teas/tisanes, as well as herbs to pep up a winter salad.   As always, a Cooking Ideas booklet comes with each herb. All available at the Farmers’ Markets.