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Planning Applications: 28 February 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00250/FUL (30/03/2019)


To remove 6 meters of existing boundary wall to create a vehicle access, install timber drive gates

and rebuild stone wall to reduced height of 600mm 2 meters either side of new gates (Resubmission of 18/01956/FUL) at 2 Orchard Cottage Laundry Road Apethorpe


19/00262/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Extension to existing garage at 14A Main Street Clopton  NN14 3DZ


19/00241/FUL (30/03/2019)


Convert existing dwelling and outbuilding into 6 dwellings with associated landscaping at The Sea Horse Deene  NN17 3EJ

Duddington With Fineshade

18/02428/FUL (30/03/2019)


Change of use to timber lodge holiday park and the development of ancillary infrastructure and

landscaping at land south of Top Lodge Top Lodge Road Fineshade


19/00248/FUL (23/03/2019)


Part two storey and part first floor side extension at 21 Porters Lane Easton On The Hill PE9 3NF

19/00265/LBC (30/03/2019)


Conversion of existing Dovecote to create gym, lift existing brick floor, lay concrete slab to a depth

of 100mm and re lay existing brick floor over to support mezzanine level. Removal of existing

mock collyweston roof tiles and battens, addition of breathable roofing membrane over existing

roof trusses, installation of new battens and existing tiles re laid over.  Removal of existing door and replacement with aluminium framed glazed door, removal of existing opening at mezzanine level and replace with aluminium framed glazed unit, addition of cast iron grille on exterior of building to allow for extraction of ventilation equipment at 34 Stamford Road Easton On The Hill

Higham Ferrers

19/00196/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

First floor extension to side of dwelling, single storey to rear, conversion of existing integral garage to habitable accommodation and erection of new detached garage to front of dwelling. at 50 Russell Way Higham Ferrers  NN10 8EJ

19/00271/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Alteration and extension (resubmission of 18/02438/FUL) at 65 Wharf Road Higham Ferrers

NN10 8BQ


19/00140/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Construction of 2 No. dormers to front facing roof slope at 133 Ebbw Vale Road Irthlingborough


Kings Cliffe

19/00257/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Part demolition of existing bungalow and construction of new house at 107 Wood Road Kings

Cliffe  PE8 6XR


19/00332/FUL (30/03/2019)


Installation of a 12 panel/4KW solar PV system to the south facing roof pitch of garage at north

end of outbuildings at Stafford Knott House Main Street Laxton  NN17

Newton Bromswold

19/00246/FUL (23/03/2019)


Erection of agricultural dwelling at Twelve Oaks Rushden Road Newton Bromswold NN10 0SP


18/02419/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Proposed single storey extension to kitchen and utility room with new surrounding covered

veranda, new entrance porch and relocated driveway entrance from private road (Wood Lane) to

new parking area to rear of garage along with landscaping at Sudborough House Wood Lane

Oundle  PE8 5TP

19/00238/FUL (30/03/2019)


New greenhouse and shed to rear garden of dwelling at 43 South Road Oundle PE8 4BP


19/00194/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Demolition of existing barns and erection of two detached dwellings with detached double garages, one of which being two storey with ancillary residential accommodation. The temporary

siting of a caravan during the construction phase. at The Poultry Farm Brooks Road Raunds

19/00249/FUL (30/03/2019)


Change of use from open space to residential garden land at land adjacent 51 Thorpe Street


19/00263/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

To convert rear half of double garage into living space at 1 Shelmerdine Gardens Raunds



19/00208/ADV (23/03/2019) (Info)

Three Internally illuminated fascia signs to retail unit comprising 2(no) to front elevation and 1(no)

to rear at Unit GS09 Garden Square Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FL

19/00220/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Enlargement of existing dormer, creation of new dormer, demolition of garage, erection of new

garage at 83 Whitefriars Rushden  NN10 9PE

19/00237/ADV (30/03/2019)


Proposed 2 no externally illuminated fascia signs and 1no externally illuminated hanging sign to shopfront elevation at 48 – 50 High Street Rushden  NN10 0PJ

19/00259/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Erection of fixed canopy / sail to front of building Signage comprising of:-1 set of internally

illuminated fascia text

1 non illuminated set of fascia text at Unit L7 West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00260/ADV (23/03/2019) (Info)

1 set of internally illuminated fascia text, 1 set of non illuminated fascia text at Unit L7 West

Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00282/ADV (23/03/2019) (Info)

Installation of new internally illuminated letters to front fascia and new non illuminated metal

fascia panel to rear elevation at Unit GS05 Garden Square Rushden Lakes Rushden


18/02280/FUL (30/03/2019)


A general storage building in connection with activities at Bluebell Lakes at Bluebell Lakes

Fotheringhay Road Tansor Peterborough  PE8 5HN


18/02030/FUL (30/03/2019)


Alterations to existing building to form two dwellings with new garage (resubmission of

17/02027/FUL) at land rear of 15 Chancery Lane Thrapston

18/02031/LBC (18/03/2019)


Alterations to existing building to form two dwellings with new garage (Resubmission of

17/02028/LBC) at land rear of 15 Chancery Lane Thrapston

19/00114/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Replace floating bay window with walk in bay window at 5 Poppyfield Court Thrapston NN14 4TS

19/00289/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Convert existing double garage into living accommodation at 37 Tyler Way Thrapston NN14 4UE


18/02284/FUL (30/03/2019)


Part demolition of and change of use of Public House to a dwelling. Erection of a pair of 3 bedroom dwelling houses on the car park to rear with associated parking at 33 High Street Woodford  NN14 4HE


19/00256/FUL (30/03/2019)


Single storey front extension at 64 Main Street Yarwell  PE8 6PR

19/00303/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Side and rear extension at 20 Nassington Road Yarwell  PE8 6PP

Northamptonshire Community Foundation Makes Progress in Tackling the County’s Hidden Needs

Northamptonshire Community Foundation (NCF) is making progress in tackling the highlighted priority needs in the county, as revealed by their first Hidden Needs report.

The report, commissioned by NCF and researched by the University of Northampton’s Institute for Social Innovation and Impact, launched in March last year and revealed several notable social inequalities, particularly relating to health and wellbeing; and education and skills.

Victoria Miles Holding Hidden Needs Report

Victoria Miles Holding Hidden Needs Report

Since the launch of the report, NCF has worked with a range of partners, fund holders and donors to help address the social issues that need the most urgent attention across Northamptonshire.

On Wednesday 27 February, NCF presented an updated report at Northampton Filmhouse, showcasing how the Foundation has been working to tackle the priority needs within the county. Introduced by Victoria Miles DL, CEO of Northamptonshire Community Foundation, guests were invited to hear from a range of speakers to learn more about the needs of our communities and the progress that has been made over the past year.

Rachel McGrath, Deputy CEO of NCF said: “We commissioned the Hidden Needs report to highlight urgent and priority needs across Northamptonshire. Since the launch of the report, we have raised public awareness, tackled some of those needs through the funding we manage on behalf of donors and encouraged wider debate and discussion. We have had feedback that groups have also used the report as evidence to lever funding from sources outside of the Foundation. We look forward to sharing  progress made with our partners and donors and will continue to engage with them in how to best address the most pressing needs in our communities.”

The full Hidden Needs report can be found online at

In association with Northamptonshire Community Foundation. To find out more about the fantastic work of NCF visit or call 01604 230033.

Bleeding Gums – Why it is Important to See the Hygienist

Bleeding gums is often the first sign of gum disease and should not be ignored. Gum disease is a very common condition with up to 9 in 10 people having some form of it even in the smallest amounts.
Gingivitis is the first stage, this is inflammation of your gums (see picture 2). This is caused by build-up of bacteria on the teeth and gums from the food we consume, called plaque. If this is not removed regularly by a good oral hygiene routine it can start to cause gum inflammation (bleeding). This stage is completely reversible and the gums can regain health with intervention of a dental hygienist and correct oral hygiene routine being implemented of brushing and cleaning in-between our teeth regularly.

red gums
However if gingivitis is left untreated over many years it can progress in some individuals to periodontitis. This is were the bone surrounding and supporting the tooth can start to be lost. The gums at this stage may start to pull away from the tooth creating a pocket (see picture 3) which will allow more plaque to trap and stagnate which you may not be able to remove with a toothbrush. Overtime this plaque can harden to become tartar (calculus) which is necessary to be removed by a dental hygienist as a toothbrush alone will not be able to. At this stage discomfort in the gums may be noticeable.

If this stage is left untreated, periodontitis will become more advanced (see picture 4) as more plaque and calculus will accumulate under the gum level due to deeper pockets forming from long term inflammation and gradual further bone loss. You may also start to notice increased sensitivity as gums will also be receding as the bone is being lost exposing the root surface. The end result of all this can be tooth mobility and eventually tooth loss.
Fortunately, gum disease is a dental disease which is completely preventable. This is achieved by keeping up a good oral hygiene regime and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups alongside cleans and oral hygiene education being provided by the dental hygienist.
Our job as dental professionals is to help support and guide you to enable you to perform a good oral hygiene regime that is sustainable and can be managed on a daily basis by yourselves at home to keep a nice healthy mouth (see picture 1). This will help prevent any gum disease from occurring for individuals who currently do not have any signs, while also halting the gum disease progression for anyone that currently has it to regain dental health.
You would not ignore a bleeding eye so do not ignore bleeding gums.
Emily is our hygienist at Chancery dental. She would be very happy to help you improve your gum health.
Contact us at Chancery dental on 01832 733093, we are always happy to help.

New Locality Connectors for Your Area

Richard Poole and Tonya Kingham, would like to introduce themselves and the new role as Locality Connectors for your area. Tonya covers the area of Wellingborough and Rushden while Richard concentrates on Corby and Oundle. There are six of us who cover the whole of Northamptonshire. Locality Connectors are people who connect vulnerable children, young people and their families in their local community with activities and organisations that can help improve their quality of life and well-being.
They provide information, insight and guidance to the Children First Northamptonshire teams on what services, groups, networks and activities are available locally and across the county, which may assist children, young people and families in maintaining independent lives. This could also help prevent their circumstances deteriorating any further in the future, to a point where they may need a higher level of support.
They will also aim to support and assist community groups and networks to develop new activities and/or maintain existing activities through a variety of means such as brokering and negotiating support from partner organisations and agencies.
Please feel free to contact them for more information at or if you would like them to arrange a visit Tel: 07920 361820 or Tel: 07920361818

New Link Road to Improve Access to Rushden Lakes Approved by ENC

A new link road between Ditchford Lane and Rushden Lakes has been approved by East Northamptonshire Council’s planning committee.


A new road will mean easy access to the popular retail and leisure park from the A45 east bound for those visiting the park and for those making deliveries. It would also include a shared pedestrian and cycle path alongside the road as well as safe crossing points for those on foot or bike.


Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Steven North, said: “We have been working closely with the site owners and developers to get plans in for a road that will take the pressure off the main entrance to Rushden Lakes. We understand how essential the road is for the local area and highways and now that the application is approved, we look forward to receiving confirmation of when work will start.”


Details of the application can be found at using the reference 18/00004/FUL.


Relaxation is the new Business in Thrapston

Introducing AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing, run by Helen Dawson and situated in Changes Hair Salon on Thrapston High Street.

Helen specialises in Reiki and Reflexology and is the only local holistic therapist to offer the Reiki Holistic Facial.

helen dawson healer

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese therapy which involves channelling energy, allowing for the restoration of the person’s physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Reiki treats the whole person. The flow of Reiki energy helps the body to heal itself and return to a state of balance.

What is a Reiki Holistic Facial?

A Reiki Holistic Facial includes the standard cleanse, tone and moisturise of a standard facial, then there is also a neck, shoulder, head and décolletage massage.  Plus, the addition of serums for your skin type and acupressure.

The Reiki healing flows throughout the hour-long treatment.

Generally, clients leave feeling blissful and ready for their best night’s sleep ever!

The Benefits of a Reiki Facial:

  • Deeply relaxing and promotes healthy sleep
  • Relieves muscle tension in face, neck and shoulders
  • Can relieve tension headache, migraine and eye strain
  • Encourages blood supply to head, brain and scalp
  • Helps relieve congestion associated with sinusitis and tinnitus
  • Removes dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration
  • Nourishes the skin and balances pH to promote healthy looking skin
  • Can relieve emotional stress, anxiety and depression
  • Creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm

The Products

As part of th Reiki Facial , Helen uses natural product.  Helen’s own cleansing routine doesn’t contain any toxins or harsh chemicals so she refuses to put them onto anyone else.


All the Treatments

helen dawson healer

Treatments from AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing include Reiki, Reiki Facials and Reflexology – plus these treatments can be combined with essential oils, as Helen is also quaified in Aromatherapy.

helen dawson healer

For more information

To book call Helen Dawson on 07799 627789



helen dawson healer

Peterborough Cathedral – Diary of Events

Cathedral Pancake Race

Tuesday 5th March
12.00 noon


Teams of four are invited to enter the 2019 Cathedral Pancake Race! Mascots are welcome too and there will be a special race for them.


Teams will run in relays, taking a route around the outside of the Cathedral whilst tossing a pancake. Come and have a go, or watch your friends and colleagues take up the challenge!


There will be a special short race for mascots in costume, so if your organisation has a mascot who would like to take part free of charge, please email


Check out the teams’ relay route here – Pancake Race route.


It’s free to come and watch, so we hope lots of supporters will come to cheer on their team.


Tickets are £20 per team of four. Free entry for the Mascot Race. Sensible footwear is essential.


To enter, please complete and return this form – Pancake Race entry form.



Silent Disco

Friday 22nd March

peterborough cathedral

The Silent Disco is returning to the Cathedral, this time including a choral music channel alongside the usual favourites!
You know the drill by now – each person is given their own headset and the opportunity to truly get lost in music! Tickets will sell quickly, so don’t miss this fantastic family event.


Tickets are £7 per person (£5 per person for groups of ten or more). Book here or call 01733 452336 / 355315.



Handel ‘Dixit Dominus’ & Vivaldi ‘Gloria’

Saturday 23rd March


Come and witness a special programme from Peterborough Cathedral Choir, Youth Choir and Festival Chorus, with Peterborough Choral Society, as they perform these baroque masterpieces.


The choirs will be joined by the musicians of Eboracum Baroque and the concert will be conducted by Tansy Castledine, the Cathedral’s Director of Music.


Tickets are £15 or £20 (under 18s half price). Book here or call 01733 452336 / 355315.



Holy Week and Easter


Palm Sunday – Sunday 14th April

10.30am: Procession of Psalms and Cathedral Eucharist


Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th April

5.30pm: Vespers
8.00pm: Compline and Address


Maundy Thursday – Thursday 18th April

10.30am: Eucharist for Maundy Thursday with Renewal of Ordination Vows and Blessing of Oils
5.30pm: Evening Prayer (said)
7.30pm: Sung Eucharist and Watch of the Passion until Midnight


Good Friday – Friday 19th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer
10.00am: Procession of Witness from Stanley Recreation Ground
12.00 noon to 2.00pm: Good Friday Meditations
2.00pm to 3.00pm: Service of the Passion of the Lord
5.30pm: Evening Prayer


Holy Saturday – Saturday 20th April

7.30am: Morning Prayer
3.30pm: Evening Prayer
8.00pm: The Easter Vigil, Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist of Easter


Easter Sunday – Sunday 21st April

8.00am: Holy Communion
9.15am: Choral Matins
10.30am: The Cathedral Eucharist
3.30pm: Festal Evensong and Procession


The preacher during Holy Week will be the Rt Revd Tim Stevens, former Bishop of Leicester.



Mary, Queen of Scots: A Monologue by Lesley Smith

Friday 3rd May



Meet the tragic queen during her final imprisonment at Tutbury Castle, and share her hopes and fears as her dramatic tale approaches its bitter conclusion.


Mary, Queen of Scots was Queen of Scotland and France, and a dangerous claimant for the English throne. She was executed at Fotheringhay Castle and buried at the Cathedral in 1587, prior to her reburial at Westminster Abbey in 1612.


Lesley Smith is Curator of Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire, where Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner on four occasions. She has appeared in over 120 TV programmes and is well known for her entertaining and compelling costumed monologues.

Tickets are £10 per person (no children under 16). Book online here or call 01733 452336.



Treasure for Treasure

Saturday 4th May

11am to 3pm


TV personality and auctioneer Charles Hanson, of Hansons Auctioneers, is coming to the Cathedral to take part in a rather unusual fundraiser.


People are invited to bring along any jewellery and antiques which have been unworn or unloved for years, which they would like to transform into treasure for the Cathedral and, if they wish, a parish church of their choice in the Peterborough Diocese.


Hansons will sell the items via one of their Specialist Auctions, with the Cathedral and the chosen churches each receiving half of the total proceeds.


You can also come along and meet Charles for valuation advice on other items, and make a donation for this service.


Lesley Smith, in character as Elizabeth I, will be present to chat to visitors of all ages and be available for photos.


More details of how to get involved will be coming soon.


Planning Applications: 13 February 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/02042/LBC (16/03/2019)


Installation of a defibrillator unit in BT kiosk at telephone kiosk adjacent to The Green Ashton


19/00003/FUL (16/03/2019)


Construction of new retaining wall made from stone filled gabion baskets in front of existing

retaining wall required to implement approved single-storey extension (ref: 17/02117/FUL) at 6

Bridge Street Brigstock NN14 3ET

19/00213/FUL (16/03/2019)


Restoration of dam and construction of new house together alterations to access at Keepers Lodge Grafton Road Brigstock NN14 3NA


19/00121/VAR (09/03/2019) (Info)

Variation of condition 7 Boundary treatment/screening (To ensure adequate standards of privacy

for neighbours and future occupiers) pursuant to application 16/00263/OUT – to enable existing

boundary hedge to be replaced by a fence at 3 Peters Close Chelveston  NN9


19/00060/FUL (16/03/2019)


First floor rear extension and new car port at Mill Cottage 2 Mill Lane Cotterstock PE8 5HH


18/02279/FUL (16/03/2019)

(Art8) Change of use of land to grazing for horses and the construction of an all-weather menage (unlit) at Fair View Farm 29 High Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LN


19/00055/FUL (16/03/2019)

(Art8) Change of use to car park and recreation area with new vehicle access from Benefield Road at Glapthorn Primary School Benefield Road Glapthorn  PE8 5BQ

Great Addington

18/02344/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Alterations to previously approved ‘Barn A’ and demolition of existing shed to form new garage

annex at Rectory Farm Buildings Cranford Road Great Addington

18/02345/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Alterations to previously approved demolition and replacement of ‘Barn B’ and demolition of

existing shed to form new garage annex at Rectory Farm Buildings Cranford Road Great Addington

18/02346/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Alterations to previously approved ‘Barn C’ incorporating a two storey side extension with integrated garage and single storey front extension at Rectory Farm Buildings Cranford Road

Great Addington


19/00204/FUL (16/03/2019)

(LB/CA) Replacement of existing stable block with Garden Studio at Shotley Cottage Shotley Harringworth NN17 3AG

Higham Ferrers

19/00124/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

To replace Gospel Hall windows to front and side elevations and porch area at Milton Hall Milton

Street Higham Ferrers  NN10 8BG


19/00090/FUL (16/03/2019)

(LB/CA) This application seeks to change the use of the central retail unit no 3A Church Street from A1

(approved on application 16/02336/FUL) to A3/A5 at former factory site Church Street

Kings Cliffe

19/00142/FUL (16/03/2019)

(LBRegs) Small single storey flat roofed cloakroom extension to existing utility room at Hall Farm 1 Hall Yard Kings Cliffe  PE8 6XQ

19/00143/LBC (16/03/2019)


Small single storey flat roofed Cloakroom extension to existing Utility room at Hall Farm 1 Hall

Yard Kings Cliffe PE8 6XQ


19/00136/FUL (09/03/2019)


Two storey and single storey extensions to rear of dwelling with  porch to front,  and alterations to

existing single storey roof to side of dwelling at 64 Rock Road Oundle


19/00141/FUL (16/03/2019)


Two storey and single storey extensions to rear of dwelling and detached garage/ car port with

rooms above at Barnleigh House Hemington Road Polebrook


18/02256/FUL (16/03/2019)


Conversion of buildings into two residential dwellings at Pumping Station Meadow Lane Raunds


18/02430/FUL (09/03/2019)


Installation of two air conditioning condenser units and two extract grilles at Unit L2b West Terrace

Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00040/ADV (09/03/2019) (Info)

Installation of one internally illuminated fascia sign, one internally projecting sign and 2 internal posters at unit L2b West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00122/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension and dormer loft conversion at 73 Harborough Road Rushden

NN10 0LW

19/00137/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Provision of level access to property via drop kerb accessed from Wymington Road, Rushden at 1 South Park Rushden  NN10 9LY

19/00139/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Two-storey Side Extension at 47 Manor Road Rushden NN10 9EX

19/00158/FUL (16/03/2019)


Replacement windows and door at 64 Crabb Street Rushden NN10 0RH

19/00191/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Demolition of existing garage and erection of new detached garage at 425 Newton Road Rushden

NN10 0SX

19/00206/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Erection of two dwellings at Spenwood Alexandra Road Rushden NN10 0HY


18/02372/FUL (08/01/2020)

(LB/CA) Proposed, porch, garage conversion first floor extensions, render finish and timber cladded carport with associated internal / external works at 4 Raunds Road Stanwick NN9 6PP

19/00195/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension and raised deck area at 12 Grange Road Stanwick NN9 6PZ


18/02149/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Extension to existing club house at Sports Club Chancery Lane Thrapston NN14 4JL

19/00188/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Rear single and two storey extension at 8 Foundry Walk Thrapston NN14 4LS


19/00174/FUL (09/03/2019) (Info)

Single storey extension to side of property to form store and office, new bi-fold doors to rear and

window to side and to include internal alterations at 35 Polopit Titchmarsh


18/02083/FUL (16/03/2019)


Change of use from class A1 shop and retail outlet and boathouse to a class D2 wedding and events venue at Warmington Mill Eaglethorpe Warmington PE8

18/02084/LBC (16/03/2019)


Internal and external alterations in connection with change of use from class A1 shop and retail

outlet to a class D2 wedding and events venue on application number 18/02083/FUL at

Warmington Mill Eaglethorpe Warmington  PE8 6TJ

Sage Advice from Hawkwell Herbs

It is still cold…  Pasta awaits.  “Spag Bol” awaits.  Fish in tomato sauce awaits.  Roasted veggies in tomato sauce awaits.  We all want a bit of warmth and a bit of that feeling of eating something to make us warm.  Something tasty. Something that satisfies inside when all is cold outside.

Just as well then that the Herb of the Month is SAGE.  Which is PERFECT with tomato sauce because it ‘adds depth’. Whenever anyone says something ‘adds depth’ of flavour, I rarely know what they mean by it!  Here is what I mean. It is a taste which makes you want to eat more, lick your lips forever, and eat more again!  Perfect for that warmth inside when it is cold outside.

This month, therefore, we are going to make a tomato sauce which you can put with anything. And you can use ingredients in your sauce that you happen to have lying about (most likely) so I have given you plenty of alternatives…hawkwell herbs

What do you need?

Tomatoes…  Now, unless you are living The Good Life somewhere hot right now, you are unlikely to have fresh tomatoes…  If you are lucky enough to be near a Farmers’ Market where the farmer has a lovely heated polytunnel and can provide you with some, go for it. Otherwise, avoid the ones flown in from Lord Knows Where…  You may have some frozen from last year of course? Or bottled?  For this recipe, I chose a combination of tinned tomatoes and tomato soup! It is what I had…  You can do the same.  You will need about a pint of liquid, however it is made up.

Sage – our hero of the sauce. Choose the flavour Sage that you prefer.  Go easy to start with. Use about 6  leaves until you know how much you like. It is a strong herb…

Some oil

Some onions

And then your choice of other ingredients: I have gone for: a tin of tuna;  some kidney beans; and some coconut milk!  The coconut  milk was included in  my 1 pint of liquid. You might  like to add mince (for a spaghetti bolognese),  or garlic (not everybody likes it though), or just add nothing and leave it as a sauce for later with, say, a nice thick fish or poured over some mashed spaghetti squash.

How do you make it?

Chop your onions and your sage. Gently ‘sweat’ your onions in oil in a pan. Keep them moving so they do not burn. Then add your Sage (keep your Sage  moving too. Do not let it burn.)

Then add your liquid. Add your other ingredients (so here I added  my beans and my tuna). Heat it all up until it begins to bubble fairly ferociously! Then… turn it down and let it simmer gently.

How long for?  That depends what you have put in it. If you have added meat (eg mince) make sure that is cooked through. The idea of this sauce is that it slowly bubbles away, filling your home with wonderful tempting aromas! Some people like their tomato sauce quite ‘runny’, others like it nice and thick.  The longer it cooks, the more it will evaporate and become thicker. Up to you.


Did you know:

There are over 500 different flavours of Sage.  And Sage must always be planted by a stranger and always planted alongside other herbs. And it will only grow where there is a dominant woman! A little like Rosemary –  the size of the Rosemary bush reflects the power of the woman of the house.

My question for you

You have seen that I added a tin of coconut milk. What is YOUR favourite ingredient in your version of a tomato sauce?

Where can you find Hawkwell Herbs this month?

Saturday 2nd February – Thrapston Farmers’ Market

Sunday 3rd February – Olney Farmers’ Market

Saturday 9th February  – Oundle Farmers’ Market

Saturday 23rd February – Ely Farmers’ Market.

PLUS Sara delivers herbs in ‘HerbBella the Van’ to Loyalty Card customers on Mondays and Fridays to keep everybody topped up in between markets.

And if you are on Twitter

Sara will be ‘taking over’ the @smallholdersUK account for a week from Monday 4th February. Learn all about the life of the Herbs, how they are grown, how they can be used in cooking and, generally, about the life of a herb grower from Sudborough!

hawkwell herbs

Herb of the month for February

Sage – 5 different flavours – from the strong and punchy – the sweet and comparatively mild.   As always, a Cooking Ideas booklet comes with each herb. All available at the Farmers’ Markets.