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Planning Applications: 28 March 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00417/FUL (27/04/2019)


Change of use of existing annex to separate dwelling with repair/partial rebuild of existing garage, new rear extension and oil tank. Provision of access driveway and parking at 50 Main Street Aldwincle NN14 3EL


19/00445/FUL (27/04/2019)


New side door to front elevation at Willowbrook 13 Manor Farm Apethorpe PE8 5DP


19/00367/FUL and 19/00368/LBC (27/04/2019)(LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Proposed verandah to rear at Willow Barn Middle Farm Main Street Upper Benefield PE8 5AN



19/00452/FUL (27/04/2019)


Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and erection of two storey rear extension at 9 Grafton Road Brigstock NN14 3EY

19/00467/FUL (27/04/2019)


Two storey and single storey extensions to rear of property at 13 Kennel Hill Brigstock NN14 3HB

Duddington With Fineshade

19/00344/FUL (27/04/2019)


Two storey and single storey extensions to side and rear of existing dwelling at Rose Cottage High Street Duddington PE9 3QE


18/02424/FUL (27/04/2019)


Replace kitchen/dining room window with French doors at 2 Priory Court West Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LS

19/00398/FUL and 19/00399/LBC (27/04/2019) (LBRegs) (LB/CA)

Single storey extension to rear of house and replace door on front of house at 4 High Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LR



19/00409/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of replacement hanger at Spanhoe Airfield Laxton Road Harringworth

Higham Ferrers

19/00183/ADV (27/04/2019)


Installation of 2no fascia signs on right side of building at 5 Wood Street Higham Ferrers NN10 8DL

19/00359/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Change existing conservatory polycarbonate roof for a lightweight tiled alternative at 39 Larkin Gardens Higham Ferrers  NN10 8PE

19/00381/FUL (20/04/2019 (Info)

Construction of two storey extensions and alterations at 79 Kimbolton Road Higham Ferrers

NN10 8HL

19/00386/VAR (20/04/2019) (Info)

Vary condition 2 of 17/02513/PDU (Change of use under class Q from an agricultural building to a 4 bedroom residential property) at OP6486 SP9669 Stanwick Road Higham Ferrers


19/00402/REM (27/04/2019)

(Art8) (LB/CA)

Reserved matters: for the erection of 88 dwellings with associated garages and works pursuant to application 16/01431/OUT for the erection of up to 100 residential units dated 22.02.19 at Nene Business Park Diamond Way Irthlingborough

Kings Cliffe

19/00355/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Alterations to the external style, location and form of dwelling, current extant approved outline approval and  Reserved Matters at land South of Wood Yard Wood Lane Kings Cliffe

19/00391/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of two-storey extension and porch to the rear at 73 Oak Lane Kings Cliffe PE8 6YY

19/00392/FUL (27/04/2019)


Erection of single storey rear extension at 49 Park Street Kings Cliffe


19/00478/FUL (27/04/2019)


Erection of detached dwelling (Re-submission of 18/02356/FUL) at The Old Post Office Main Street Lutton PE8 5ND


19/00385/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Demolish rear conservatory, external store and outbuilding. Reconstruct roof, front dormer windows and chimneys. Move front door. Extend rear of property with part two storey and part single storey extension at 51 Church Street Nassington  PE8 6QG


19/00371/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Proposed detached dwelling to the side garden of existing dwelling house at 15 St Peters Road Oundle PE8 4PH

19/00372/FUL (27/04/2019)


Proposed detached work/study area to rear garden at 27 Benefield Road Oundle


19/00389/FUL and 19/00390/LBC (27/04/2019) (LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Removal of existing masonry planters to the front of the Cobthorne building and the construction of new planting beds, dwarf walls, piers and railings. reinstate paving to existing crossovers.  Close existing crossovers and form new central crossover to forecourt at Cobthorne 16 West Street Oundle PE8 4EF


19/00419/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

First floor front, side and rear extension at 3 St Peters Road Oundle PE8 4PH

19/00479/FUL (27/04/2019)


Erection of new store building at 14A Market Place Oundle PE8 4BQ


19/00400/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Proposed first floor rear extension at Grombold Lodge 1A Chelveston Road Raunds NN9 6DA

19/00421/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Installation of pitched roof dormer window in position of former ‘Hayloft’ doors (Retrospective) at The Carriage House 13 Chelveston Road Raunds NN9 6DA


19/00273/FUL (27/04/2019)


Demolition, external alterations, extension and change of use to existing outbuildings to form new dwelling at 12A Church Street Rushden  NN10 9YT

19/00353/FUL (20/04/2019)


Single storey rear extension and garage conversion at 12 Larkin Gardens Rushden NN10 8PE

19/00380/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

The proposal includes creating a linking extension between the existing nursing home and the existing dwelling, which the scheme proposes to change use from a dwelling to a nursing home. At 173 – 175 Avenue Road Rushden NN10 0SN

19/00430/FUL (27/04/2019)


Single storey rear extension (resubmission of 18/01364/FUL) at 33 High Street Rushden NN10 0QE

19/00486/FUL () (Info)

Two-storey side and rear extension at 37 St Marys Avenue Rushden NN10 9EP

19/00502/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

First floor side extension over Garage at 3 Bluebell Rise Rushden NN10 0TU


18/02020/FUL (27/04/2019)


Single storey first floor side extension at 8 Raunds Road Stanwick NN9 6PP


19/00428/FUL (27/04/2019)


Front and rear extensions to dwelling and garden building at Briar House Main Street Tansor PE8 5HS


19/00382/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Two-storey side extension at 4 Ablett Close Thrapston NN14 4QJ

19/00383/FUL (27/04/2019)


Change of use from current class A4 to B8 Storage and Distribution at 32 Huntingdon Road

Thrapston NN14 4NQ


19/00393/FUL and 19/00394/LBC (27/04/2019) (LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Proposed extension to existing dwelling and alterations to part of the ground floor the existing dwelling in order to create a new dwelling consisting of 4no bedrooms with an  integral garage (1no bedroom located above the garage and 3no within the existing dwelling at ground floor level) the existing remaining dwelling being served by 4no bedroom at first and 2nd floor level at Manor Farm Barn Main Street Wakerley  LE15 8PA

19/00404/LBC (27/04/2019)


Excavation of contaminated soils and underpinning of courtyard wall at The Old Rectory Main Street Wakerley LE15 8PA


19/00420/FUL (27/04/2019)


Replacement windows and rear door at 13 Church Street Woodford

Outside the District

19/00336/FUL (27/04/2019)


Application for cut and fill earthworks within Zone 2 and 3 (south) of Priors Hall Park, including the excavation, reengineering, compaction, surcharging and re-profiling of existing quarry backfill material, to provide development platforms and facilitate future development and the removal / treatment of any contamination encountered during the works, construction of a temporary works compound, haul routes and boundary treatments to secure the site perimeter at Priors Hall development site Stamford Road Weldon

Dermasonic, the New Treatment from Dermatechnix, Thrapston

Dermasonic is a treatment that combines ultrasonic sound waves and LED light technology to improve the skin appearance. Ultrasonic will push products into the skin 400 times better than manual massage. It will also promote cell renewal and repair, firm and tighten skin, promote better skin circulation, and the LED light can treat skin conditions such as Aging, acne & pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

I had my session after a Dermaplaning session with Dermatechnix – based in Changes Hair Salon in Thrapston.

After my Dermaplaning, Liz applied a collagen cream.

After my Dermaplaning, Liz applied a collagen cream.


Check for the video here – Click these words

Cream massaged in with Dermasonic on red light for anti aging

Cream massaged in with Dermasonic on red light for anti aging


Serum applied with Dermasonic - no light

Serum applied with Dermasonic – no light green light took my redness down. There is also a blue light for acne and blemishes...

…next green light took my redness down. There is also a blue light for acne and blemishes…

My skin feels amazing, smooth and radiant. I've not yet applied any make up

My skin feels amazing, smooth and radiant. I’ve not yet applied any make up


For more information on all Dermatechnix services follow them on Facebook

Planning Applications: 14 March 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00277/FUL (13/04/2019)


Alterations to outbuilding to form a Garden Room with a first floor storage area and roof light in West roof slope at Snowdrop Barn Chapel Farm Barns The Green Ashton PE8


19/00293/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey side extension at 26 Swan Avenue Brigstock NN14 3JQ

19/00347/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of a detached three bedroom dwelling to replace a previous approved static caravan at Spinney Hill Paddocks Stanion Road Brigstock  NN14 3FF


19/00177/FUL (13/04/2019)


New solid roof and lantern to existing conservatory, new porch canopy and alteration to 1no. window at 16 Church Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LL

19/00178/LBC (13/04/2019)


Replacement of staircase, removal of part wall/cupboard next to dinning room chimney, removal of part walls to living room to create full width access to conservatory, reconfiguring of ensuite bedroom 1,  new solid roof and lantern to existing conservatory, new porch canopy and alteration to 1no. window at 16 Church Street Easton On The Hill  PE9 3LL

Higham Ferrers

18/02332/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Relocation of existing spray booth with associated relocation of external ducting to roof area at 37 York Road Higham Ferrers  NN10 8HZ

19/00319/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of single-storey dwelling with access, parking and amenity land at land at Wharf Road Allotment Site Wharf Road Higham Ferrers


19/00340/VAR (06/04/2019) (Info)

Variation of conditions pursuant to planning permission 17/01502/FUL dated 5.10.17 Single storey extension to side and rear of property

Conditions 2- Plans:

Substitute permitted drawings to

1914-04b Proposed Floor Plan, 1914-05a Proposed Elevations (1) and Proposed Elevations (2) at

3 Swans Way Higham Ferrers  NN10 8NF


19/00288/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear conservatory at 15 Riverside Way Islip NN14 3LF


19/00020/LBC and 19/00021/FUL (13/04/2019) (LBRegs) (LB/CA)

Replace existing Collyweston tile and corrugated roof covering over barn with imitation Collyweston tile at Stafford Knott House Main Street Laxton  NN17 3AT

Little Addington

19/00297/FUL (06/04/2019)


Side extension forming family and utility area and porch extension at 4 Watervill Way Little Addington  NN14 4FA


19/00215/LBC (13/04/2019)


Repair and refurbish dilapidated building adjoining house: demolish internal unstable partition wall; re-build gable wall and insert new glazed element; Re-tile and insulate roof; fit two new conservation-grade roof lights; Install underfloor heating over foamed glass gravel and limecrete subfloor at 60 West Street Oundle  PE8 4EF

19/00274/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Removing the roof of the existing chalet bungalow and constructing a new first floor; removing the existing garage and replacing with new side extension and removing the existing rear extension and replacing with a new single storey rear extension at 20 Herne Road Oundle

19/00315/FUL (13/04/2019)


Conversion of outbuilding to habitable room and erection of fence at 60 West Street Oundle PE8 4EF


19/00298/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Replacement garage / workshop at 26 Gladstone Street Ringstead

19/00334/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey front and side extension at 1 Newell Road Ringstead


18/02409/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Subdivision of Unit L2 into units L2a and L2b and change of use of Unit L2b from Food and Beverage (Use Class A3) to retail (Use Class A1) use, and associated shopfront alterations and other external works at Unit L2b West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00236/FUL (13/04/2019)


Installation of 16no. outdoor AC condensing units, floor mounted to flat roof of property at 48 – 50 High Street Rushden  NN10 0PJ

19/00306/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Prefabricated shed at 6 Higham Gate Rushden  NN10 6XB

19/00320/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension, widening of garage door opening to front elevation at 37 Prospect Avenue Rushden  NN10 6DQ

19/00335/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension at 16 Higham Road Rushden  NN10 6DZ

19/00337/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Replacement front porch roof and two storey gable feature render, construct single storey rear extension at 14 Restormel Close Rushden  NN10 0QW

19/00395/ADV (06/04/2019) (Info)

Four illuminated box signs at Unit L2b West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden


19/00258/FUL (13/04/2019)


Proposed porch, garage conversion first floor extensions and carport with associated internal and external works at 4 Raunds Road Stanwick  NN9 6PP

Stoke Doyle

19/00305/FUL (13/04/2019)


Erection of detached building to provide amenity facilities; Partial demolition of existing boundary wall; tarmac access from existing footpath with new and landscaping at St Rumbald Church Church Lane Stoke Doyle  PE8 5TH


19/00011/LBC (13/04/2019)


The installation of tilt sensor and 2 no. crack monitors to the inside of arch no. 5 for the purposes of monitoring at Nine Arches Bridge Bridge Street Thrapston  NN14 4JP


19/00348/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Change of use of land to mixed agricultural and equestrian use and erection of stable building at SP96347 78064 A14 Kettering Road Twywell


Cash Boost to Help Deliver Homes in North Northamptonshire

Councils in North Northamptonshire are benefitting from £1million worth of funding, which will support the delivery of mixed-use developments in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and Rushden, and the proposed Tresham Garden Village at Deenethorpe Airfield.

Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire Councils secured funding through their Joint Planning and Delivery Unit from the Government’s Garden Communities project. The scheme is helping ambitious councils get well-designed homes built on large sites. £9 million was made available this year for schemes across the country.

Housing Minister Kit Malthouse MP said:

We have not built enough homes in this country for the last three decades, and we are turning that around as we work towards our target to build 300,000 properties a year by the mid-2020s.

This £9 million funding boost is giving councils the support and cash injection they need so they can finish planning new developments and get diggers on site.

Cllr Tom Beattie, Leader of Corby Borough Council and Chairman of the North Northamptonshire Joint Delivery Committee has welcomed this latest support:


The urban extensions at our main towns will provide many of the new homes, jobs and facilities that we need over the next 20 years. It takes a lot of resources to ensure that these developments are properly planned, with high quality design and all the necessary infrastructure.


It is good that the Government is continuing to support us in this work. The capacity support helps pay for staff and will allow us to buy-in specialist advice on issues such as design, viability and legal issues. We are also be working with Government to ensure that North Northamptonshire gets the further investment in infrastructure and services that we need to make growth sustainable and to ensure that the benefits are shared by our existing communities”.



Cllr Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council has welcomed the ongoing funding for the proposed Tresham Garden Village:


Tresham Garden Village is an exciting project for the Council. The latest Government funding has allowed us to continue to work closely with the Deene Estate and its development partner to design a distinctive new village, with excellent local facilities, sitting in an attractive landscape of forest and parkland.


The proposal, as outlined in the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy, is different to many large developments, being designed based on garden village principles and with a focus on small builders and opportunities for people to commission or build their own homes. There is still some way to go in testing the proposal before a planning application can be submitted.”


For more information regarding Tresham Garden Village, visit:


East Northants to be Transformed into a Giant Game this Spring

People that live, work and play in East Northants are being invited to join in with the district’s largest game this spring.

Thousands of residents will compete to see if their school, community group or workplace can walk, run, scoot, or cycle the furthest by entering the free ‘Beat the Street’ challenge that will take place from 27 March to 8 May.


More than 50 special sensors called ‘Beat Boxes’ will appear from Rushden to Thrapston. Players tap the Beat Boxes with cards and fobs to track their journey and earn points for themselves and their team – the more Beat Boxes people swipe during a journey, the more points they earn.


Schools and community groups will be competing against each other to see if they can travel the furthest, climb the leaderboards and win prizes including sports, crafts and book vouchers.


Families are encouraged to play for their local school while the wider community can create their own teams by emailing


In addition to the leaderboard prizes, registered players can also win weekly ‘Lucky Tap’ prizes for playing along – including vouchers and experience days.


Beat the Street is being delivered by Intelligent Health and is funded by The National Lottery on behalf of Sport England, and East Northamptonshire Council in partnership with Freedom Leisure, which manage leisure facilities across the district on behalf of the council.


Chairman of East Northamptonshire Council, Wendy Brackenbury, said:

“We are excited to be bringing Beat the Street to East Northamptonshire and we look forward to seeing how far everyone is able to walk, run, cycle and scoot during the challenge.

BTS Photo 1

“People of all ages and abilities are able to get involved in Beat the Street – it’s completely free to play and is a great opportunity to go outdoors, spend time with your friends and family and get moving. Watch out for Beat Boxes appearing on a street near you!”

Beatbox Action 3

James MacWilliam, Chair of the Trustee of East Northants Cultural Trust which worked with the council to manage their leisure facilities for thirteen years, said: “We are particularly pleased to be able provide funding towards the ‘Beat the Street’ event which engages with so many local primary schools in such an innovative and fun way. The drive to get youngsters out and enjoying exercise is a brilliant initiative and we wish it long and vigorous success!”


Want to find out more about Beat the Street? Visit for more information.

 BTS Photo 2

Do you Struggle with Sleep?

 Who struggles to sleep?

The new Sweet Dreams Package from AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing can help. Appointments to be booked in the evening in a quiet and peaceful home salon.  The package comprises;

  • A deep skin cleanse to remove all the dirt and stress if the day
  • Vitamin enriched  toner to balance your skin’s pH
  • Next there is a soothing lavender and frankincense specially blended oil for a head, shoulder and face massage
  • Next comes facial acupressure with a serum suited to your skin type.
  • Box breathing exercises will be practiced during each treatment and mind clearing.

You will be sent home ready for bed with a sleep balm and pillow spray to use.  All this with the addition of Reiki throughout the treatment means total relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

The Sweet Dreams package is £80. This includes two x 45 minute long treatments ( to be taken a week apart) and your sleep related items to take home.

For more information:

AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing

Telephone: 07799 627789




Go to the Arc – Retreat in Elton

The Arc Cabin (holiday let with a difference) and the Arc Hub (venue for crafts, yoga, cooking and all sorts of day long and half day classes and groups) are situated in Elton, on the banks of the River Nene.

The Arc Cabin sleeps 4,a double and twin rooms. It has amazing views, a log fire, outside fire pit and loads of books to curl up with. No TV too which is so refreshing!

Contact them here

View fom lounge across River Nene

View fom lounge across River Nene

Bathroom with a view

Bathroom with a view

Mezzanine - Arc Cabin

Mezzanine – Arc Cabin

Double bed

Kitchen - Arc Cabin

Kitchen – Arc Cabin

Lounge area

Lounge area

Boxer Braces Himself to Knock-out Childhood Cancer

A man from Wellingborough has vowed to knock cancer out for the count as he prepares to take part in the fight for his son’s life.

Floyd Gent, from Gleneagles, has signed up to take part in a charity boxing match to raise funds for Niamh’s Next Step

Floyd Gent, from Gleneagles, has signed up to take part in a charity boxing match to raise funds for Niamh’s Next Step

Floyd Gent, from Gleneagles, has signed up to take part in a charity boxing match to raise funds for Niamh’s Next Step (NNS), set up to raise awareness of a rare type of child cancer called neuroblastoma.


The 38-year-old has started training for the Fighting Fit Boxing Challenge, a 26-week intensive training programme that culminates in a fight in front of more than 500 people.


Floyd said: “I’m doing this for my little boy Gerry, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma aged just seven months, although he started showing signs of being poorly from just nine weeks.


“For most of his little life he’s been sick and it’s been devastating to watch what he’s had to contend with. He’s just a normal little boy, who loves climbing and Paw Patrol, but at his worst, we just didn’t know what the long-term outcome would be for him.”


After an operation on his stomach to remove a tumour and further treatment, Gerry seems better and regular scans show he remains cancer free.


He is now two-and-a-half and doctors say, providing his scans remain clear, he will officially be in remission once he turns five.


Floyd added: “My wife Danielle has nursed him every step of the way and looks after him every single day. I couldn’t have got through this without her and this fight is just as much for her, as it is for Gerry. I’ve already started an intense cardio and weight programme as I want to be as fit as I can when I get into that ring.”


Floyd turned to NNS shortly after Gerry’s diagnosis. NNS, based in Wellingborough, was set up in 2013 by Chris and Samantha Curry, following the death of their five-year-old daughter Niamh, who had also suffered from neuroblastoma.


Chris said: “I first met Floyd and his family shortly after Gerry’s diagnosis and we’ve supported them as much as we could through their journey. I’m over the moon that Gerry is doing so much better and that Floyd has already thrown his heart and soul into training.


“We felt a boxing match was quite apt because, although this condition is rare, there are children out there who are fighting for their lives.


“We wanted to find an activity that not only helps raise awareness, but also shows that together, we can pack a powerful punch. All money raised will go towards  vital neuroblastoma projects that NNS funds.”


James Wright is a trustee of NNS and is also coaching all 24 men who have signed up to take part.


He said: “I’ve been training with the guys twice a week and giving them advice on nutrition. The commitment I’m seeing from these guys is admirable and I’m in no doubt they’ll all shine on the night.”


The Fighting Fit Boxing Challenge is taking place on Friday, May 10 at Northampton’s Deco theatre.


Around 100 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma each year in the UK, of which only around 30 per cent will survive. There is currently no government or NHS funding into the research of neuroblastoma in the UK.


NNS exists to raise money and awareness of neuroblastoma while offering help, support and advice to children and families affected by the condition.



Council Tax Increase of £5 a Year

At its budget meeting on 4 March 2019, East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) agreed to increase its share of Council Tax for 2019-20 which would add £5 per year to an average households’ Council Tax bill. This will help protect vital services, keep ENC on a sound financial footing and contribute to the preparation work for the proposed North Northants unitary authority.


The council takes only around 8p in every pound of the total Council Tax collected, with the rest of the money going to Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner and town and parish councils. Only 8% of what is collected goes to ENC to run the services for which they are responsible.


Cllr Steven North, Leader of ENC, said:


“East Northamptonshire Council is working hard to deliver good services for residents while keeping them affordable; our district council services cost households less than a cup of coffee per week.


“Through sensible financial planning and improving efficiency of our services and back-office teams, we have managed to avoid making cuts to services that our residents need and value.


“However, the financial climate in which local government operates continues to be challenging and because we want to continue to invest in our communities, we propose a very small increase, which for a Band D property works out over the year at £5; we think that represents good value for money.”


Come and Try your Hand at Tree Planting and Seed Bombing

Residents across the district are invited to join East Northamptonshire Council for a day of seed-bombing, litter-picking and tree planting to help make the Greenway a route for walkers, cyclists and wildlife to enjoy.


On Saturday 9 March between 10am and 3pm, family and friends of the Greenway will be seed-bombing to plant flowers along the verges and planting trees to encourage wildlife to make this area their home.


Volunteers will also be collecting rubbish and debris to ensure that the Greenway is litter free and is an area that everyone can explore.


Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Steven North, said:

“The Greenway is an area that is enjoyed everyday by people that want to get out and explore the green spaces our district has to offer. This event will provide an opportunity for residents to come together and try out seed-bombing for the first time or try their hand at planting a tree along this popular route.


“I would encourage everyone to bring their friends, children and dogs and pick up a spade or litter-pick and join us for this event and help make the Greenway a more attractive space for everyone to enjoy.”


Cllr Sarah Peacock, said: “This is part of a long-term Out to Water Into History Heritage Lottery Funded project to form a link between Rushden Town and the surrounding countryside. I would encourage anyone who spends time discovering this area to come and find out more about the friends of the Greenway, and how they get involved.”


Morrisons will be providing fruit and refreshments for all volunteers.


If you’d like to come along simply meet outside Dovehouse Motors on Crown Park just before 10am. For more information please contact Lucy Hawes, Community Development Officer at ENC on: / 01832 742268.